14 Things That You Should Know as a Vizsla Owner

Vizsla dog is a loyal and lovable pet. The Hungarian Vizsla breed was trained as a hunting and sports dog, but it can also act as a companion dog, which you can barely find in the history of breeding. The Vizsla dogs require high maintenance and high energy, although a dog possessor would never complain.

Vizsla Owners
Vizsla Owners

The Hungarian makes an incredible pet for anybody desiring to have a committed companion who will be your shadow and protect you while giving you amusing antics and fun. Once a Vizsla possessor always a Vizsla possessor.

Here are important things that only Vizsla owners would comprehend. 

14 Things to Consider as a Vizsla Owner

1. Vizsla dogs are energetic

Just like most hunting dogs, the Vizsla has a lot of energy. The dogs do not only have plenty of energy but also an infinite quantity of energy. Dog owners are assured that they cannot just take their Vizsla out for an occasional game of fetch. The dog needs to have vigorous exercise several times a day.

Else, the dog will get into all types of problems at the house. A bored Hungarian Vizsla is a naughty dog. The unexercised Vizsla will look for whatever they can get into against what the possessor what them to get into, such as garbage.

2. They use a common bed

Since they are Velcro dogs, they often desire to be around their owners every time. Most dogs love to sleep on the bed, and the Vizsla dog will ensure it does. It is not just that the bed is softer than the floor. A dog bed cannot also be best for Vizsla. Vizsla dog loves to snuggle.

Their affection and love for their possessor demand that they are around him or her every time, particularly when they nap. If you would wish to own a Vizsla dog, be ready to not only have the dog as a shadow, but also to never go to the lavatory alone anymore, and also be ready to use a common bed with this great adorable dog.

3. Acts as Sports dogs

Besides hunting, a Vizsla dog can also act as a sports dog. The vigorous dogs have a lot of energy and are bred to hunt in the fields, forest, and water. As hunting dogs, they have a fantastic sense of smell. They can flush out any kind of game, and, with their plenty of energy, unwavering focus, and diligence, the dogs will not ever give up. Vizsla dogs have the capability of hunting in a variety of surroundings, from water to forest to field, and will remain firm.

Of course, like other sport dogs that love retrievers and hounds, this trait can lead the Vizsla on an extraordinarily focused hunt that it cannot be abstracted from. The dog is a smart, scent-oriented breed that is committed to finding and saving its prey. This feature can be annoying and distracting to some dog possessors.

Still, a Vizsla possessor will be the first person to inform you that these affectionate and intelligent dogs are only doing what they were reared to do, and that is one reason that makes them so distinct from their possessor.

4. They are well-built

The dog is specifically bred to chase and save games. They have a golden rust-colored coat that can also be dimmer rust-colored. The male Hungarian Vizsla is between forty-five to sixty-six pounds on average and stands between twenty-two and twenty-five inches.

The female Vizsla weighs pretty less, normally between forty to fifty-five pounds. It stands between twenty-one to twenty-four inches on average. Vizslas have a healthy body, yet they are lean and lightweight. The dog has distinct muscles and an extended thin tail that spreads when aiming toward the game. 

5. Often mistaken for other varieties

The Hungarian dog is typically mistaken for different types of dogs. It resembles the Rhodesian Ridgeback, Redbone Coonhound, and Weimaraner. Nonetheless, the Vizsla has a smaller body than those varieties, and its muscles are much more distinct.

6. They are defensive

Vizsla owners should be ready for their dogs to be a persistent existence in their lives and to withstand the absence of privacy and a congested bed. The loyalty of the dog is apparent in the defense it offers. It will not let an unfamiliar person bother its possessor.

The Vizsla makes an exceptional guard dog. The dog will not allow any unfamiliar person to enter the house or get around its holder without consent. It is not only a lovable and friendly dog, but also it is a loyal dog. A Vizsla will not merely protect its holder out of its nature; it will defend its holder of affection, attachment, and loyalty to the specific person, unlike some varieties of dogs bred for defense.

7. They are affectionate

Any Vizsla dog owner will assure you that the Hungarian dog is surely worth the devotion. They are loving and highly devoted. The owners call their Vizslas “Velcro” dogs, and only a Vizsla possessor can comprehend the term. The dog is so loyal and loving to its possessor that wit will ascribe itself to you like your second skin.

Yes, at times, the devotion can get quite irritating, but any Vizsla holder will assure you that the loyalty and love of this variety is an incredible part that makes them so distinct. 

8. They have a long history

The Vizsla was introduced in the 10th century. They were reared by the tribes of Magyar, who resided in the Carpathian Basin. The Hungarian Vizsla was not only a preferred hunting dog of the tribes of Magyar but also served as a good companion. The dog may have been reared much long before the Magyar tribes. The variety can be found in stone drawings along with Magyar chasers and falcons on a chase. 

9. They are intelligent

The Hungarian Vizsla is a highly trainable and brilliant breed. Together with some retrievers and hounds, the variety is automated to do its work. With Hungarian, the variety is brainy and easy to train. Although it is always dedicated to its responsibility to chase, Vizsla will always pay attention to the specific requirements of its holder. These dogs are among the smartest breeds.

Although the dog will get abstracted by scents and the chase, the variety’s brainpower lets a dog easily get trained to fit the requirements of its adored owner. The Hungarian Vizsla is actually among the easily trainable dogs.

10. They are highly sensitive 

The Hungarian Vizsla is a highly sensitive dog variety by nature. Vizsla owners notice how significant it is that the dog receives a lot of love and reassurance. This is especially true provided that the dog is loyal, loving, and affectionate to its possessor.

It requires a lot of reassurance to promote self-esteem. Any owner of Vizsla will comprehend how this breed thrives on positive support from their trusted and esteemed owners.

Pet owner hugging her Vizsla dog
Pet owner hugging her Vizsla dog

11. They love water

Any owner of Vizsla will comprehend that their dog not only relishes chasing but also water will not stop the chase. Some chasing dogs do not love going into the water to save fowl. The Hungarian Vizsla did not ever back away from the mission. In fact, and perhaps because Vizslas are amazingly energetic, the variety will not ever back away from water.

The dog loves water and can swim for lengthy hours at a time. Bearing this in mind, owners of Vizsla need to train their dogs to know how to effortlessly access the water as well as how to get from the water. Of course, if your dog is in open water, taking undertows into consideration is compulsory. 

12. They make incredible models

Sean Ellis is a photographer and filmmaker who is famous in the whole world. British photographer and filmmaker Sean Ellis printed a photography book in 2011 known as “Kubrick the Dog.” The book presented Kubrick, a lovely Vizsla. The author nailed it by presenting this lovely Vizsla named Kubrick with its attractive musculature and essential features. The Vizsla surely makes a great cinematography model and a loving and faithful pet. 

13. Howard stern link

No person could ever think about this, but the attractive Vizsla is linked to Howard Stern, one of the world’s most disreputable radio show hosts. Nonetheless, provided that Stern’s wife is well famous as an animal savior, this is not such odd. The association between Howard Stern and the Vizsla is Stern’s assistant, “Baba Booey.” The beautiful Vizsla is referred to as Murphy and has been presented on the radio show.

14. They are somehow presidential

Dana Perino, the earlier White House Media Secretary, possessed a lovable and adorable Vizsla named Henry. The dog played an essential part in Dana’s life. Dana also co-hosted “The Five.” When Henry died, Perino did what any other Vizsla holder would do. She needed another dog to repay for the loss. Her second dog was called Jasper. 

Created in Hungary, Vizsla plays a vital role in hunting and retrieving prey. This article divulges that the dog breed only needs to be loved and cared for. The Vizsla also acts as a super companion to the owner who can offer it the attention and exercise it craves. It takes a dedicated, special, and patient individual to own a Vizsla dog breed.

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