Vizsla Exercise Ideas

Vizslas are magnificent dogs that are characterized by their skills at home. They are raised from puppies to become the perfect companions for hunters. 

vizsla exercise ideas
Vizsla Exercise Ideas

These canines must exercise daily to keep fit. Generally, an adult Vizsla needs to perform physical movements for at least 1 hour a day. It is for this reason that they present a high level of physical activity and resistance. In the case of a Vizsla puppy, it will require less daily exercise time depending, especially on its diet, health, and development. 

Exercise will not only help your Vizsla stay active and prevent disease but will also help them physically as they age. That is why maintaining constant movement of your pet’s joints is of utmost importance. 

In addition, like other dogs, the Vizslas can also suffer from obesity, and that in many cases, is the fault of the inadequate feeding provided by their owners. Exercise will help them maintain a healthy balance and control their weight. 

Vizsla Exercise Ideas 

As we have said previously, a Vizsla needs to exercise daily as necessary for their hunting activities.  

There are many healthy and entertaining ways for your dog to exercise: 


It is one of the things that dogs like to do the most. Taking your Vizsla for a walk is an excellent option since you will not only help it exercise, but it will also be very happy. 

During the walks, it is not necessary to run, but jogging for a while will help your pet and help you do a little exercise. 

It is recommended that you not take your Vizsla for a walk in the same places as it will get boring. Every time you go out with your pet, try taking a different route to have fun. 

It should be noted that there are services that you can hire to take your Vizsla for a walk in case you do not have time for work. However, the most recommended is that you make it yourself since you can strengthen your ties and be more united. You should try to spend time with your Vizsla as this breed needs the constant attention of the members of its human family. 


Vizslas are animals that need to move frequently to release their accumulated energy and burn calories. Fetch is an excellent game for this, and it consists of looking for an object, be it a ball or a toy. This activity will also help your canine develop its instincts. 

This game’s idea is to throw the object, for example, a ball, as far as possible, so that your Vizsla has to run more. Try to play with your dog in an open and safe place so that it can move freely. Also, note that if you haven’t trained your Vizsla to come back to you once it has picked up the item, it may continue to run, and you may need to chase after it. 

Vizsla dog on training
Vizsla dog on training

Sniffing Games 

This activity can be very beneficial for your dog, as this breed specializes in tracking during hunting. These games will not only exercise your canine but also develop their instincts and stimulate their minds. 

These dogs love toys and food, so using both will help your dog’s sense of smell. In the case of toys, it is necessary to perfume them so that they acquire a scent that the dog can easily sniff. 

There are some entertaining and beneficial sniffing games for our dogs: 

  • Placing a treat in your hand with a closed fist so that your Vizsla can guess which of the two it is. 
  • Walk while carrying a treat in your pocket. That will make your canine follow you everywhere. 
  • Hide somewhere for your dog to try to find you through your scent. 
  • Bury some items or toys with your scent and order your Vizsla to find them. 

Frisbee Toss 

It is one of the most popular games among people and their dogs. During this activity, the Vizsla must catch the frisbee after its owner has thrown it. 

This game requires a lot of skill and coordination on the part of your Vizsla. Catching a ball is a bit easier, but getting a frisbee is more complicated due to its shape, speed, and direction. 

You can start by throwing the frisbee at low altitudes so that your canine has no problems and gets used to it. As your Vizsla becomes more proficient, you can proceed to throw the item a little higher to increase the level of difficulty. 

This exercise is quite productive as it will help your Vizsla burn fat, increase its abilities, and remain active. 


Most Vizsla dogs are excellent swimmers, and that has to do with their physical condition. Swimming is a great exercise to help your dog burn fat and build muscles in its legs and shoulders. 

Not all dogs of this type like to get into the water, and that is because their owners do not accustom them to it from puppies. Get them used to being in the water from an early age. 

Tug of War 

Most dogs love this game, especially the Vizslas because they are so active. You can carry out this activity together with your dog with any toy or object. However, make sure they are made of comfortable material so as not to damage your Vizsla’s teeth. 

Today, there are special strings designed for this type of game. In case you don’t have one of them, you can use your Vizsla’s favorite toy, an old sock, a rag, a shoe, etc. 

Keep in mind that when you are playing Tug of War with a dog, it can begin to exhibit slightly aggressive behavior since it ultimately tries to keep the object. This situation is not very common in the Vizslas since they are not aggressive, but if it were to happen, then it is advisable to change the type of game momentarily. 

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