10 Reasons to Clicker Train Your Vizsla

Vizslas are beautiful dogs that are known for their excellent hunting skills. They present a high level of physical activity, so they require daily exercise regardless of the age of the canine. 

clicker train vizsla
10 Reasons to Clicker Train Your Vizsla

It is for this reason that these dogs need proper training to keep them in good physical condition. In this case, we will talk about clicker training. 

Clicker training is a way of dog training in which we must use a small tool called “clicker”. We can say that it is a small mechanical noise generator. 

Using a clicker lets our dog know, through a sound, that it has earned a reward due to its acceptable behavior and performance during training. This training was designed to highlight what your dog is doing right. That way, you only have to tell it what it should do and not focus on what it does not have to do. 

10 Reasons to Clicker Train Your Vizsla 

Easy Communication with Our Pet 

Obviously, we cannot communicate with a Vizsla through human language, but we can do so using other ways. Clicker training is an effective communication system that we can carry out easily. 

Using a clicker allows us to indicate to our Vizsla, through a sound, what it is doing well. Besides, this system will allow our dog to know the exact moment in which it has earned the reward. That will help it to understand what we want it to do quickly. 

Results in a Short Time 

Training our dog with a clicker is a great way to get quick results. If we want our canine to do what we order then this system is ideal for reducing the training time considerably. 

Accustoming our dog to listen to the sound that the clicker emits when it behaves appropriately is an extremely effective and efficient way to obtain the desired results in a short time. 

Better Performance of Our Vizsla 

There are many ways to train our dogs, and most of them tend to be ineffective. Clicker training is a fairly simple way for our Vizsla to assimilate the learning progressively we are trying to give it. Dogs are brilliant animals, especially Vizslas, so they will quickly understand how a clicker works. 

This training system is quite beneficial for this breed of dog as it will allow them to gain more experience in each of the exercises and activities they do. 

Optimal Concentration 

Using this type of training will allow our Vizsla to develop the ability to concentrate. Many training sessions are often confusing for these animals, so in most cases, their concentration is negatively affected. 

The clicker training will help our Vizsla to resolve to execute any activity or exercise immediately after the “click” emitted by the clicker sounds. The level of concentration of our pet will be optimal enough to act once we indicate it through the clicker. 

This Way of Training Does Not Limit Our Canine 

We can consider clicker training to be a proactive way of working for our Vizsla. That means that it can decide the movements that they will carry out and we, through the clicker, will indicate their good work by rewarding them with a reward. 

Training our Vizsla in this way will allow it to feel pressure-free and to obey future orders that we indicate quickly. Our dogs will have the initiative, but as their owners, we can help them in various ways without making them feel uncomfortable or forcing them to do certain things they do not want. 

Increased Resilience 

It is one of the most important aspects that not all training can present. Many owners are often aggressive and violent with their pets during training, especially when the canine does not do what he or she wants. Generally, every time a dog fails during training, exercise, or activity, its owners apply punishment. 

In this case, clicker training is different since it is not about imposing punishment when Vizsla makes a mistake, but that mistake is part of learning. The pet will not be afraid to try again because it knows that it will not receive any punishment. 

The Mental and Emotional Well-Being of Our Pet 

Vizslas have a sensitive, emotional state that can be affected by many situations. Clicker training is an excellent way to provide our dog’s emotional well-being and allows us to establish clearer communication with them. Besides, this system helps to develop the cognitive ability of our Vizsla further. 

It should be noted that the use of a clicker will also help our canine from other points of view, such as overcoming any frustration, mental stimulation, or controlling stress. This situation is very beneficial for a dog, especially the Vizsla. 

Better Bond with Its Owner or Loved Ones 

Correctly training a Vizsla with a clicker will allow us to create a strong bond with it. If we carry out effective and progressive training for our dog in which we spend time with it playing and enjoying, our bond will be strengthened. 

Over time, the clicker will only become an auxiliary tool which we will only use on certain occasions because our Vizsla will be able to carry out any activity when we order it. 

Unlimited Options to Train Our Vizsla Using Clicker 

The effectiveness of clicker training is so high that we can help our Vizsla to train anything. Any type of action, activity, or exercise can be trained through the clicker.  

Some of them can be: shaking hands, rolling over, playing dead, fetching, standing on hind legs, sitting pretty, spinning, etc. In addition, it is possible to use the clicker to make inappropriate behavior modifications in our Vizslas. 

Vizsla dog clicker training
Vizsla dog clicker training

Clicker Training is Suitable for Any Vizsla 

Many types of training are not suitable for certain types of dogs due to the behaviors they can present. This situation occurs mainly in aggressive or reactive dogs. However, as we already know, Vizslas do not usually present this type of behavior but on certain occasions dealing with them can be somewhat complicated. 

It is proven that clicker training is ideal for our dog to understand perfectly what to do when the clicker emits the sound and can feel safer and more comfortable. 

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