9 Things You Didn’t Know about the Hungarian Vizsla

Vizsla dogs are amazing animals that have an elegant and attractive appearance in the eyes of many people. They are mainly known for their hunting skills and their high level of physical activity. These canines are active and always in constant movement, whether they are exercising, playing, etc. 

things you didn't know about the hungarian vizsla
Things You Didn’t Know About the Hungarian Vizsla

Furthermore, the Vizslas are affectionate and sensitive. They love being with members of their human family and are friendly to strangers and other animals as well. They become sad when their masters leave them alone either to go to study or work, which can cause them a lot of anxiety and eventually affect their health. 

It is possible that you already have a Vizsla, or you are about to acquire one. In any case, it is essential to highlight some interesting facts about this type of dog that you may not know. Some of them are the following: 

They are Canines with a High Level of Physical Activity 

It is one of the aspects that most characterizes this type of dog. Most people acquire them for their hunting skills. For this reason, they need to do physical exercises daily (at least one hour a day). They have a lot of energy not only to hunt and retrieve but also to continue doing other types of activities or games with their owners. If you leave a Vizsla alone at home, they can become destructive as they try to release all the energy these dogs have accumulated because they are a type of dog that needs to be in constant motion. 

The Golden-Reddish Color of the Coat 

These canines have a beautiful golden-reddish color without variations that perfectly combine with their brown (or amber) eyes. This color is excellent to match the outdoor ambiance surrounding the Vizsla. Dogs of this type use the color of their fur in order to camouflage themselves while hunting. Even the nose of a Vizsla has a similar color. 

Vizslas are Born with Blue Eyes 

When a Vizsla is born, it generally has a lighter eye color. This eye color is usually in the range between green and blue.  

They maintain the light color of their eyes during their youth, and as they grow and develop, they become darker. When the canine advances to the maturity stage, its eyes turn brown or amber. The most normal thing is that their eyes end up having a tone more intense than the color of their fur. 

They are known as the Velcro Dog 

Vizslas are known almost everywhere in the world as Velcro dogs. This denomination was created due to the fact that these types of dogs become too attached to their owners and the rest of their human family. As we have said before, they are friendly and very loving canines that show all their love toward their loved ones. They are pets that always like to follow you anywhere. The Vizslas are sensitive and feel the need to be always accompanied since; otherwise, they may feel abandoned and sad. 

This Breed Almost Went Extinct in the Past 

Many records have verified that this breed almost disappeared in the late 19th century. That happened in the Austro-Hungarian empire, in which only 12 dogs of this type remained. However, they managed to reproduce over time and exponentially. After this situation, little by little, this breed was expanding in other countries until becoming today, one of the most popular animals among families. 

One of the Fastest Dogs in the World 

The Vizslas are characterized, among many things, by their high speed. They are considered one of the fastest dog breeds in the world as they are capable of reaching approximately 40 mph. That is largely due to its physical condition thanks to the exercises and physical activities that it performs every day. 

The speed of this canine is beneficial when carrying out hunting activities. Something to keep in mind is that these dogs are medium in size and have a muscular body. As an additional point, its physical condition and appearance provide greater resistance, allowing it to run for a longer time without getting so tired. 

The Vizslas Do Not Have a Bad Smell 

It is one of the most outstanding aspects of this type of dog. Unlike other breeds of canines, Vizslas generally don’t have a bad smell, especially when they get wet. That has an explanation, and the reason is its short fur. They do not have an insulating undercoat, so they do not need to be cleaned regularly. This type of dog will only need to be bathed when it has become dirty. It should be noted that a Vizsla may have a bad smell, but that can only happen if it is sick or has dirty ears. 

They Have No Undercoat 

This situation may be somewhat negative for the Vizslas. These dogs love being outdoors to exercise, play, hunt, or do any other activity. However, even though they love being outdoors, they cannot live in such conditions. That’s due to the lack of an undercoat to keep them warm during cold weather. The same is true when a Vizsla gets into the water. They are excellent swimmers, but since they do not have an undercoat, they cannot stay in the water for a long time because the cold could affect them. 

Hungarian Vizsla
Hungarian Vizsla

They Do Work 

These dogs are very active and have been used for many years in hunting and tracking activities. Because of them, they have become useful in jobs that require good trackers. The nose of these dogs is incredible and surpasses that of many breeds of canines. These dogs were used throughout history in search and rescue activities. One of the best-known events where there was the participation of this breed was in the September 11 attack to locate the survivors and deceased. 

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