We Talk About Dogs, That's It!

Being a pet parent to a dog can be difficult somtimes.

We get it, this is the reason Sir Doggie exists.

Since its creation, Sir Doggie's mission is to create a resource that is built by pet parents, for pet parents. And each year, we will continue to help more dog owners navigate the windy roads of being a pet parent. Whether you're a first time dog owner or a lifetime dog parent, we hope you learn something valuable here.

We answer your questions relating to all things dogs - dog breeds, canine care, behaviour and dog gear.

We're always posting new articles and working hard to bring helpful resources to dog lovers.

While we continue publishing content on our blog here, we've started working on creating some video content. Here's a short video of Rory testing out a new toy for Sir Doggie! More Youtube content coming soon. Check out the channel here.

Who Are We?

A lot happens behind the scenes. What started as a one-person side-project has grown into a team of dedicated creators researching and publishing, month after month. (It took Stuart and Rory many tries to get a picture without her licking his face)

Stuart Cameron

Stuart Cameron

Founder and Owner

Stuart Cameron

Sarah Sheehan

Editor in Chief

Sonya Karim

Contributing Writer

Josh Koop

Technical Support

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