10 Things Humans Do That Vizsla Do Not Like

Dogs are man’s best friends. The Vizslas are the perfect example of that thought.  

things humans do that vizsla do not like
Things Humans Do That Vizsla Do Not Like

They are loving and friendly animals that regularly show all their love for their masters. However, these dogs have their own personality and, therefore, their tastes. There are many things that humans do and that dogs, including Vizslas, hate. The gestures or behaviors of people can be annoying, uncomfortable, or scary to our Vizslas. 

The truth is that although these animals hate these situations, they have had to adapt to them. As a Vizsla owner, you should be aware of all these aspects and learn what a dog hates the most to avoid making it feel uncomfortable. 


All people who love their pets love to hug them. It is a way to show our dogs that we love and appreciate them. However, that doesn’t mean that our Vizsla loves hugs. 

A study has shown that approximately 82% of dogs, in general, show discomfort or anxiety when hugged. These animals have had to learn to deal with that situation. 

Hugs make them feel trapped or subdued, and some of the signs they show are poor eye contact, tension, droopy ears, etc. Vizslas are extremely loving animals but can sometimes feel overpowered if you hold them close. It will receive your hugs because it loves you, not because it likes them. 


It is one of the things that dogs hate the most. Bathing your Vizsla is a good thing because hygiene is essential in every living being. Importantly, that situation can be uncomfortable for your dog and can even make it nervous. 

Vizslas love to move freely, but at bath time, they must remain practically immobile to clean them properly. They hate the soap, perfume, or dewormers that we put on them during those moments. This breed has no problem getting wet either for its own pleasure or when it is hunting. However, they hate when forced to do so. 


Vizsla dogs are animals that were born to be in the company of others, especially their owners. They create a strong bond with the members of their human family. So when you go out in the morning to study or work and leave your dog alone at home, a feeling of anxiety and concern invades it. 

Loneliness is something that any dog ​​hates. Vizslas need to be in contact with loved ones or other animals to feel loved. Also, they need someone to play with or do physical activities. 


Most dog owners know that their pets hate having you blow their heads, ears, or nose. That does not prevent those people from continuing to do so. Unfortunately, your Vizsla cannot tell you, in human language, to stop. However, they can do it through their gestures and body movements. 

Surely you have noticed that when you blow on your pet’s face, it instinctively shakes its head abruptly or, in many cases, tries to bite you. That is a clear sign that dogs do not like that situation. 


We have already seen how dogs are sensitive to certain parts of their body. We must bear in mind that they are not the only ones that make it uncomfortable. We know that all those actions that people carry out towards their Vizslas are signs of affection that generally occur between people. Dogs have other ways of showing love. 

Vizslas and other dogs hate when a person touches or caresses the soles of their paws. This part of their body is susceptible since you could tickle them, which is very irritating. 

Uncomfortable Walks 

Walking is one of the things that dogs love the most and is necessary for them. The Vizslas need to perform this routine daily as it is part of their regular physical exercise. However, taking it for a walk on a tight leash is something it does not like. 

Walking straps make your Vizsla feel stressed, nervous, or frustrated. It is due to the little freedom it will have during the walk. It is evident that we must provide the necessary security to our dogs. Therefore, a loose leash will give your pet more freedom and make it feel calmer. 

Caresses on Its Face 

Caresses are another of the signs of affection that humans usually do. But as with hugs, dogs tend to feel uncomfortable. That is because it thinks you are invading its personal space. 

Perhaps not all Vizslas feel the same since, as we know, they are loving animals. However, there will be many others who really do not like it but still let you do it just because they love you. 

Strong Smells 

Dogs, especially Vizslas, have a stronger sense of smell than humans. Therefore, any strong odor will be sensitive to these animals. Cleaning products or perfumes have quite strong odors for dogs. 

If it were up to your Vizsla, you couldn’t clean your house or put perfume on when you go out to work. We must highlight that this breed has excellent hunting skills, so it is normal that it has a more developed sense of smell than even other dogs. 

Contact with Strangers 

Vizsla dogs are sociable pets. That means they will try to get along with members of their human family, strangers, and other animals. However, not all of them are the same. 

These animals hate being touched by strangers when they have only just met them. It should be noted that this situation can change from one moment to another, thanks to this breed’s personality. If your dog gets used to that person quickly, they will trust him and have no problem approaching him. 

A Vizsla dog being left alone in the road
A Vizsla dog being left alone on the road


As we all know, this breed of dog loves to exercise and any other physical activity. Vizslas cannot stay locked up at home because they begin to feel anxious, and as a consequence, destroy everything in their path as a way to release all the energy they had accumulated. 

You should try to be a fun owner. Play with your Vizsla, train it, and do any activity with it. 

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