10 Small Dog Breeds To Take Hiking

small dog hiking on trail with man and young girl

There are many beliefs, claims, and stereotypes that small dog breeds are not good for the outdoors. Well, that’s an incorrect generalization. any small dog breeds are actually wonderful hiking partners. Some dog breeds are better suited to hiking than others; however, due to their character traits and genetic conditions.

Why Are Samoyeds Called Shoobs? [ANSWERED]

Samoyed, or a "shoob", sitting on icy tundra

is an internet slang term for a Samoyed. The Samoyed, also known fondly as the “shoob”, is a breed that absolutely embraces the idea of all things lovely. From their gentle and affectionate personality to their long, magnificent white fur, the Shoob is quite a popular breed.

4 Reasons Your Dog Licks Your Hand

dog licking hand up close

Dogs aren’t able to communicate in the same way as humans, but they still need a way to express their feelings and emotions, so touch and taste are a big part of how they get their needs, wants, and moods across. g you can actually provide your dog with a lot of information about you, which may come as a surprise to many dog owners. But why do dogs lick hands so often?

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