Will a Vizsla Protect You?

The Vizsla belongs to an intelligent and friendly breed of dogs characterized by its high physical level and protective instinct. They are known for their skills when hunting in forests, plains, or even areas with water. 

will a vizsla protect you
Will a Vizsla Protect You?

Many people acquire a dog to keep them as pets while others do so for safety and protection. In many cases, the latter do not precisely know the features of the breed they are buying, which is a complete mistake. Buying a dog is a big responsibility, so we must know absolutely everything about that breed. 

There are many hunting or guard dog breeds, and it is vital to know a little about all of them. The truth is that Vizsla dogs are canines with a high level of physical activity and are characterized by their efficiency when hunting. 

They are brilliant dogs that need to be entertained frequently. Furthermore, they are very playful with their owners. 

Do Vizsla Dogs Really Protect You? 

A Vizsla dog has high hunter skills. They are considered first-class auxiliaries for hunters. 

As we have previously indicated, this breed is characterized by having a friendly temperament with family members and acquaintances. They are very loving and faithful when they become too attached to a social group. Besides, they are very playful, which is thanks to a high level of physical activity and their hunting instinct, which allows them to be active for much of the day. 

With the features that we have seen previously, we could assume that these dogs do not have a protective instinct. That would not be entirely true. 

Vizsla dogs have a great protective instinct but do not tend to attack intruders. Due to the affinity they have with their owners, they will always be alert to any stranger and will be willing to protect their family. We must bear in mind that although this is so, this breed of dog does not have aggressive behaviors. 

A Vizsla is a dog that is characterized more by hunting than by facing an intruder. If it is in the presence of a stranger and it feels that its group is in danger, then it can be very dissuasive in that situation. 

Not all guard dogs do their part perfectly. For this reason, in the beginning, we talked about the importance of knowing each breed’s features before buying a dog. Although the Vizsla is considered a watchdog, it does not meet all expectations 100%. That is due to his friendly and non-aggressive temperament. 

It should be noted that many guardian dogs only alert their owners to the presence of an intruder or unknown through their barking. It may be the case with the Vizsla as it tends to bark too much when it sees something or someone close to it or its family. 

A vizsla dog wearing cape
Vizsla dog wearing cape


Vizsla dogs are not the best protective dogs. They tend to be very loving and playful with their owners and are very friendly. They are excellent hunters. 

When members of its social group are in danger, it will not hesitate to alert you to the presence of intruders. It is a dog that hates violence. Although it has a protective instinct, that does not mean that it attacks someone. 

If you are thinking of buying a dog that can protect you from an intruder, then perhaps it is not a good idea to acquire a Vizsla. However, these dogs are very faithful to their owners and will always be with them. 

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