Are Weimaraners Good Guard Dogs?

Weimaraner dogs are one of the boldest, most cheerful, and most energetic breeds known today. In addition, they are characterized by being loyal and often have a protective instinct. 

are weimaraners good guard dogs
Are Weimaraners Good Guard Dogs?

Over the centuries, the breed developed to be a great hunting dog, which they excel at even today. They are good at both tracking and smelling and were trained to hunt birds and mammals. However, apart from these characteristics mentioned above, it is also a good companion and an excellent family pet. 

Most Weimaraner dogs will bark to alert their owners if strangers or other animals enter their sight or hearing line. Also, these canines will bark if they perceive something as threatening. 

However, most are relatively friendly to strangers, so they may not be the best option as a guard dog. On the other hand, its size and tenacity are enough to keep potential intruders at bay while asking for help. 

It is not recommended that a Weimaraner be a guard dog for the following: 

  • They are dogs with a great attachment to their owners, so if left alone for long periods, they may bark incessantly and may develop destructive behavior. 
  • They are more used to hunting. If you start to think of it as the family’s guard dog, they will feel that they can do whatever they want, and that is not the idea. 
  • It is considered a domestic dog that will not develop properly if kept in a kennel or outside the home. Whether it is hunting or at home, it needs security in its relationship with its owner. Also, having it tied to a leash while guarding the house is not recommended. 
  • The boisterous nature of the Weimaraner requires constant obedience training. That is, this dog is very restless and energetic. It will not be calm being a guard dog, and it will not obey orders from its owners. It can become dangerous. 

Weimaraners are extremely loyal and can be quite protective of their owners and their territory (property, home, etc.), but this guard dog instinct should not be encouraged. It is true that they are brave and obedient, but at the same time, stubborn and energetic. This breed of dog should not be considered a guard dog but rather a hunting dog, which they are originally trained for. 

Therefore, a Weimaraner should not be taught to be a guard dog, and it would be a serious mistake to train it to be one since it will only bring out the worst of it, including its aggressive instinct. 

Importantly, a Weimaraner will always let their owners know when there are strangers or if something they don’t like is happening in their environment. 

Weimaraner dog sitting in the stair
Weimaraner dog sitting on the stair

Is It Possible to Make My Weimaraner a Guard Dog? 

Yes, it is possible, but for this, you have to train and tame it the best you can. Sometimes you will need a professional trainer since not all dogs of this breed undergo being controlled and staying in their doghouse outside.

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