Will Vizsla Play Fetch?

Dogs are the most amazing pets you can have in your house. Showing your Vizsla tricks is a wonderful idea because it stimulates its mind, reinforces the bond between it and you, educates it, makes it fun, and generates other benefits.  

will vizsla play fetch
Will Vizsla Play Fetch?

Playing with your Vizsla to fetch things is a very stimulating and fun activity. However, there are many people who do not know how to train their canines for this type of action. Therefore, we bring you one of the most effective training methods for Vizsla dogs: 

The Goofy Method 

Step 1 

The first thing you should do is take many treats that your Vizsla loves. Grab a small plastic container or any other material to put them inside and keep them close to you (it could be a goody bag or a small Ziploc bag). 

Then grab a ball, rubber bone, Frisbee, or stuffed animal (whatever you are going to use at the moment) and take your Vizsla to a spacious, quiet place like a fenced yard. 

Step 2 

When you are ready to start the game, get your dog’s attention by showing it the ball or any of the objects mentioned above, and then throw it a few feet away. 

If you notice that your dog understands the exercise and grabs the ball, say, “Bring it on!” with an excited tone of voice, which will indicate that the canine has done something good.

On the other hand, if your Vizsla has not returned at the first call, you have to get their attention by jumping up and down, waving your arms around, and, in general, you must act excited and fun to encourage it to come back to you. 

Step 3 

As soon as your Vizsla approaches you with the ball in its mouth, say “Let go” or “Give me.” 

If it hasn’t listened to you the first time, hold a treat against its nose and place your other hand under its mouth until it drops the ball into your hand to get the reward. 

Step 4 

If your dog drops the ball before it reaches you, run to the ball and throw it a few inches until your Vizsla picks it up again. When it does, quickly back up and say “Look for it” in an excited tone of voice and act silly until it comes up to you with the ball. Do this every time your canine drops the object. 

Step 5 

Repeat this process over and over every day until your Vizsla gets used to it. 

You need to be consistent with training if you really want your Vizsla to learn to search for things. To be more efficient, always have a bag with its favorite kibbles by your side as a reward. 

A Vizsla dog fetching a ball
A Vizsla dog fetching a ball

Play Fetch 

If your Vizsla dog learned how to catch things, it is a very good sign. That will mean that the training was a success and that your pet is ready to play with you as many times as it wants. 

When playing catch, we recommend that you bring treats and some toys such as a rubber bone or a Frisbee, as these objects are the favorite ones of dogs. 

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