Are You Ready for a Vizsla?

Vizslas are one of the most interesting dog breeds out there. They are characterized especially by their abilities during hunting and their high level of physical activity when performing any exercise. In fact, they are very active dogs that need to exercise every day due to this situation. 

are you ready for a vizsla
Are You Ready for a Vizsla?

The look of these canines is quite elegant and eye-catching. They have a calm and sensitive personality. Vizslas are characterized by being very affectionate animals with their owners and the rest of their human family members. Besides, these dogs stand out for their intelligence when carrying out any activity or receiving an order. 

However, having a Vizsla is a great responsibility since you must consider certain specific aspects of this type of dog. Undoubtedly, not everyone is prepared to have a Vizsla, much less if they do not know the characteristics and behaviors. 

For that reason, it is essential to highlight some of them so that you can have a clearer vision of this canine, and therefore, you can be prepared when acquiring one. 

The Vizsla is a Large Breed of Dog 

This aspect is important to consider since not all people are prepared to keep and care for a large dog. 

Generally, males typically weigh about 50 lbs while female Vizslas weigh 45 lbs. Regarding the height of the male Vizslas, they measure 32 inches while the females measure 22 inches. As we have said, these values ​​are approximate and will depend on our pet’s diet and development. 

If you have a large house with a spacious garden, then this type of dog is ideal for you. Vizslas can’t stand living in small places, such as an apartment. Therefore, if you do not take this aspect into account, it is very likely that acquiring a Vizsla is a problem for you. 

They are Active and Energetic Dogs 

If you and your family are people who have no interest in doing physical activities with your pet, then forget about having a Vizsla. The same is true for those who cannot spend time with their pets due to their work. In any case, you cannot be prepared to have this type of dog if you do not have enough time to dedicate it. 

On the other hand, if you are a person who loves spending time with loved ones and pets, then purchasing a Vizsla will be a great choice. Vizslas need their owners or members of their human family to play with them daily and do any type of physical activity. We have to remember that these canines need at least one hour a day of exercise (in adult Vizslas). 

They are a Loving and Friendly Breed 

This aspect is related to one of the previous aspects. Not all owners tend to provide love for their pets. Vizslas are quite emotionally sensitive dogs that always want to show all their affection to their owners and their human family members. In fact, they are also friendly to strangers and other animals. 

When it comes to having a Vizsla, this is one of the most critical aspects that you should take into account since you must focus on giving your pet the love they need. If you cannot achieve that, you will hurt your Vizsla’s feelings, causing it to become anxious and, therefore, more prone to suffering from diseases. 

If you want to have a Vizsla, give it the same affection that it offers you. 

These Dogs Don’t Require a Lot of Maintenance 

This situation can be very reassuring for most people, so owning a Vizsla will not present any problem in this regard. They are animals with short and hard fur that require low care. It is unnecessary to brush our pet’s coat daily since it is only enough to do it approximately 2 or 3 times a week. 

The same is true concerning their grooming and cleaning. Vizslas are dogs that do not usually smell bad and only need to be bathed when they need it. That means you only have to bathe your pet when it gets dirty. In fact, this is one of the few dog breeds that do not usually expel a bad smell. 

However, if you want to be fully prepared to have a Vizsla, you have to keep its ears clean since, like any other dog, they are the main cause of the bad smell. 

Vizslas Can Have Health Problems 

Even though these dogs are usually healthy, they are exposed to some diseases. To have a Vizsla, you must be prepared to attend to any disease that it presents. That does not mean that you should cure it yourself; you simply have to be aware at all times of any strange symptoms or behavior that your dog presents. That way, you will have to make the immediate decision to take your Vizsla to the vet. 

Hip dysplasia is one of the diseases that your Vizsla can suffer and that you must know at all costs. This condition largely limits energetic and active dogs, such as Vizslas, and is usually the most common among dogs of this breed. 

In addition, other health problems that your canine may suffer from are allergies or skin problems. Therefore, you must be willing to take your Vizsla to the vet at least twice a year. 

Vizsla dog
Vizsla dog

These Canines Must Be Fed Correctly 

Like any other pet, Vizslas require adequate food. Many owners are not prepared to feed their dogs because they do not know the foods that can benefit or affect their pets. For that reason, it is important that you research what type of food is the most suitable for these canines before buying one. 

As Vizsla’s owner, we must focus on providing them with a diet based on nutrients and proteins that benefit their physical condition. We have to avoid any type of food that negatively affects their health, and that in the future produces one of the most common problems and causes of the death of many dogs, such as obesity. 

You can only be definitively prepared to have a Vizsla if you manage to balance its diet and exercise routine to keep its weight under control. 

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