The Essentials of Weimaraner Puppy Training

Weimaraner dogs are one of the most elegant and slender dog breeds. They are characterized by their beautiful and interesting silver-gray fur. This animal has skills and aptitudes for hunting. 

weimaraner puppy training
The Essentials of Weimaraner Puppy Training

These dogs are active and energetic and they need to exercise every day as they tend to get bored easily if they do nothing. 

Furthermore, Weimaraners are affectionate and friendly to people, especially children. They are playful dogs that love to spend time with their owners or members of their human family. They are excellent pets for families. 

Each breed of dog in the world has different mental and physical characteristics. Each one of them requires adequate care so that they can have a good quality of life. 

Puppies often require special care regardless of breed. During this stage, they are in the full development of their physical characteristics and abilities, so it is essential to provide them with excellent daily training. However, it is important to take into account certain aspects. 

The Essentials of Weimaraner Puppy Training 

Before training a Weimaraner puppy, it is essential to know the most important aspects: 

The Time You Should Take into Account to Start Training Your Weimaraner 

Many people have no idea how to care for a dog when they get one. There are many things we should know about these animals before incorporating them into our family. Food, care, health, and training are just some of them. 

People tend to make many mistakes in the beginning due to the little information they have about Weimaraners. Dog trainers recommend starting to train our Weimaraners from 6 months of age. That is because, during its first months, the pet has not had adequate development to withstand the training. However, there are some exceptions depending on the growth of the animal. In those cases, it is likely that we can start training them from 8 weeks of age, keeping in mind that the training should be at low intensity. 

There are people, and even dog trainers, who use the strictest methods through negative reinforcement. Clearly, a Weimaraner puppy is not prepared to endure any intense and stressful training method as its physical and mental health could suffer. 

The most advisable thing is to train our Weimaraner once it has reached 6 months of life and use positive reinforcement as a training method. That way, your young puppy will be able to carry out the training. 

Think Everything in Advance 

We know that this breed of dog is characterized by being intelligent and skilled. You must always be one step ahead of it. If you don’t properly train your Weimaraner puppy, it is likely that it will likely develop a problematic and challenging personality in the future. That is why you must learn to create a training strategy that allows you to educate your pet properly. 

You can take classes to learn a little more about the training of these canines and thus be able to anticipate what your Weimaraner does. Reward-based training is very important in this regard. It will help correct any inappropriate behavior that your dog has, preventing it from becoming a bad habit in the future. 

Never pay attention to your dog when it is barking excessively or is throwing a tantrum as it will feel in control. Once you manage to handle any undesirable situation and your Weimaraner puppy follows your orders, reward it with a treat for its good behavior. 

Weimaraner Mental Stimulation 

As we have said previously, Weimaraners are very intelligent dogs characterized by their high level of physical activity. That means they need to exercise every day to stay in shape. Weimaraners tend to get bored easily, so it is vital to keep their minds occupied. 

You can stimulate this dog’s mind through various activities. The most common is through games in which, if your dog manages to win or complete training successfully, you must reward it with a treat.  

You can even apply various games that include a treat in which your Weimaraner has to sniff and find it. Not only will this keep it entertained, but it will also help it further develop its sense of smell. 

Other activities or actions that you can perform with your Weimaraner to stimulate its mind are: 

  • Take it around the park or other places where there are other groups of dogs. 
  • Allow it to interact with other people. 
  • Provide toys to keep it entertained. 
  • Train him with basic commands. 
  • Keep your Weimaraner with you most of the time. 

Commands to Train Your Weimaraner 

All dog owners must teach their pets the most basic commands for them to obey. Training your Weimaraner based on the basic commands will allow it to be more obedient and follow your orders to avoid any undesirable situation. Some of the most basic commands are: 

  • Stay. 
  • Sit. 
  • Stand. 
  • Come. 
  • Look. 
  • Leave It. 
  • Take It. 
  • Watch Me. 
  • Heel. 
  • Wait. 
  • Down. 
  • Off. 

Training to Strengthen the Emotional Factor of Your Weimaraner 

One of the most important things to consider about this dog is its fear of loneliness. Weimaraners hate loneliness as they are very affectionate dogs that need to spend much of the day around the people they love. 

If a person leaves a Weimaraner alone at home for a long time, they could become sad and start to feel anxious, which can negatively affect their health. Leaving it alone at home also means that it will get bored and become destructive. 

It is necessary to train our Weimaraner from puppyhood to avoid these situations. We must bear in mind that it is impossible to eliminate the natural fear of loneliness that this dog feels. Still, it is possible to strengthen its emotional state in these situations through training. This process will be slow, and you have to carry it out progressively. 

To achieve that, you can start by developing his independence by preventing it from following you around the house. A good option is to leave your pet in a room while you leave it at all times. The dog will get restless, but you should stay out of the room until it calms down. At that time, you will be able to re-enter. 

Weimaraner Variation of Training Routine 

We have said before that Weimaraners get bored easily. They need to be entertained, whether through exercises, games, training, etc. However, if you always provide the same routines, you will end up getting bored with inappropriate behavior. 

You need to vary the exercises in your daily routine. You can take it for walks one day while the other just play with it. Always doing the same training routine will make it feel boring and unhappy. 

Let your Weimaraner Know Before You Go to Work 

Weimaraner dogs are never prepared to be left alone. Obviously, you have your own life, and whether you are a student or have a job, you have to leave home. In these cases, your pet will have to be left alone for several hours. 

It is important that you let your Weimaraner know that you will leave it alone at home since they will be a little more prepared for it. You can do this through early signs letting it know that you will be leaving soon. 

Wear the shoes while doing housework as that will give your dog a hint that you are about to leave. You can do the same with the keys. Hold your car and house keys, and make them jingle with each other. That is a clear sign that you will be leaving soon. 

It is always good to keep in mind that it is a puppy and that its emotional state may be more susceptible than that of an adult Weimaraner. That is why it is advisable to hire a dog sitter to stay with your pet. Your Weimaraner will not feel alone and can be entertained by the dog sitter either through exercises or games. 

weimaraner puppy training
Weimaraner Puppy Training

Educating Your Weimaraner 

You must train your Weimaraner to be friendly and obedient to everyone. That does not mean that it has to stand in front of a person and say “Hello.” However, a dog can be educated in many ways. Many animals of this type, being very active, energetic, and affectionate, tend to jump on people, especially older people and young children. 

You have to train your Weimaraner to prevent it from jumping excessively on other people. Good training for this is putting a leash on your pet. Step on the leash when the dog tries to jump. That will keep it on the ground without being able to. If you notice that your canine remains calm after that, you can reward it with a treat so that it realizes that it is not correct to jump on people

Another technique you can apply when you have visitors is to allow your dog to exercise before people come home. That way, your Weimaraner will be tired and will not have the energy to jump on people. 

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