Weimaraner Toilet Training Guide

Dogs are the animals that we can commonly find in most people’s homes. Many families adopt this type of animal more frequently because they are considered excellent pets and also because they are the creatures most similar to human beings in terms of personality and temperament. 

weimaraner toilet training guide
Weimaraner Toilet Training Guide

We know that there are many dog ​​breeds around the world, and each one presents different characteristics, be it size, physical appearance, ability, habit, etc. One of the most interesting that we can find in various countries is the Weimaraner. 

Weimaraners are very active and energetic canines that need to undergo various types of training. They are known for their hunting skills and a high level of physical activity. These canines tend to get bored easily, so they need daily exercise, whether it is running, swimming, playing, etc. 

Weimaraners have a sensitive personality and are usually kind and affectionate towards the people around them, especially their owners. They can also get along with strangers and other animals if they receive socialization training from puppies. It should be noted that this breed of dog tends to suffer from separation anxiety, so it is not advisable to leave it alone for a long time. 

According to many experts, any type of training is essential for a dog, regardless of its breed. There is obedience, agility, tracking, searching, guarding, herding, defense, and crate training. However, one of the most important and basic for any type of canine is toilet training. 

When a person acquires a dog, regardless of its breed, one of their biggest concerns is whether it will be able to learn to go potty on its own. Obviously, this is something possible and normal in all canines as long as they receive previous training. 

Weimaraner Toilet Training 

As a Weimaraner owner, it is essential that we properly educate our pets, especially to obey us during any exercise, training, or hunting session. Obedience is a fundamental pillar for any type of dog, especially when it comes to going potty. 

Regardless of the skill we want to teach our Weimaraner, it is imperative that we first provide obedience training through different basic but essential commands for any animal of this type. Some are: 

  • Sit. 
  • Watch me. 
  • Down. 
  • Stay. 
  • Wait. 
  • Come. 

Before knowing the best tips and methods to train your Weimaraner, it is important that you take into account certain relevant aspects: 

Weimaraner Positive Reinforcement 

Positive reinforcement is a reward system that is usually very effective when training any animal, including a dog. This resource is used for any type of practice regardless of whether it is obedience, hunting, or potty. 

This practice consists of rewarding the appropriate attitudes of your dog in order to stimulate the learning of skills and promote obedience. That is, you will have to reward your Weimaraner with a treat each time it does an action correctly. Compliments are also a great option. 

The reward should always be given immediately after your dog has successfully performed the desired action. 

Violence is Never Good 

This case is the complete opposite of the previous one. Unfortunately, there are many dog ​​owners who use aggressive or violent methods to train their pets. You should never do this. 

It is important to keep this in mind, especially in this breed of canine. As we know, Weimaraners are known to have a sensitive personality that can be easily affected. These animals tend to get along with all people, especially their owners and members of their human family so any bad treatment could traumatize them, causing unwanted behaviors due to fear or anguish. 

For that reason, it is important that you understand that violence is counterproductive to canine behavior and obedience. 

Patience and Consistency with your Weimaraner

These are the pillars of any training. Many people think that a Weimaraner will learn to go potty as soon as they adopt it. Like babies, dogs need exercise and time to learn to relieve outside the home. 

The key to any training is knowing how to be patient and train our dog every day without giving up. Little by little, our Weimaraner will improve and perfect the skill. In a few weeks, we will no longer have to worry about urine or feces in the house. 

Weimaraner Voice Commands 

Vocal orders are an important part of any training. However, in this training, they will only be necessary during the learning process since when our Weimaraner has learned to potty on its own, we will not need to order anything. 

Tools Needed 

As in any other type of training, it is necessary to have certain materials that can facilitate the process. These objects will depend on the method used to train the Weimaraner, but the most common are: 

Aspects That You Should Take into Account Before Training Your Weimaraner

Before knowing some methods that you can use to train your canine, it is important that you take into consideration certain aspects that you must apply. 

Consider Training Your Weimaraner from Puppyhood 

It is one of the most critical things any dog ​​owner must understand. Children tend to learn faster than adults. The same is true in the case of puppies. 

For that reason, the best time to teach your Weimaraner to urinate or defecate in the backyard or garden is from the seventh week of age onwards. If you don’t teach it from that age, it will develop its own habits and urinate and defecate wherever it wants. 

Take Your Weimaraner Outdoors 

Weimaraners are very active dogs that need to spend a lot of time outside the house. You should choose a place in your backyard or garden where your dog can relieve itself. Take it there every time it wakes up, eats, or trains. 

The canine will gradually understand that the correct place to urinate or defecate is outside the house. 

Avoid Distractions 

This type of dog is usually very easily distracted either by noise or any object it finds in its path. Make sure neither of these two elements is present during training. 

Create a Key Phrase 

Generally, there are already established commands that you can use during toilet training. However, many people tend to pick a related word or phrase and use it multiple times to get their Weimaraner used. 

Monitor Your Weimaraner 

If you notice that your dog is about to urinate or defecate somewhere in the house, be sure to quickly take it outside to a place in the garden or backyard. In this way, it will really become familiar with where it has to relieve itself. 

Toilet Training Process 

You can consider using the training method that you like best and that suits your needs and those of your Weimaraner. However, there are two quite effective methods: 

1. Crate Method 

Before considering using this method, it is important to note that your Weimaraner must be used to staying inside its crate. That is because most dogs have a certain fear when they approach this object and generally that can only be solved through other training. 

In the event that your Weimaraner does not have problems with this situation, you can proceed with the training. 

Place your Weimaraner puppy inside its crate with its favorite toys and its bed. What you have to do is take it out every hour for it to go potty. If you want this process to be easier, use a command so that your Weimaraner knows that it is time for it to relieve itself. 

Now take it to a place in the garden or backyard for no more than 5 minutes. If your canine does not get into the crate by itself, then do it yourself. Wait an hour again and repeat the same. If the hour has not yet passed and you notice that your puppy is complaining, it is likely that it wants to go potty. In that case, you can take it to the garden. 

You can add more difficulty by progressively increasing the time that must elapse before taking out your canine from the crate. Every time your Weimaraner goes potty, reward it with a treat and praise it. 

When your pet has gotten used to going potty, try leaving the crate door open so it can come out on its own. 

weimaraner toilet training
Weimaraner toilet training

2. Eagle Eye Method 

The treats attract a lot of the attention of this type of dog, so we can use them to our advantage during training. 

You can start by filling your pocket with lots of treats. Now make sure you are always aware of your puppy’s actions. If you notice that it starts sniffing and circling around a specific spot, it may mean that it wants to relieve itself. At that time, we must say “No!” loud and firm. 

After that, take it immediately to the garden or backyard, and when it urinates or defecates, immediately reward it with the treats that you have in your pocket. 

Repeat this process every time you notice that your Weimaraner puppy wants to go potty. 

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