How to Stop Your Vizsla Leaping on People?

When your Vizsla dog leaps on people, it is not only simply annoying. It can also be dangerous if that person is a child, an older person, or a disabled person. 

how to stop your vizsla leaping on people
How to Stop Your Vizsla Leaping on People

Your Vizsla probably leaps because it is excited and is trying to come up to you to say hello. Jumping is typically a very common behavior for animals when seeking attention, especially when it comes to dogs. 

For that reason, it is important not to reward your dog with attention when it leaps, but rather to reward it for more appropriate behavior, such as standing or sitting. If it is spoiled even occasionally by jumping, it will almost certainly continue to do so. 

Everyone who interacts with your Vizsla dog should help in this learning process. Tell people who want to greet your dog how to do it. Explain that you are trying to teach them not to leap and that they try to avoid that behavior. 

Some people don’t mind having a dog leaping on them and will encourage them to do so by petting them when they do. However, if you explain to people before they greet your pet that you are trying to teach it not to jump, they are more likely to greet the animal correctly. 

Vizslas are very energetic and lively, so there is an 80% chance of leaping on people as a greeting or just for fun. 

These dogs will learn not to leap on people if you instruct them properly. There will be times when your family or friends will want to get your Vizsla’s attention to jump on them. In that case, teach your dog a command to leap, like “Up.” That way, your dog will jump when it hears the command. 

What Do I Need to Teach My Vizsla Dog Not to Leap on Other People? 

  • Rewards or prizes (treats) 
  • leash

How Can I Teach My Vizsla Dog Not to Leap on People? 

Usually, many dogs have a habit of leaping on people, especially if it is their owners. This attitude is because they are excited or simply because they want to have fun that way. 

There are 3 special methods to help you control your Vizsla’s attitude if you wish. These are: 

Method 1: Correct Your Vizsla with the Leash in Hand While You Have a Special Treat Prepared for It 

When you have a meeting with your guests, you can put the training into practice. 

The moment your guests ring the bell, you have to get ready. Make sure to put your Vizsla dog on a leash before opening the door, and then proceed to the kitchen in search of treats for your pet. 

When you open the door to your guests, your dog will get excited, causing it to jump on people. If it does that, you just have to say the word “No” and therefore pull the leash to the side until it stops leaping. When it follows orders and understands that it should not jump, call it by its name and reward it using a treat. 

Observe your Vizsla’s attitude throughout the meeting, and if you notice that it has stopped jumping on people, call it and reward it again. 

You can even say positive words like “Good” or “Good dog” to reinforce the training. 

Method 2: Correct Your Vizsla with the Leash on the Ground While You Have a Special Treat Prepared for It 

It is very similar to method 1, but in this case, when your Vizsla starts to leap on people again, you must pull the leash down while saying “No.” With this process, Vizsla will understand that its behavior is wrong and will have to stop doing it. If your pet has listened to your commands, call it and reward it with some kibbles. 

Method 3: Correct Your Vizsla with the Leash on Its Collar 

You can ask a friend or relative who normally the Vizsla jumps on him, to come to your house to help you. 

Before that person arrives, put a leash on your dog’s collar and wait for your helper to call from outside. 

When there is a knock on the door, and you go to open it, stand on your dog’s leash. Keep the leash loose enough so that your Vizsla doesn’t realize you’re stepping on it while it is standing or sitting in place. At the same time, it must be tight so that it cannot jump completely. However, this will automatically stop the canine if it tries to leap. 

Have your friend greet your dog properly. If you see that the dog tries to jump and stops because of the leash, ask your friend to turn his back on it and ignore it until it calms down. When it does, you can reward it and say some positive words like “very good” or “well done.” 

A Vizsla dog taking a leap
A Vizsla dog taking a leap

Suppress the Rewards 

You have to progressively reduce the rewards you give your Vizsla while educating it, so it doesn’t leap on other people. 

The objective of this stage is to achieve the appropriate behavior without giving any reward. It is essential to do it gradually so that the dog gets used to having good behavior without receiving treats in return. 

Remember that all behavior that the dog performs has a specific objective. In this case, when leaping on people, the dog seeks attention, caress, or reinforcement from them. 

The Vizsla needs to understand the importance of not jumping on other people, especially if they are invited to your home. Of course, you don’t have to deprive your Vizsla of leaping and running when it wants to, as it should only behave when people are present. Try to educate it in the best possible way, and you will see incredible results. 

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