The Essentials of Vizsla Puppy Training (Complete Guide)

So, you have a Vizsla puppy and you want to train your little companion. This breed is known for its excellent nose and loving nature. They love enjoyment and fun. They will entertain you in all the weather conditions. They love to play in water most.

vizsla puppy training
Vizsla Puppy Training

Vizsla loves to be trained among kids. If you have young kids, you might find it easier to train your puppy. As these dogs are very intelligent, you will have to act smart while handling them. With proper planning, you can make your puppy sociable and responsive.

How to Train Your Vizsla Puppy

As stated earlier, this breed is loving, caring, and can be responsive. Besides, they are versatile and energetic. You can find an affectionate and caring companion in their presence. However, you will have to be a little patient to train them.

The reason is that they take time to mature. This smart and intelligent breed might make you work hard to train them. You will have to start the training at an early stage. Many pet owners spend around two years training their puppy at home. You will have to channel their energy properly to reduce aggression.

If you spend time with your puppy in the early months, then your vizsla will be a smart adult dog. You can train them throughout their lifetime. As dog is mainly known as the best hunting dog, they are born with a strong desire for doing some activities all the time.

Once they have received the basic training, they can easily pick up the new commands. You can say that the difficult period is the initial few months. After going through that phase, you will find it much easier to train them. They can solve their problems after a while. For a better understanding, here are the details on how to train a Vizsla puppy.

Start the Basic Training At a Very Early Age

Even if your puppy is slow to learn, you will have to start the training at an early age to prepare your puppy for future training. They will take more time for learning. But they will learn almost all the things.

You just need to work a little hard to train them. If you think that they are too young for training and you need to wait a bit to start the training, then you can make the process more complicated for you. It will be difficult to train them once they become mature and old. So, the key is to make your dog well-behaved and disciplined from the early stage.

Focus on the Exercises

essentials of training vizsla puppy
Essentials of Training Vizsla Puppy

Exercise is a must if you want to train a puppy, especially a Vizsla puppy. This breed has a lot of energy and puppies will always try to do something. You cannot keep them alone and teach them at home to be well-behaved dogs. They need exercise. You will have to burn off their energy to make them happy and positively utilize their energy.

Exercise will promote both physical and mental growth. If you avoid exercises and try to confine them within the boundary, they can be aggressive. Focus more on hard exercises instead of daily work. With more exercise, your puppy will be a bit tired. You will not have any difficulty controlling a tired puppy.

Remember Vizsla Dogs Are Hunters

Vizslas are not simple family dogs. They are inborn hunters. So, they need more attention to be affectionate family dogs. You will have to take care of every little thing to ensure that your puppy is getting the desired attention. You can expect your puppy to follow you most of the time.

If it happens always, be affectionate and deal with patience. You should always remember that this breed should not be left alone. This is not the type of dog that can be happy and independent without outside help. If left alone and neglected, they will be lonely and bored.

Vizslas are loving and also tolerant of your young kids. If you have young kids at home, inspire them to play with your puppy. It will contribute to the physical and mental growth of your puppy as well as the kid. However, you should never leave your puppy alone with your kids.

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