When Do Weimaraners Reach Full Size?

Dogs are incredible animals capable of keeping anyone company and being part of their family. They are usually affectionate and faithful to their owners and closest people. That is why they are considered excellent pets by most people and families around the world. 

when do weimaraners reach full size
When Do Weimaraners Reach Full Size?

There is a wide variety of dog breeds that can differ from each other due to their own characteristics. All species have a distinctive attribute, be it in their physical appearance, personality, behavior, etc. 

One of the most interesting dog breeds is the Weimaraner. This canine has various characteristics that are interesting to many people. The Weimaraner is characterized by being an excellent hunting dog. This animal has been used since its origin to hunt other creatures specifically related to small game hunting. 

This breed of dog has a high energy level. These canines need a lot of exercise every day not only to stay entertained but also to be fit and healthy.

They love to run, jump, swim, walk, play, and train. If they do not receive training and are kept indoors for long periods, they are likely to develop destructive behaviors in order to release all the energy they have accumulated. 

Regarding Weimaraners’ personality, we can say that they are friendly and loving dogs with their owners and their human family members. They can get along well with strangers and other animals if they receive socialization training from puppies. These dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so it is essential to never leave them alone for long. 

All these characteristics and aspects of the Weimaraner are important to take into account, especially when purchasing one. That’s because many people don’t properly research this breed of canine that they want to bring home.

Because of this, many people ask about the full size a Weimaraner can reach and when. These questions can acquire greater or lesser importance depending on the lifestyle of the family that will adopt the dog.

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When Do Weimaraners Reach Full Size? 

Before knowing when a Weimaraner will reach full size, it is important to indicate how big it will get. Obviously, it is difficult to say exactly how big a dog of this type will be since there are many factors that influence it. However, there are average values ​​of the size that a Weimaraner will reach. 

The Weimaraner is a medium-large breed of dog. The average size of this type of canine, taking into account both the male and the female, varies between 56 cm and 69 cm, while the weight can be between 23 kg and 40 kg.

Typically, a male Weimaraner can reach a height between 59 cm and 69 cm while a female between 56 cm and 65 cm. The weight of this canine varies between 30 kg and 40 kg in the case of a male while the female can weigh between 25 kg and 35 kg. 

It is important that as the owner of a dog of this type, we know that the size will depend on certain factors such as diet, exercise routine, care, and lifestyle in general. 

The growth time of a Weimaraner can also be influenced by the amount of exercise it does.  

Remember that any puppy, regardless of the breed, needs little exercise since its bones and joints are not fully developed. In the case of adults, the exercise sessions will have to last longer and be more intense. 

The growth of a Weimaraner may be limited in case a puppy gets a lot of exercise, or an adult gets little exercise. 

When Does a Weimaraner Mature to Full Size? 

Generally, a Weimaraner matures between 1 and 2 years. However, they can reach their full size between 6 months and a year of age. During the remaining year, the canine will fully develop. 

It should be noted that the development of your Weimaraner between the first and second year of age will depend on the diet and exercise that you provide. These factors are essential in helping your pet grow. 

Aside from factors such as diet, exercise, care, or lifestyle, genetics can also play a role in how fast your Weimaraner grows. That is why it is normal for some dogs of this type to develop faster than others. 

weimaraner dog sitting in the garden
Weimaraner dog sitting in the garden

Disadvantages of the Size of a Weimaraner 

There really shouldn’t be any problem with the size a Weimaraner can reach. As we know, these dogs belong to medium-large breeds which manage to develop a slim but muscular body. 

The real problem arises from the little knowledge that people have about this dog. This is because there are many families who decide to adopt or buy a Weimaraner without first investigating thoroughly about this breed. That is a problem since they are acquiring a canine whose size they do not know. 

Remember that not all families are capable of caring for a large dog either because they do not have experience with other animals or simply because they do not have a suitable house for it. 

Therefore, if you think of acquiring a dog of this breed, be sure to research everything related to it before doing so. The dog’s size, diet, exercise routine, ways of care, and lifestyle are some of the most important aspects that you should know before bringing a Weimaraner home. 

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