8 Best Shampoos For Pug Puppies and Dogs 2024

If you have a cuddly pug puppy, then the time will come when you have to bath your little friend. Or perhaps you have an adult pug dog who needs a gentle shampoo.

best shampoos for pug puppies
Best Shampoos for Pug Puppies

Pugs are known for having dry skin, so bearing that in mind here are 8 of the best shampoos for pug puppies and dogs.

Each of these products has thousands of happy puppy and dogs, and they get rave reviews from happy customers.

Best Overall
OODLELIFE Dog Shampoo and Conditioner Aloe Oatmeal + Coconut
$14.95 $9.99 ($0.62 / Fl Oz)
  • Refreshes & Soothes: Like a comforting belly rub, it cleanses, conditions, detangles, and moisturizes - dog itching skin relief
  • USA-Made: A top-quality, homegrown product for your furry friend.
  • Soft coats - Safe, non-irritating, natural ingredients that nourish your dog’s coat. Dog bathing made easy with our oatmeal dog shampoo for allergies and itching.
  • Eco-Friendly, Pure Formula: Only the good stuff, none of the bad.

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Rocco and Roxie Dog and Puppy Shampoo

This stuff is the bomb for pugs with dry skin. Rocco and Roxie contain nourishing Vitamin A, geranium extract for strengthening and regeneration of skin cells, gentle chamomile, and super-nourishing Argan oil.

Burt’s Bees 2 in 1 Dog Shampoo and Conditioner

Burt’s Bees is one of the best shampoos for pug dogs out there. It soothes your puppy’s skin and coat, thanks to the buttermilk it contains. Its milk pH makes it suitable for puppies. Vets recommend this because it is 100 percent free from things that irritate a puppy’s skin, such as chemicals and fragrances.

Honeydew Cleansing Dog Shampoo

This dog shampoo contains colloidal oatmeal, meaning that it soothes dry skin. Reviewers say that they have used it on puppies as young as 6 weeks old, that it was fine, and that it soothes itchy skin. The lavender oil leaves dogs smelling great too.

Tropiclean Pet Shampoo

This shampoo is paraben and soap-free, making it perfect for puppies. This hypoallergenic product will gently cleanse and moisturize your puppy’s skin and coat. The soothing lather can also relieve allergies. 

Earthbath Ultra-Mild Shampoo and Conditioner For Puppies 

The conditioner in this pack contains oatmeal and aloe, which will soothe and moisturize your pug’s dry and itchy skin. The shampoo’s mild pH makes it tear-free. This product is all-natural, cruelty-free, and made in the USA.

Hyponic Dog Shampoo For Puppies and Short-Haired Breeds

Dermatologists rate this product as ‘excellent’, thus making it one of the best shampoos for pug dogs. The all-natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil, make for a rich lather meaning that no conditioner is required. It is hypoallergenic and 100 percent natural. Happy users report that it leaves their dog’s coat feeling soft and smelling great.

Makondo Oatmeal and Aloe Shampoo For Dogs

This natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable product contains oatmeal and aloe and has been developed exclusively for dogs with sensitive skin. It provides relief for dry, itchy, and irritated skin. This dog shampoo also contains Vitamin E, to help keep your pet’s skin supple.

Oliver’s Choice Dog Shampoo

This is one of the best shampoos for pug dogs with dry skin because it has been specially formulated to soothe irritated skin and relieve the itch. It will also restore their coat and leave them smelling lovely. It is cruelty-free and chemical-free, made in the USA, and comes with a Manufacturer’s Guarantee. 

Some Handy Tips On How To Bathe A Pug

Now that we know all about some top pug dog shampoos on the market, you may be wondering, “What is the best way to bathe a pug?”

On one hand, pugs are easy to bathe because they are so small, and they can fit easily into a plastic tub or a laundry trough.

On the other hand, pugs can pose a challenge to the novice dog owner due to their skin folds, which can trap dampness, food, and bacteria, leading to odors and irritation.

Pug owners say that it is best to bathe this type of dog once a fortnight or so. Some pugs enjoy the water, some do not. Hopefully, yours does!

Read on to discover our top tips on how to bathe a pug!

How To Bathe A Pug In 10 Steps

  1. Set up your space: this means being organized and having everything you need at the ready – the water warm, the tub full, the shampoo close at hand, a jug to tip water over your dog to rinse away the shampoo, a washcloth at the ready, and towels – one on the floor and one at the ready to dry off your wet pug.
  2. Place your pug in the tub and use the jug to wet them.
  3. Apply some dog shampoo to your hands and rub them together to get a good lather going.
  4. Wash your pug all over, but avoid the face for now. 
  5. Rinse your washcloth under the tap and use the clean, warm water to clean their face and ears. Then dip the cloth into the soapy bath water and use it to get into the skin folds on their body, but be gentle!
  6. Use the jug to scoop up water and rinse all the shampoo off your pug.
  7. If using a conditioner, repeat the process (apart from cleaning their face.)
  8. Use your hands to remove as much water from their fur as you can while they are still standing in the tub.
  9. Wrap a dry towel around them and rub them down, removing all excess water. 
  10. Use another dry towel to thoroughly dry the dog’s skin folds.
  11. Keep your pug indoors until they are completely dry.
shampoos for pug puppies
Shampoos for Pug Puppies

The Takeaway On Pug Puppy Bath-time

Choose a shampoo that is specifically designed for puppies and one that has ingredients that soothe and moisturize itchy and dry skin. Look out for all-natural ingredients like oatmeal and aloe. Go for a shampoo that is free from parabens, sulfate, and other harsh chemicals. Choose one with a mild pH and a ‘tear-free formula’. If you can buy one that is cruelty-free, then even better. This means that they have not been tested on animals. 

When it comes to bath time, get organized and have all of your supplies at the ready to reduce bath-time stress. Your pug puppy will need to be bathed around once a fortnight to keep their skin folds nice and clean. Any more than that and it could cause their skin to dry out even more.

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