The Best Food Bowl For Pugs: Regular Bowls Vs Slow-Feeders

So you got yourself a new member of the family, who happened to be flat-faced, bug-eyed, and extremely cute? Congratulations, it is a truly exciting time! Hopefully, you are well-prepared for all the joy as well as challenges that pet parenting brings. You have to make sure that you’ve got everything you need for a pup’s smooth transition into your home. Some of the starter items may include a few collars, leashes, a coat brush, maybe a toothbrush/ toothpaste kit, food, and water bowls. It might be challenging to choose the latter ones if you are a newbie pet owner.

Hence, how do you choose the best food bowl for Pugs? We are about to cover the topic, so stay tuned! But before let’s discuss how to choose the right food bowl for any puppy in the Dogdom. 

best food bowl for pugs
Best Food Bowl for Pugs

How To Choose The Right Food Bowl For My Pup?

If you bought/adopted your new family friend in a puppy stage, it might need different bowl styles than an adult dog. The reason is that their size is still very tiny, therefore they will not benefit from eating out of a big bowl that is set too high up for them to reach. It has to be a low-to-the-ground feeder, and sturdy enough for those fluffy little pals who tend to trip over things. 

Puppies usually equal mess, in case you didn’t know. In this instance, not only do you need a puppy-friendly bowl, but also a mess-proof tray to put the bowl on. These can be easily purchased at any pet store, like PetSmart or Petco. Or, you can also use a regular waterproof shoe tray you put your boots on when coming into the house.  

It is very helpful to do some research before you get the right kind of feeder. You can Google Pug online forums and talk to some experienced pet owners to see what they can recommend for a flat-faced pooch. Another option is to call a local veterinary specialist you are planning to bring your fluffy companion to for check-ups and ask for a bit of professional advice. 

When it comes to feeding an adult dog, the bowl choice depends on your dog’s breed size. Toy breeds can still eat out of their puppy bowl, as they won’t grow too much bigger. Medium and large-size pooches will benefit from having bigger, deeper bowls that can be adjusted to your beloved mutt’s specific size. Again, it is best to look in a pet store or online to see what your options are. 

Now, if we look specifically at bowl choices for flat-faced breeds like Pugs, they require certain kinds of styles because of their head shape. Let’s dig into the best dog bowls for Pugs.

The Best Dog Bowls For Pugs

Any brachycephalic breed like a Bulldog, Shih Tzu, or Pug will require a very particular type of feeder to help their pancake-shaped muzzles easily reach for food and water. Therefore, any type of food bowl for flat-faced dogs will, by all means, fit a wrinkled Pug pal. A pet owner can choose between two main types of bowls: a regular food bowl and a slow-feeder.

Regular Food Bowls

  • Elevated Food Bowl: they come with an adjusted height feature to help regulate the appropriate height for your fluffy pal. What is very convenient about these bowl types is that they can “grow” with your pup: from a “toddler” stage up to an adult. Another cool addition: stainless steel, dishwasher-safe bowls for easy clean-up after a messy eater (Pugs are known for that). 
Elevated Food Bowl
  • Travel Bowl: you can just invest in a rubber/silicone travel bowl to both feed your Pug at home and take it with you when you go out and about with your mutt. Dogs are creatures of habit and would much rather eat/drink from the same bowl they eat from at home. A cool collapsible feature lets you fold it and clip it to a backpack when you two go hiking together.
  • Tilt-A-Bowl: it is possibly the best food bowl for Pugs, hands down! It is usually slanted at a 15-degree angle to allow for easy food/water access. The reason? Brachycephalic breeds’ muzzles can’t reach to the very bottom, grabbing that last bite. Hence, clever designers came up with a tilting solution and made all Pugs’ lives so much easier. 

Besides, all tilted bowls take away the pressure from canines’ necks while being easy on the legs’ joists as well. They also come with a rubber bottom for a non-slip effect for an all-around great “feasting” experience. 

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Slow Feeders

  1. Maze Slow Feeder: as we briefly mentioned earlier, a Pug is not the cleanest breed in the canine world. Not only that, it is a notorious “gulper,” devouring food every time as if it hasn’t eaten for a year! In this case, it is better to invest in a maze slow feeder that transforms every meal into an exciting hunting adventure! Your pal would have the best time trying to get the last kibble stuck somewhere in the corner of the maze. Just an excellent slow-feeder for Pugs!
  2. Three Columns Feeder: another maze-like feeder, consisting of a bowl and three pillar-like structures right in the center. Columns help divide the meal into much smaller portions, aiding in better digestion. They make any fast-swallower mischief slow down and help prevent obesity issues Pugs are prone to.
  3. Automatic Dog Feeder: a very tech-savvy, convenient feeder a pet parent can program to dispense fur baby’s meals. Best suited for those jet-setter owners who want to make sure their canine companion eats at its normal scheduled time. You can simply connect a feeder to your mobile device which would allow you to not only control meal times but also portions! Another witty way to make your Pug eat slower, while not gaining extra weight. You can easily consider it the best food bowl for Pugs together with the aforementioned slanted bowl. 
food bowl for pugs
Food Bowl for Pugs


When choosing the best food bowl for Pugs, owners have to take into consideration a few main factors. Some of them might include a pup’s life stage, size, cleanliness, and, of course, a pet parent’s budget. Some of those feeders can be pricey! 

If I were to choose the “winner,” I would probably go with two styles: a slanted and an automatic feeder. The former is designed with a Pug’s skeletal peculiarities in mind and is pretty affordable. The latter one may be more high-end, but it is best suited for an “on-the-go” parent. Whichever one you choose, you should know that you are investing in your baby’s health in the long run.

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