Can You Shave a Pug: What First Time Pug Owners Should Know

It’s summer! The sun is blistering hot and you may find your pug panting even harder than ever. You’ve heard that many pug owners shave their dogs in the summer to keep them cool. But is this really a good idea?

Pugs are one of the cutest dog breeds with wrinkly, short-muzzled faces, and curled tails. They have moles on their cheeks called “beauty spots”. However, as much as you want to make these lap dog breeds cool during summer, shaving their fur is the last thing you want to do.

We will go deep into pug haircuts and learn more about safe pug care tips.

can you shave a pug
Can You Shave a Pug?

Why a Pug Haircut is Not Ideal

 Your pug’s hair serves as protection from overheating. Unlike humans, dogs need their hair to block the sun rays from reaching their epidermis as much as they need it to insulate themselves from cold. In an article from, Kathy Salzberg emphasized that shaving a pug is a big no-no.

Kathy Salzberg has been a Certified Master Groomer since 1976.  According to her, pugs don’t normally get haircuts because they are sensitive to heat and humidity.  The following are other reasons why shaving is unnecessary even during summer.

Pugs are indoor breeds

Pugs are indoor animals. They are used to room temperatures hence; shaving is only an extra cost. Having an air-conditioned room helps them feel cool during summer. Since they are indoor breed types, make sure they don’t spend more time outdoors when the sun is at its peak.

Shaved pugs are prone to heat strokes

Thinner fur makes the ultraviolet rays of the sun reach the skin faster than it does with thick fur. As a result, your dog may experience sunstroke, heatstroke, or sunburn.

Pug’s Hair is Very Short

Unlike thick-fur breeds like Alaskan Malamutes and Poodles, pugs don’t need shaving.  Making their hair shorter will expose them to viral diseases and more bug bites. As a matter of fact, pugs cannot tolerate extreme heat when playing outdoors.

pug playing outdoor

When Do You Shave a Pug’s Hair?

There are certain circumstances wherein you might need to shave your pug’s hair. For example, vets may direct you to shave your pug due to medical problems like fungus or severe allergy.  

If you are noticing a large amount of pug hair around the house, brushing your pug every day for at least 15 minutes helps to reduce pug shedding. Pugs naturally lose hair which is eventually replaced by baby hairs.

Pug getting groomed by shaving fur with owner outside home
Pug getting groomed by shaving fur with the owner outside the home


There is a reason why pugs quickly became a favorite of royal households. Bred as companions, pugs don’t hunt, guard, or rescue. They are more attention-seeking and love to be always on your lap.

With the pug’s indoor personality; there is less benefit from shaving their hair. Hair is highly essential for their optimum health condition. To keep your pug cool during the summer, keep them indoors, provide adequate shelter, and give them plenty of water.

 If your pug is suffering from allergies, contact your vet first and ask for professional advice. Do you have a pug? We would love to hear your opinion. Feel free to drop your comment in the section below.

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