10 Ways to Help Your Vizsla Stay Slim

Your Vizsla’s lifestyle depends on you both to stay healthy and stay fit. It is important to keep in mind that giving love through food and additional treats is a form of affection that could cause weight gain that damages its health and your dog’s ability to enjoy its life to the fullest. 

ways to help your vizsla stay slim
10 Ways to Help Your Vizsla Stay Slim

Vizslas are very athletic dogs that have always had that tall, slim, and slender figure thanks to their exercises every day. 

Unlike some breeds, Vizslas dogs don’t have many health problems. This animal only has a coat, which makes grooming simple and straightforward. As with most dogs, it is essential to consider their hygiene care as: 

  • Brush their teeth. 
  • Cut their nails
  • Keep their ears clean
  • Bathe them when they are dirty or when necessary. 

Aside from this, Vizslas follow a rigorous daily exercise routine to be in shape and healthy. 

How Do I Keep My Vizsla Dog Slim? 

Maintain a Healthy Weight for Your Vizsla 

Overweight Vizslas have a shorter lifespan than healthy-weight dogs, which affects their quality of life. 

Overweight dogs are also at increased risk for various obesity-related diseases, ranging from urinary tract disease and hypothyroidism to chronic kidney disease and congestive heart failure. 

For that reason, it is necessary that you regulate your diet of food so that it keeps slim. 

Foods such as boiled eggs and yogurt are very healthy. You can feed both meals on their own or mix them with their feed. 

Make Sure It Exercises Every Day 

Vizslas need a minimum of 2 hours a day of rigorous exercise to keep their heart rate high, especially if they are overweight. We recommend that if you want to extend the life expectancy of your pet and keep it slim, make an effort to do an hour of exercise and games a day with your dog, 

You can take it for a walk to: 

  • Parks. 
  • Canine centers. 
  • The yard of your house 
  • The beach. 
  • A farm near your home. 

Give It Healthy, High-Protein Meals 

If you want your Vizsla to stay slim and active, you must create a nutrient-dense diet that works for it. The type of food you provide your pet is essential for healthy weight control. 

Breed-appropriate fresh whole foods (that are low in carbohydrates) for your Vizsla dog are the best options, and when provided in the right portions, they may help it maintain its ideal weight and stay slim. 

Most dogs can have a good quality of life when they are carefully fed portions. It is advisable to do it at least twice a day, along with some healthy treats

Avoid giving your pet: 

  • Processed croquettes, as they are junk food. 
  • Poor quality canned food. 

Don’t Reward Your Vizsla with Croquettes Too Often 

It is true that croquettes are a delicious reward for dogs, but overeating can add to your Vizsla’s weight. You should regulate the number of croquettes you give it a day, so you can keep it slim and at its ideal weight. 

Don’t Think About Giving It Human Food 

It is very common for people to feed dogs serving human food under the table when they sit down to eat (at any time of day). That is wrong. That is one of the reasons why Vizslas and any breed of dog get fat. 

Give It Homemade Vitamins for Dogs 

Vitamins for dogs are essential compounds for life and the body’s proper functioning at a metabolic and cellular level. 

Vizslas need vitamins. When you serve its food, you can mix some crushed tablets of vitamins A, B, C, and D. These vitamins will help strengthen your pet’s body and keep it moving all the time. 

Hours of Sleep 

Vizslas have a lot of energy, making them tired and exhausted at the end of the day. It is essential that it takes its respective hours of sleep. This way, its internal system will rest and give it enough energy to get back up and play. 

Decrease the Portion Size of Food You Feed Your Vizsla 

Reduce the size of its food portions and notice that the extra weight begins to disappear. You do not have to worry since your Vizsla will not be hungry if you are always aware of its three meals a day. Serving smaller portions of food at its dinner is a great idea. Also, do not offer it heavy and high-fat meals as this will cause it to gain weight. 

Take Your Vizsla for a Walk One to Three Times a Day 

That is great for both dogs and humans. The more exercise your Vizsla gets, the less likely it is to gain weight. It will help keep its body mass slim and strong. 

For more fun, take your pet’s favorite dog toy and play any game with it. You can even run with it and roll across the grass together. 

slim Vizsla sitting in a chair
Slim Vizsla sitting in a chair

Make Sure Your Vizsla Drinks Water Every Day 

Water is an important element in an animal’s body, especially if it is an energetic Vizsla dog. Make sure your dog’s water container is always filled with clean, fresh water. That helps the Vizsla stay energized to continue playing and doing some other physical activity. In this way, it will remain slim and in good shape. 

Dealing with diets can be stressful and tedious for both you and your pet. However, you cannot use magic to slim your Vizsla effortlessly. If you follow the 10 ways to keep your Vizsla slim, you will find excellent results. 

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