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How to Clean Vizsla Dogs Ears?

Floppy-Eared Dog Breeds such as Vizslas will require more regular cleaning of their ears as they can be more prone to ear infections. That is because the long floppy ears allow less airflow while dirt and moisture can easily get trapped in the dog’s ear canal. That situation can cause a yeast infection. 

how to clean vizsla dogs ears
How to Clean Vizsla Dogs Ears

Vizslas also belong to the class of dogs that love to swim so they always need regular cleaning of their ears, as excess moisture can cause ear infections. 

It is essential to mention that you should clean your Vizsla’s ears when necessary. For some dogs, this cleaning process is weekly, and for others, it could be monthly or less. It all depends on the amount of wax the Vizsla produces and if it does things that would cause ear infections, such as swimming or submerging its head in the water. 

What Do We Need to Clean the Ears of Our Dog Vizsla? 

Before proceeding to clean your pet’s ears, it is essential that you have the following items: 

  • A damp cotton ball or cotton pad. You should not use swabs to clean your Vizsla’s ears, as they can be inserted too deep into the ear canal and cause damage. 
  • Ear cleaner for dogs (never use products intended for human use). 
  • An assistant or person to help you in the ear cleaning process since it is not easy to handle the dog and even more if it is not used to people touching its ears. 
  • A clean towel. 
  • After finishing the ear cleaning process, it is a good idea to have some kibble or treats on hand to give your Vizsla as a reward. 
A Vizsla dog lying down in bed with cotton buds
A Vizsla dog lying down in bed with cotton buds

How Should We Clean the Ears of Our Dog Vizsla? 

It is first necessary to mention that regular ear cleanings performed by a pet owner should focus on Vizsla’s external ear canal. 

It is recommended that you start handling or cleaning their ears while they are still puppies, as they are much more likely to agree to it when they are older. 

Start by gently touching their ears and stroking them to see how your Vizsla will react. It is vital that you do this to determine if it likes you to handle its ears. You cannot force it to undergo cleaning if it is stressed or struggling. The Vizsla will probably be upset if you obligate it. 

Step 1 

Make your Vizsla dog comfortable and calm. Subsequently, lift its ear holding it between thumb and forefinger to see well into the ear. 

Step 2 

Study and observe your ear. You should check if there is redness, secretion, or bad smell inside it. 

If you notice that the ears are very red and have a very large amount of wax, pus, or a foul odor, it is a sign of a problem and will require veterinary attention. 

Step 3 

With damp cotton, begin to clean the entrance of its ear carefully. That will remove any dirt or excess wax. 

Step 4 

Insert the tip of the dog ear cleaner into the ear canal. You should not put it too deep as it can be painful for the Vizsla. Squeeze the bottle to release the hearing cleaner. 

Step 5 

Gently massage the base of the ear to help the fluid pass into the ear canal. 

Step 6 

Remove all the excess cleaning liquid with a damp cotton ball and wipe the rest with the towel. 

Step 7 

Perform the procedure again on the other ear of your Vizsla. 

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