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How to Tell If Your Vizsla is Overweight?

If we have a dog, no matter what breed it is, we must guarantee its care at all times. It is very common for these animals to suffer from diseases and health problems due to the poor care provided by their owners.  

how to tell if your vizsla is overweight
How to Tell If Your Vizsla is Overweight

One of the most common problems that canines suffer is obesity. Vizslas are excellent dogs in many ways. They are characterized by having a muscular and slim body. They are athletic and have a high level of physical activity, so they require daily exercise to be fit. It is for that reason that it should not be frequent to find overweight Vizslas. 

It should be noted that although most of the dogs of this breed are always in shape thanks to their high level of physical activity, it is possible that some suffer from obesity due to the poor care and lifestyle that their owners provided them throughout its life. 

Therefore, it is important that we know how to identify if our Vizsla is overweight, but first, we must indicate two of the most important causes of this disorder: 

Lack of Exercise 

As we have said before, Vizslas need to exercise every day. In fact, as the owner of a pet of this type, you should provide at least two daily exercise sessions of one hour each. 

If you don’t give your dog an active lifestyle, it can lead to health problems, including being overweight. The Vizslas need our help to exercise, whether through games, walks in the park, or any other physical activity. 

Bad Nutrition 

It is one of the most common problems. Many owners do not know exactly the most appropriate foods for dogs, especially for Vizslas, as they need a diet based on nutrients and vitamins. 

If you feed your dog unhealthy foods high in fat and carbohydrates, it will most likely start to gain weight.  

Even if you feed your dog large portions of food, it could also be one of the causes of overweight. Make sure to feed your dog healthy foods that balance its exercise routines. 

How to Tell If Your Vizsla Is Overweight? 

There are several ways to determine if our Vizsla is overweight. It is essential to know this to verify our dog’s physical condition and avoid any health problems that it may have. 

See the Body of the Vizsla 

It is the most obvious and visual way to know if our Vizsla is overweight. We understand that the body of these dogs is muscular but thin. Take a close look at its build to determine if your Vizsla has gained weight. If your canine has a more rounded or oval shape, then it is clearly an indication that it is gaining weight, so it is a good time to take measures regarding its diet and exercise. 

In addition, looking at Vizsla’s body from the side will help us find other signs of its possible overweight. From this perspective, we will be able to know if its stomach is swinging or its waist is not raised. In this case, you should provide your dog with a healthier and more adequate diet

Check Your Vizsla’s Breathing 

Rapid breathing is a clear sign of being overweight. Generally, when a dog of this has a greater weight than it should be, it is normal for it to have difficulty breathing. You will notice this situation quickly when your Vizsla runs, jumps, plays, or does any other physical exercise. In those cases, it will have a hard time recovering from the effort made. 

That is one of the most identifiable symptoms in a Vizsla since this breed is characterized precisely by doing a lot of exercises and having a high physical performance. They do not tend to tire easily. 

Feel the Ribs of Your Vizsla 

An excellent way to know if our dog is overweight is by feeling its ribs. We all know that when a dog’s ribs are seen, it means that they are very thin or fit. However, if you touch your Vizsla body and do not feel its ribs, it means that it has a lot of body fat and, therefore, a few extra kilos. 

It is normal for Vizslas to have only a little fat on their body, but due to this animal’s contexture, you should be able to feel their ribs. This situation can also be reflected in other bones of its body located in the legs, shoulders, hips, and spine. 

Examine the Base of Your Pet’s Tail 

The tail is another part of a dog’s body that will allow us to know if it is overweight. Generally, the base of the tail of this animal tends to have a little fat. However, you should be able to feel the bones in that area. In case you cannot do it, then it is a clear indication that your Vizsla has gained weight. 

An overweight vizsla standing in a snowy surroundings
An overweight Vizsla standing in snowy surroundings

Check the Behavior of Your Vizsla 

The behavior and personality are one of the most distinctive aspects of this dog. Vizslas are known for being affectionate, cheerful, active, and energetic dogs. It is for that reason that it is very rare to see a dog of this breed without much energy. 

Generally, this situation occurs due to some disease or disorder such as, in this case, being overweight. If you haven’t provided your Vizsla with a healthy and active lifestyle, it is likely that it doesn’t feel like doing anything.

During these situations, you may notice that your dog spends many hours sleeping and has a lot of problems walking, running, jumping, breathing, etc. 

It is vital that you correctly feed your pet with healthy and nutritious food accompanied by a good daily exercise routine. That will allow your Vizsla to have a better lifestyle. 

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