Why is My Vizsla Puppy Always Hungry?

Most canines are known to eat a lot. These animals love to eat almost anything you put in front of them. Many dog breeds tend to be dissatisfied after eating, which is one of the causes of obesity in these animals throughout the world. However, it is important to keep in mind that not all dog breeds are like this since each one has different characteristics. 

why is my vizsla puppy always hungry
Why is My Vizsla Puppy Always Hungry?

This situation happens a lot in the case of puppies. When a dog is young, it tends to want to eat more for different reasons. For one thing, they are not adequately trained or educated about how much food to eat daily.

On the other hand, there are puppies such as the Vizslas, who need to eat larger portions of food in relation to an adult canine due to the exercises and physical activities carried out during the day. 

As we know, Vizslas are very active and energetic animals that need to run, jump, play, and move freely for several hours a day not only for fun but also to keep fit and in good health.

In this case, adult Vizslas need to train approximately 1 hour a day while puppies 2 or more hours. That is because the body of a Vizsla puppy is not fully developed, so it will require more physical activities, which will increase its appetite. 

Some Reasons My Vizsla Puppy is Always Hungry 

1. Instinct 

One of the main reasons a Vizsla puppy is always hungry is because of its instincts. As we have said before, this breed of dog is characterized by having a high level of physical activity. It means that they are active and energetic all the time, which causes a waste of energy in their body. 

A dog of this type will never refuse to eat something that you provide it since it will instinctively think that it will not have the opportunity to eat again. Even if your puppy is not hungry, it will always try to eat the food you give it unless you stop offering it. 

2. Physical Activity 

Vizslas need to exercise on a daily basis as they are active animals by nature. In fact, they are deemed excellent hunting dogs due to their incredible abilities for this activity. As we discussed at the beginning, adult Vizslas require less exercise and feeding than puppies. 

A Vizsla puppy needs to exercise for at least 2 hours a day or more. That can include walks, games, exercises, general training, etc. The excess energy that your pet can expend during these moments will generate a huge appetite in it. That is one of the reasons why this type of dog is always hungry. 

Remember that even if your dog is very active, you must control the portions of food you give it. It is important that your Vizsla puppy’s diet and exercise routine be balanced so that it can grow and develop healthily. 

3. Bad Habits 

Vizsla dogs are very intelligent. They quickly learn how everything around them works, including how human beings act. 

The bad habits that a canine of this type can create are mainly our fault. The reason for this is our pet may have learned to beg using those beautiful and tender eyes that stare at us. Obviously, it is very difficult to refuse our pet when it presents that delicate look, making us give in to it by giving it a treat. 

When repeated several times, this situation will make your Vizsla puppy get used to it and expect you always to feed it when it wants. The only thing you can do to avoid this is to refuse their request. The health of a pet is important, so we must respect the food portions that we give during the week. 

Also, a good idea would be to leave your puppy in a room when you and your family are having breakfast, lunch, or dinner. That way, you won’t be tempted to have to give it food when it tries to beg for it. 

4. New Feeding Schedule 

Most likely, you have acquired your Vizsla puppy from a breeder. You have to bear in mind that your new pet already had an established feeding schedule, so now it will have to adapt to yours. Also, you should not ignore that during the first months, a puppy is constantly feeding on its mother’s milk. 

This change in its eating routine will occur during the first months of living with you and its appetite increases since it was used to eating at certain different times. In these situations, it is best to be patient as your puppy will get used to and process these changes soon. 

5. Diseases 

There are certain diseases that can cause an increase in the appetite of our Vizsla puppy. In this type of situation, it is best to take your canine to the vet to identify the origin of the problem and verify if it really is a disease of this type. 

Some health problems that can lead to increased appetite are: 

6. Diabetes 

This condition is not only negative for the health of our Vizsla puppy, but it will also generate an incredibly large increase in appetite. The reason for this is because the canine cannot metabolize enough glucose. That is, glucose cannot enter the cells due to the lack of insulin in your puppy’s body, thus causing an insatiable appetite. The only way to treat this condition is through constant checkups and treatments. 

7. Parasites 

It is one of the most common problems, especially when a canine is born because its mother’s uterus can become infected. These parasites feed on your puppy’s body adhering to the intestinal walls, absorbing all the nutrients from the food it has eaten. 

This situation can cause malnutrition in your little Vizsla, which will drastically increase its desire to eat. Take it to the vet so that he or she can indicate the necessary treatment or medicines for your pet. 

Hungry Vizsla puppy looking for food
Hungry Vizsla puppy looking for food

Inefficient Absorption of Nutrients 

There are puppies, regardless of their breed, who have trouble properly absorbing nutrients from their food. That can be due to a lack of digestive enzymes, lactose intolerance, bacterial infections, genetic diseases (common in Vizslas), etc.

Lack of ability to properly absorb nutrients could not only cause your puppy to have an increased appetite but could also lead to many health problems in the future. 

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