4 Vizsla Approved Human Food

One of the most important things, when we have a dog, is its diet. Feeding our pets will allow them to have a healthy life. However, many people do not adequately feed their dogs. That is why many of these animals get sick every year. 

vizsla approved human food
4 Vizsla Approved Human Food

Having a Vizsla is a great pleasure but also a responsibility. They are quite friendly and playful dogs that are characterized by being very active. They have a particular personality that makes them loved even more. It is inevitable to form strong love bonds with our Vizslas. For this reason, it is vital to take care of them both physically and healthily. 

We must bear in mind that dogs, in general, should not consume human food since many of them contain toxic substances for our pets that can even cause death. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t eat a certain type of human food. 


Meat is one of the foods that humans consume the most on the planet except for those vegetarians. Our Vizslas can eat this type of food from different animals such as chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, veal, and fish. 

It is important to keep in mind that when serving a piece of meat to our pet, it is necessary to avoid placing salt and frying it. That could cause problems for our dog’s organism. Another option may be to prepare baked, griddle, or grilled meat 

On certain occasions, you can offer raw meat, but you must make sure that its quality is excellent. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid serving cooked bones to our Vizslas. That is because many of those bones tend to splinter, which could cause our dog to tear its throat or some critical organ. In these cases, the solution would be to choose only raw, fleshy bones. 

Fish is another basic food in a dog’s diet. There is a great variety of fish recommended for this type of animal. Some of them are salmon, tuna, sardines, mackerel, herring, and more. However, thorns can be dangerous to your Vizsla, so removing them is mandatory. This delicious food can be steamed, grilled, or baked. 

Adding any type of meat to your pet’s diet can provide it with the necessary proteins and nutrients for good health and physical condition. That’s extremely important to Vizslas as a good diet can perfectly complement their exercise routine. 


A dog’s diet should not be based solely on meat or dog food. We must remember that not all animals of this type are carnivores since there are many others that are vegetarians. 

Vegetables play a fundamental role in feeding our Vizsla. That’s because they are the healthiest natural treat they can eat. You can give them these healthy foods as a reward for their effort during routine exercises. You can even feed them dehydrated vegetables, which are delicious and easy to make. 

We must bear in mind that not all vegetables are good for our Vizslas. Onions and garlic contain substances that are deadly toxic to these pets. One of the healthiest is the carrot as it helps prevent certain diseases making it an excellent substitute for other types of unhealthy treats. 

If you want your Vizsla to have good health and quality of life, do not hesitate to add vegetables to its diet. Not only will that reduce its chances of getting sick, but it will also give it enough strength and energy to do the much-needed physical activities. 


Both humans and dogs can consume this delicious and nutritious food from chickens. Eggs provide the necessary proteins for a proper diet. However, there are some aspects that you should take into account when giving this food to your Vizsla. 

It is necessary that you do not give a raw egg to your pet. The best option is to prepare fried or cooked eggs for your dog to assimilate better. By making this food in this way, you will allow your Vizsla to digest it better. 

Another way to give this food to your pet is through French omelets. This food provides a great source of protein necessary for your dog’s body. You must take into account something important, and that is that when preparing the omelet, you have to avoid putting white salt on it. A recommended alternative is Himalayan salt. 

The number of eggs you can feed your Vizsla will depend on several factors. Size and age are some of them. Adamas, keep in mind that our dogs are similar to us in specific ways. If you regularly give them this food, at some point, they will get bored with it. Therefore, try to add various foods to your dog’s diet. 


It is another of the foods that must be included in the diet of our Vizsla. As with vegetables, there are several fruits that are toxic to dogs, such as grapes or raisins. 

The apple is possibly the most recommended fruit for this type of animal due to its antioxidant and purifying properties. Other important fruits are bananas, pears, melons, watermelon, strawberries, peaches, apricot, etc. It should be noted that most of them contain a certain amount of sugar, so you should make sure to give your pet balanced amounts of it. 

Another vital point to keep in mind is the seeds. No seed is beneficial for a Vizsla since some could poison it. Therefore, you must remove the seeds of any of the fruits that contain them to avoid any risky situation. 

vizsla approved human food
Vizsla Approved Human Food


Caring for our Vizslas is a priority, and we must know how to do it. Many people are unaware of the risks of giving human food to their dogs. Now you know some of the human foods that your Vizsla can consume with the certainty that nothing bad will happen to it. 

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