How Long Should Vizsla Nails Be?

One of the things that we must pay attention to the most when having a pet is its care. Regardless of the species (dog, cat, bird, snake, rodent, etc.), we have to ensure that we provide our animals with an excellent quality of life. 

how long should vizsla nails be
How Long Should Vizsla Nails Be

As we know, dogs are the most common pets that are part of many families. That is mainly due to the fact that they are very loving and loyal animals towards their loved ones, whether they are their owners or members of their human family. The Vizsla is a popular breed in different countries due to the characteristics that it presents. 

This canine is characterized mainly by its hunting skills and its high level of physical activity. They are considered excellent hunting companions. They love doing any kind of physical activity every day to stay healthy and fit. 

Regarding its personality, we can say that the Vizsla is a loving and friendly dog ​​with its owners and members of its human family, although it can also be with strangers and other animals. They cannot be left alone for long as they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. 

As we have said before, a pet owner’s main objective is the care they offer to it. That includes food, exercise routine, and especially grooming. 

Grooming is an important aspect not only in humans but also in dogs. A Vizsla with good hygiene will be able to prevent many diseases, infections, and parasites as well as improve the condition of its coat, ears, eyes, mouth, and nails. 

How Long Should Vizsla Nails Be? 

One of the concerns that invade the minds of dog owners is the length of nails that their pets should have. That is due to various factors related to the canine’s hygiene, the comfort that it may feel when playing or exercising, etc. 

Despite the fact that many people do not do it, trimming dogs’ nails is a very important activity, which offers your canine greater comfort when performing its activities. That is much more important in the case of a Vizsla since, as we have seen previously, these dogs excel in the field during hunting sessions. 

Like any other dog, a Vizsla requires proper care, especially when it comes to its nails. We already know that these dogs need to be fed properly in order to have enough energy and carry out their daily activities. However, nails are a special case. 

Vizslas nails tend to grow very fast and very long. That is because the frequency with which the dogs’ nails should be trimmed will depend on the lifestyle they have and, of course, on their breed. If we let the claws of these canines grow a lot, it could be difficult to cut them since certain factors must be taken into account so as not to damage the dog. 

It is essential to keep the nails of the Vizslas trimmed to the correct length. Too long nails could be uncomfortable and even cause canine pain by putting pressure on its legs. 

How Can We Tell That Our Vizsla’s Nails Are Too Long? 

Obviously, we can see this situation visually. However, one of the most common and easy ways to know if our Vizsla’s nails are long is through sound. This sound is generated when the canine’s nails make contact with a rough surface, which can be very annoying for the people who live in the house. 

In a nutshell, we can determine if our Vizsla’s nail is long in case they stick out of the pad and hit the ground. 

Pet owner trimming Vizsla nail
Pet owner trimming Vizsla nail

How to Cut the Nails of Our Vizsla? 

That is a tricky situation, especially if your Vizsla is not used to it. It is important that your dog knows the “stay” command before carrying out this process. The idea of ​​this is so that our canine obeys us and remains still when cutting its nails. 

Also, make sure you position your Vizsla properly so that it won’t be able to pull away from you or violently move when you go to trim its nails. It is also a good idea to allow your pet to come up and sniff the scissors. That way, it is likely that it will not be afraid when you use them. 

When it comes to cutting your Vizsla’s nails, you can choose two options: you can do it yourself, or you also have the option of going to a specialist. It is important to note that trimming a dog’s nails could be tricky for some people if they don’t have the proper knowledge. 

Many people carry out this procedure without knowing the existence of the hyponychium (also known as the quick). It is a blood vessel and a nerve that can bleed if cut. That can cause a lot of pain in our Vizsla, so it is vital to know the exact place to cut the nail. In case you accidentally cut the quick, you can use an astringent powder or pads to stop the bleeding. 

It is best to cut 2 mm from the hyponychium area. However, it is important to note that it can be difficult to locate in the case of Vizslas as they tend to have dark nails.

You can make small cuts to your canine’s claws to reduce the chance of accidentally cutting the quick. As you cut the nails, check them carefully until you see a dark spot that will indicate the beginning of these blood vessels and nerves. 

An important point to keep in mind is that as your Vizsla’s nails get longer, the quick will be too. 

Never allow your Vizsla’s nails to grow too long, as this will not only prevent it from carrying out its hunting activities and daily exercises properly but will be very uncomfortable for it. In the same way, the long nails of a dog of this type can annoy the people around them, especially because of the noise they make when they hit the ground. 

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