Vizsla Puppy Recall Training Guide

Dogs are the animals that we can commonly find in most people’s homes. Many families adopt this type of animal more frequently because they are considered excellent pets and also because they are the creatures most similar to human beings in terms of personality and temperament. 

vizsla puppy recall training guide
Vizsla Puppy Recall Training Guide

However, that is not the only reason why families acquire these animals. Many people need to have a certain breed of dog that carries out a specific activity. A clear example is the hunters. Generally, a hunter’s job is made much easier by having a canine companion by his side. 

We know that there are many dog ​​breeds worldwide, and each one presents different characteristics, be it size, physical appearance, ability, habit, etc. One of the most interesting that we can find in various countries is the Vizsla. 

These canines are characterized by having a high level of physical activity and excellent hunting skills. They are perfect companions for hunters, especially if they are their owners. They love to train and learn new things every day to satisfy their loved ones. Vizslas need a lot of daily exercise to stay fit and to be able to carry out their hunting activities effectively. 

If we buy a Vizsla, it is essential to note that we must provide different training types. One of the most important is recall training. That’s because this breed of dog is very active and energetic and loves to spend its time running around. That is why we need to train our canine to come to us when we call it. 

Vizsla Puppy Recall Training 

The recall training will not only help you to make your Vizsla puppy come either during any activity or exercise, but we can also prevent its life from being in danger.

Because these canines tend to run around a lot, at any time, they can be exposed to being hit by a car while walking in the park. This training will help us make our Vizsla obey us and come to us as soon as we tell it. 

For that reason, it is vital that we teach this puppy these two commands: 

  • “Come” 
  • “Here” 

It is important that you always use positive reinforcement when training your Vizsla since, in that way, it will learn quickly. We should never use teaching methods that include aggression or violence. 

Generally, we can control our dog’s movements using a leash. There are times when the leash can break while we are in the park. Other times we just don’t want our puppy to use it as we like it to feel free. In any case, recall training is mainly intended for those cases where our canine does not have a leash. 

Training a Vizsla puppy can be easy, depending on the type of skill we want to teach. However, recall training requires an effective and experienced trainer and motivator. You can also do it yourself but keep in mind that it could take more time. 

Tips to Keep in Mind When Providing Recall Training to Your Vizsla Puppy 

Positive Reinforcement 

We have already said that we need to use a good reward system to train our Vizsla. Positive reinforcement is the most effective method through which we must reward our puppy with a treat every time it does an action correctly. 

We should never use violent methods that can traumatize our puppy for life. 

Patience and Consistency 

These are the pillars of any training. Being patient when training a Vizsla is essential as the process could take a long time (depending on the skill of both the trainer and the animal).

Also, we should never give up when training a dog, even when we don’t see positive results. We have to understand that this process must be carried out every day until the canine has fully learned. 

Voice Commands 

Vocal orders are an important part of any training, especially related to recall. Through positive reinforcement, we can teach our Vizsla puppy any command that facilitates and develops its obedience. The two most useful orders in these cases are “come” and “here.” 

Tools Needed 

Apart from an experienced trainer, it is necessary to have a long leash that will help during training. We must not forget to buy treats that will serve as a reward each time our Vizsla correctly executes an action. 

recall training for vizsla puppy
Recall training for Vizsla puppy

Recall Training Process 

This training must be carried out with great encouragement, patience, and consistency. It should be noted that the following method will require your Vizsla to know the voice command “Still” or “Wait.” 

The training consists of starting by playing hide and seek with your Vizsla. That is why the commands mentioned above are necessary since we need our canine to stay still in a specific place while we hide (in an area near it). Make sure to do this step indoors. 

When you have hidden, say the command “come” loudly and with a cheerful tone of voice as this will let your canine know that it is a game and, therefore, its enthusiasm will be greater during training. 

When your Vizsla finds you, praise it cheerfully and give it a treat as a reward. Make sure to give it to it immediately after it has found you. 

After several days of practicing this exercise, it is time to increase the difficulty. This time we will play hide and seek in the garden or backyard. Now our Vizsla will be exposed to more distractions. Repeat this process for several days. 

At this point, your Vizsla will be ready to receive the command without the need for you to hide. Take it for a walk and say the order every 2 minutes while you are walking. Make sure to get your voice out before your canine looks away.

As the days go by, you have to increase the difficulty by waiting more than two minutes before saying the command. 

If you keep practicing this with your Vizsla, you will be able to get the desired results. 

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