8 Step Guide to Buying a Vizsla Puppy

Dogs are lovely and faithful pets with whom we live harmoniously for many years. They are immensely loyal animals that create bonds with their owners and members of their human family. There are many breeds of dogs, but one of the most interesting is the Vizsla. 

step guide to buying a vizsla puppy
8-Step Guide to Buying a Vizsla Puppy

The Vizsla is a canine that has particular characteristics and behaviors that make them excellent pets for families. They are dogs that are characterized by having a high level of physical activity and stand out above all for their hunting skills. In fact, they are considered excellent companions for hunters. 

It should be noted that these dogs are quite friendly and affectionate with most people, including members of their human family, acquaintances of their owners, strangers, and even other animals. Vizslas tend to trust people quickly but can generally be somewhat shy around strangers. 

Having any type of pet is a great responsibility, especially if it is a Vizsla. Acquiring a Vizsla puppy requires that we have certain knowledge about them so that we can offer them excellent quality of life. For that reason, it’s essential to do some planning before bringing a new puppy into your home. 

When buying a Vizsla puppy, we must take into account many aspects and factors that do not affect our economic and emotional situation. In the same way, we must be prepared to take care of this pet and give it all the love it deserves. For that reason, here is an 8-step guide to buying a Vizsla puppy. 

You Have to Decide If a Vizsla is an Ideal Puppy for You 

Many people get carried away when they see a puppy as they are adorable and cuddly. However, like any pet, they require a lot of care and time, especially as they grow. 

You should take enough time to analyze all the options and decide definitely if a Vizsla puppy is what you want to buy. Therefore, it is important to consider all those aspects and factors that can provide a great lifestyle for our pets. We need to feed our puppy correctly, offer it a perfect home to live in, etc. 

Some important aspects to take into account are: 

Vizsla puppy Home 

Before buying a Vizsla puppy, you should analyze the most suitable environment for it to live comfortably. We must bear in mind that this type of dog has a large size when they grow up. Therefore, it is imperative that we only buy a Vizsla if we live in a house with a spacious garden or in a field. These canines need a place where they can comfortably rest, exercise, or explore. 

Vizsla puppy Feeding 

Vizslas need a diet based on protein, nutrients, and low levels of fat. That’s because this breed needs to maintain adequate physical condition due to the large amount of exercise and activities it does. However, the importance of correctly feeding a puppy of this type also lies in the fact of preventing it from suffering any disease or disorder such as obesity. 

Vizsla puppy Affection 

Vizslas, especially puppies, tend to have a susceptible emotional state that can be easily affected if we do not give them the love they need. For that reason, we must focus on keeping these animals close to us and other members of the family so that they never feel alone. 

Vizsla puppy Care 

Before buying a Vizsla puppy, we have to know their needs in terms of their care. These animals should be bathed only when necessary, that is when they are dirty. Besides, their coat does not require much maintenance since it is usually short and hard.  

If we want to acquire a Vizsla puppy, our priority should be to carry out the necessary treatments and take it to the vet frequently so that it is always healthy. 

Choose the Right Place to Buy Your Vizsla Puppy 

Generally, the best way to acquire this type of animal is through certified dog breeders. These breeders have enough knowledge and experience about any breed of dog, so they will help you at all times when choosing your Vizsla. They will inform you about the basic needs and flea controls that have been provided to the puppy you have chosen. 

On many occasions, the breeder will ask the buyer about the experience he has had with a dog to ensure that it will receive an excellent quality of life. For that reason, responsible dog breeders are the best option to buy your puppy. 

You can also acquire your Vizsla puppy through charities that usually have such puppies available for rehoming. Practically, these rehousing centers will verify your suitability and establish an adoption contract so that you can take your pet with you. 

Contact the Dog Breeder or Rehousing Center Before Your Visit 

Communicating with a breeder before the Vizsla puppy is born is extremely important. If you want such a pet, you can’t just go to the place and choose any puppy. You should ask the breeder several vital questions before the visit. 

You have the right to know the conditions in which the puppy was born as well as the place where it is kept. In the same way, it is important to ask questions about the health of the animal, the treatments that have been done, the vaccines that have been provided, the existence of hereditary diseases, etc. 

Depending on the time that has elapsed after the puppy is born, you can ask questions related to training, socialization with other puppies and people, the time of day when they interact with people, and more. 

Choose the Ideal Vizsla Puppy for You 

When you visit the dog breeder, you will have the opportunity to choose from a group of adorable Vizsla puppies. When a dog is just a few months old, they are usually very cute, so choosing one is a difficult decision. However, you should focus on the canine that best suits your lifestyle. 

The most recommended thing is that you carefully observe the reaction that each puppy has when you are near it. Detail the skills they present and their personality. 

Owners with no experience in puppy care may prefer curious and energetic Vizsla puppies as they will not need as much attention. However, if the puppy is shy, it will need more experienced owners. 

Take Your Time to Buy the Puppy 

Buying a Vizsla puppy is not a timed race. There is no need to buy a dog of this breed on your first visit to the dog breeder. A new pet in your life is a decision that you should think about calmly. 

When you visit the breeder for the first time, take a close look at the group of Vizsla puppies and select the ones you liked the most, but don’t buy any that day. Go back home and discuss your choice with your family and friends who can further help you make the right decision. Remember that acquiring a puppy is a significant commitment. 

Consider All the Costs 

As we have said before, owning a Vizsla is a great responsibility that entails many expenses. You have to take into account your financial situation before considering buying a Vizsla puppy

Vizsla puppies are often expensive, and not everyone can afford them. The price range for a puppy of this breed ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 2,200, but it will depend on certain factors. In addition, you should also consider an additional shipping price in case the breeders ship your Vizsla to you. If you can bring it yourself, then you can skip that expense. 

It should be noted that in addition to the initial costs of this pet, it is also necessary to consider other basic needs of the dog that involve an additional expense of approximately $ 50 per month. Some of them are food, vaccinations, toys, trainers, accessories, pet sitting, spaying, deworming, vet appointments, etc. 

Be Sure to Request the Vaccination and Microchip Records 

When buying a puppy, breeders often request vaccines and microchips as part of the protocol. 

The microchip is a small capsule-shaped device that is inserted into the left side of the puppy’s neck through an injection, remaining under the skin. In many places, this device is required by law. 

It is essential to request the microchip records as it includes all the dog’s data associated with that of the owner, in this case, you. That way, you can verify the individual identification of your Vizsla puppy and the database where it has been registered. 

The same should be done concerning the vaccination records which must be sealed and signed by the veterinarian. 

An adorable Vizsla puppy lying in a small wooden cage
An adorable Vizsla puppy lying in a small wooden cage

Prepare Everything for the Arrival of the Puppy 

You should have everything ready before definitely buying your Vizsla puppy. You have to meet all the needs of your new pet to ensure you provide a healthy and happy life. 

Before taking your new pet home, you should have already bought all the essential elements for their care, such as food, bed, accessories, toys, collar, leash, etc. Also, you have to make an appointment to register your puppy with a vet. 

Once you bring your new puppy home, give it a walk through all the rooms to get it familiar with its new home as quickly as possible. That way, it will have more confidence. 

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