Raising a Vizsla Puppy When I Work Full Time

Vizslas are excellent pets that have particular characteristics that differentiate them from other breeds. They are quite loving and friendly animals with the people around them. They need to be with their owner or member of their human family most of the time as they hate being alone. 

raising a vizsla puppy when i work full time
Raising a Vizsla Puppy When I Work Full Time

These canines are characterized by their high level of physical activity and by requiring daily exercise sessions. It is for this reason that the owner of a Vizsla must be an active person willing to share those moments with their pet. 

Having a dog is a big responsibility, especially if it is a Vizsla puppy. They need to be properly cared for through a good diet and lifestyle in general. Part of this entire challenging process includes raising the pet. 

Raising a Vizsla puppy can be more or less complicated, depending on each person. We must bear in mind that not all people are the same or lead the same lifestyle. 

Many dog ​​owners have all the time in the world to take care of their pets, but many others do not. That may be due to their occupations during the day, such as studying, working, etc. 

One of the biggest problems for people who have a puppy is their job. Vizslas, as we have said before, can be emotionally susceptible so they cannot avoid feeling sad and anxious if their owner leaves them alone for too long time. This situation could have an impact on your emotional level in the future as well as being more prone to illness due to anxiety. 

Advice on Raising a Vizsla Puppy When You Work Full Time 

Many people do not think about their current situation before acquiring a puppy. They simply decide to buy one without thinking at the time about the lifestyle they will provide for their new pet. 

For that reason, there are many aspects that we must take into account before thinking about acquiring a dog. That way, we will know what we will face, and we will be able to raise our puppy better regardless of our full-time job. 

The first thing a person has to ask themselves before acquiring a Vizsla puppy is “Why should I have a dog if I work full time?” This question is extremely important and is easy to answer, especially if we are thinking of purchasing a Vizsla. 

One of the reasons to have a Vizsla puppy is the benefits it will offer you. That means that, as an owner, you will be forced to go outside every day and exercise together with it. Your lifestyle will change positively in terms of your physical and mental health. In the same way, having a Vizsla will make your family bond more since they are quite affectionate and friendly dogs with people and other animals. 

Raising a Puppy When I Work Full Time 

Many people think that it is impossible to raise a Vizsla puppy while working full time. It can be not easy, but it is possible as long as the person commits, fulfills his responsibility, and takes into account the most relevant aspects for the proper raising of the pet. 

Puppies need a lot of attention from their owners. It is necessary that they provide them with a balanced diet, exercise routines according to their age, and even potty training. Obviously, we are people, and we cannot divide ourselves into two parts to raise our Vizsla while we work. For that reason, it is essential to have the help of a family member or, failing that, to hire a dog sitter. 

Can You Leave Your Puppy Alone While You Work Full Time? 

In this case, it is not advisable to leave our Vizsla puppy alone. We already know that this breed is quite sensitive to loneliness, so they need to be accompanied all the time and much more if it is a puppy. If you work full time, this situation is most likely a problem for both you and your canine. 

However, as we have said in the previous point, it is possible to leave our puppy alone as long as it is accompanied by another member of the family or a dog sitter. In case you live alone with your dog, you will have no other option but to hire someone to take care of it daily and allow it to do the activities it loves the most. 

There are certain tips that you should take into account for each stage of your puppy’s age: 

  • A Vizsla puppy 8-10 weeks of age needs to get used to its new home as it is an unfamiliar place for it. For that reason, you want to make sure it spends a lot of time outside so that it can run, jump, or play around as much as it wants. Also, during this stage, it must be potty trained. 
  • During the 10-12 week stage, the puppy has not yet developed its bladder to hold more than 4 hours while you are at work. For that reason, you should hire someone who can come to your house and allow your dog to go outside so that it can urinate. Make sure to keep your dog in a puppy pen when you are working to keep it safe
  • When your dog is between 3 and 6 months old, it must already be used to urinating and relieving itself outside the house. At this point, you don’t have to worry so much about that aspect anymore. However, as you are working full time, you have to keep considering having the puppy pen for the safety of your little Vizsla

Training the Puppy While Working Full Time 

This situation can be difficult for you because you will not have much time during the week. Remember that Vizslas need to do daily exercise sessions due to their hunting nature. They are athletic animals that require physical activities all the time. 

If you are a person who works full time, then you will have no choice but to hire a dog trainer. This specialist will provide your puppy with potty training as well as any other type of learning that will make your Vizsla more obedient

It should be noted that you can train your puppy and spend more time with it during the weekends since you will surely have free time. If that is the case for you, then you can train your dog to learn to urinate and defecate outside the house. You can use puppy pads for that. 

Keep It Entertained While You’re Working 

Vizslas are very energetic animals that need to move all the time, play, and exercise. If you leave your dog alone in a closed place (a house), then it is likely that it will become destructive as it will try to release all its accumulated energy. That can happen regardless of whether your Vizsla is an adult or a puppy

If you want to prevent your puppy from destroying everything in its path, then you can use solutions such as puppy pens. That way, you will not only keep your dog safe, but you will also prevent it from destroying any object inside the house. 

This situation will obviously make your Vizsla bored. For that reason, you should buy it toys so it can entertain itself. There are even some toys made of special materials so that your puppy can chew on them for as long as they want. That will keep your canine busy for a few hours until you return home. 

Train Your Dog to Be Friendly with Other People in Your Absence 

As we have said, you may have to ask a member of your family, friend, or neighbor to take care of your dog or at least to be aware of it from time to time. Fortunately, Vizslas are friendly with all people, but they need a little time to trust those that they don’t see often. 

You can take your puppy for a walk during your free time or even take it to visit your neighbors or friends. The more people your Vizsla knows, the better it will adapt to being with other people. You will have no problem when a friend or neighbor comes to your house to take care of your puppy. 

raising a vizsla puppy
Raising a Vizsla Puppy

You May Consider Taking Your Puppy to Work 

That is something that many people consider, but it all depends on the type of job they have. If you work outside, it may not be a good idea since you won’t be able to supervise it all the time. However, if you work in an office, you can prepare a small space where you can put your puppy pen. You have to bear in mind that you can only do that as long as your boss (if you have it) authorizes it. 

Taking care of a Vizsla puppy is a huge responsibility and can be very difficult on many occasions. However, the process will be worth it as you will have a wonderful and educated adult Vizsla in the future. 

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