Are Vizslas Easy to Train?

The Vizsla breed dog is loved by both hunters and many families for being a very versatile animal. This canine is always full of energy, so if you have a Vizsla at home, you will never be bored or lonely. 

are vizslas easy to train
Are Vizslas Easy to Train?

This precious animal is very intelligent, affectionate, playful, gentle, and incredibly agile. If you are a Vizsla dog owner, you should be familiar with the great responsibility that comes with owning a Vizsla canine, as well as all the strenuous exercise and training they require. 

It is for this reason that many people are not qualified to own a pet like this since they need a lot of time to exercise daily. 

Is It Easy to Train My ​​Vizsla Dog? 

Vizslas are believed to be fairly easy to train, but they will require some patience. Although these animals love to be trained, it may take a long time, so you should be patient. All dogs are different, so there may be others who master the commands in a matter of days. 

Consistency in training is important. Vizslas are sensitive and should be trained gently. Even harsh training methods are likely to be counterproductive. 

How Can I Train My Vizsla Dog? 

Dog Training is one of most dog owners’ great fears, especially if they have canines full of energy and are addicted to exercise. 

The idea of ​​thinking about how to raise a Vizsla correctly is complicated because it is a creature that does not understand your words, and you cannot understand it either. In effect, this is a discipline that is essentially based on an understanding of both sides. 

Before considering training your pet, the first thing to keep in mind is knowing how your Vizsla expresses itself and how it communicates with you. Otherwise, you will not be able to educate it or carry out the training. 

Some of the basic notions that you have to take into account when educating a canine of this type are: 

Vizsla Discipline 

A canine of this type must be your follower, not your leader, and for that, you must show that you are the one who is in charge. 

It should be noted that this does not mean that you should yell or mistreat it to make it obey your orders, or else you will get an unwanted effect from it. 

Vizsla Exercise 

As everyone knows, this dog is one of the most energetic and active in the world. We are talking about an animal that has excellent hunting skills and an interesting hunting instinct. 

Since ancient times, the Vizsla has been bred to practice hunting various animals, and that is why they have incredible resistance and agility. For this reason, Vizslas are trained to stay active and in constant movement. 

Since these dogs have overflowing energy, they need to expend it in favor of their own relaxation since an excess of energy means a hysterical pet. 

Vizsla fetch training on the beach
Vizsla fetch training on the beach

Vizsla Routine 

A Vizsla breed dog needs a routine. Walking, eating, and exercising at the same time should be part of Vizsla’s routine. If the animal knows how its day will be, it will help it be calm and safe when training. 

Vizsla Company 

That means your Vizsla dog needs a community. It is enough if its herd is limited to members of its human family, its owner, and itself, but it needs company and affection, especially if it comes from you. 

Do not consider the idea of ​​keeping it in a room indefinitely, because if you ignore it or tie it outside in the garden, it will become destructive and disobedient. 

Remember that canines of this type suffer from separation anxiety and constantly need the love and companionship of their beloved humans. 

These are, in essence, the three pillars of Vizsla training. Most owners ignore this information and do not spend enough time with these dogs. Vizslas need: 

  • Love. 
  • Attention. 
  • Much affection. 

Keep in mind that this can turn dogs into unbalanced and spoiled animals with problems of dominance, fear, disobedience, and hyperactivity. Very few know (or want to know) that routine, exercise, and especially discipline are the other three essential bases in the training of a dog, just as it happens with a small child who must set limits. 

What Conditions are Necessary when Training My Vizsla Dog? 

Vizsla Health 

One of the most important factors in training a Vizsla is health. The longer this canine is healthy and in good shape, the more likely it is to excel in skill and agility practices. 

Vizsla Trainer 

You have to find a good trainer to train your Vizsla. Ask many places for recommendations from trained instructors for training before committing to your goal. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want someone else to train your pet, you can do it yourself by teaching them the basic commands. 

Basic Commands 

It is not necessarily mandatory for your pet to know basic commands to start training. However, it would be very useful, since, at the time of training, it is necessary for the dog to be focused and at the same time know how to obey the commands given by its owner or trainer. 

However, it is a good idea to teach your Vizsla some basic commands, such as: 

  • Sit down. 
  • Stay. 
  • Wait. 
  • Come. 
  • Go. 
  • Above. 
  • Bring. 
  • Search. 

Once your Vizsla dog has mastered the basic commands well, you can start training your pet without worry. 

Vizsla Age 

The most recommended thing is to start training your Vizsla from puppyhood. In this way, the animal will be able to learn the commands faster, and as it grows, it will be easier to follow orders. When it reaches adulthood, it will know how to respond to commands and be well-trained. 

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