10 Essentials for Your New Vizsla Puppy

Vizslas are excellent animals that are characterized by having skills in hunting activities. These dogs have a high level of physical activity and therefore require daily exercise. Canines of this breed tend to get bored very easily, and that is why it is essential that we, as their owners, provide them with constant training and games. 

essentials for your new vizsla puppy
10 Essentials for Your New Vizsla Puppy

In addition, these canines are very affectionate and friendly with their owners, members of their human family, and other people, and animals, so they require a lot of attention. They hate being alone for a long time due to their sensitive personality, which is why it is essential to be with them most of the time so that they do not feel sad. 

Because of everything we’ve mentioned about these dogs, we can determine that caring for a Vizsla can be challenging. That can be even more difficult if it is a Vizsla puppy. Adopting a puppy is a beautiful and exciting experience as you will have a new member of your family living in your home. 

We must bear in mind that taking care of a Vizsla puppy can be complicated in many situations, so we have to know the most important aspects to provide an excellent lifestyle. 

The most important thing is to know the 10 essentials for your new Vizsla puppy: 

Vizsla Puppy: Bed 

It is an important item that you should purchase before bringing your new puppy home. You have to make sure the bed is comfortable and sized for your little Vizsla. Besides, it is vital that it is not padded since your pet could bite it and eat its filling, which can be dangerous for its health. 

Blankets are also a good option in conjunction with the bed so that your dog can use them during winter or rainy days to protect itself from the cold.  

Make sure to place the bed in an ideal place where there is no noise, but at the same time, it should be close to its loved ones. Your Vizsla puppy will be able to rest peacefully after its hectic day running, jumping, and playing. 

Vizsla Puppy: Crate 

This item should top your list of essentials. A crate is used to replace the safe space that wild dogs provide their babies when making burrows. This space will not only allow your pet to feel comfortable, but it will also be able to sleep and even urinate and defecate. 

It is recommended that you acquire a folding crate so that you can transport it from one place to another easily. Make sure you have this item from the first day your puppy comes home to start training it. A crate will help you keep your Vizsla puppy protected all day without having to supervise it frequently. 

Like the bed, you have to choose a crate according to the size of your little Vizsla and also depending on the use you will give it. In the beginning, your pet will not know what it is about, and that is why you should place some garments with your scent inside the crate so that it becomes familiar and feels confident. 

Vizsla Puppy: Food 

Feeding a Vizsla, whether it is a puppy or an adult, is essential. The first thing you should know is that a Vizsla puppy requires more meals a day than an adult one. Specifically, a puppy of this breed should eat between 3 and 4 times a day for its development and growth to be the most adequate. 

You should ask the breeder from whom you acquired the pet about the food it was receiving. That is important, so you don’t drastically change your eating routine. If the dog breeder was feeding your puppy a certain brand of food, then keep in mind that you should wait a couple of weeks before changing it. 

You have to know the most suitable foods for this breed of dog, taking into account that you must provide a balanced diet based on nutrients and vitamins. Proper nutrition plus an effective exercise routine will allow your dog to grow up healthy. 

Vizsla Puppy: Bowls 

A pet must be appropriately treated, and although many owners put food on the ground, you have to try not to do the same. The next thing on your list of essentials should be the bowls which are the containers where you can put your puppy’s food and water. 

It is best to buy two bowls: one for food and the other for water. You can find in the market a wide variety of bowls of all sizes, designs, and colors. Choose the one you like the most, taking into account the size of your Vizsla puppy. A medium or large bowl is a good idea for this breed of dog. 

Many people use automatic feeders as they are a good option when the owners are not at home. However, they have a disadvantage, and that is that you will not be able to control the amount of food they consume. 

Vizsla Puppy: Toys 

Vizslas are notorious for getting bored easily, so make sure to provide plenty of entertainment through exercise, training, and games. Buying toys is essential in these cases. 

Vizslas puppies love to play with their owners or members of their human family. Games are essential for the well-being, health, and physical and mental development of a puppy. For that reason, you have to buy toys so that your little Vizsla has hours of entertainment. There are a wide variety of dog toys that your puppy may love. 

Your puppy will surely appreciate having toys that it can chew on, but you should make sure to buy one that is made of a material that is comfortable for its teeth. One of the most popular is the puppy Kong. 

Vizsla Puppy: Collar and Leash 

As we’ve said before, caring for a Vizsla puppy can be challenging. We have to keep them safe at all times. Two essential security elements are the collar and the leash. That will allow you to take your pet for a walk to the park, preventing it from running away from your sight. 

Purchase a collar that fits your Vizsla puppy. It is recommended that it be adjustable so that you do not have to buy a new one when your pet grows. Besides, it is important that it has an easy-release buckle to avoid causing damage to our puppy’s neck. If you wish, you can buy a harness that is even usually more comfortable than a collar. 

The strap should be adjustable and approximately 1 to 3 meters long. The importance of this lies in the fact that your dog will be able to walk calmly, and you will not need to pull the leash abruptly. Every time you take your dog out for a walk, use both items. 

Vizsla Puppy: Identification Plate 

This element is essential in case your puppy gets lost. We have said before that the safety of a dog is important, especially if it is a puppy. You can have an identification plate made that contains: 

  • The name of the pet. 
  • Your name. 
  • Phone number. 
  • Address. 

This data is enough so that the person who finds your little Vizsla can contact you and return your pet to you. In fact, there is currently the technology of the microchip that consists of a small device that is embedded under the skin of the animal. This microchip can be scanned to view the canine’s data. 

Vizsla Puppy: Clicker 

This device is used especially for dog training through positive reinforcement. You can teach your puppy the necessary commands to obey you using a clicker. 

This device emits a sound that lets the puppy know when it is doing something right. Combine this method using treats. That way, every time your little Vizsla does something right, click the clicker and give it a treat. This training will not only give your dog mental stimulation but will also create a strong bond between you and it. 

Vizsla Puppy: Hygiene Items 

Keeping a Vizsla puppy groomed is just as crucial as your grooming. The first thing you have to know is that Vizslas do not need to be bathed frequently since they are not a breed of dog that usually has a bad smell. It is advisable to clean them only when they are dirty. 

Now, when bathing your Vizsla puppy, you will need some necessary accessories such as wipes, shampoo, conditioner, brush, etc. These items are required for the proper hygiene of our pets.  

In the case of brushes, you have to make sure you buy one for puppies as these are made specifically for the delicate skin of a young dog. 

Cute Vizsla puppies inside a box
Cute Vizsla puppies inside a box

Vizsla Puppy: Barriers 

When a puppy comes to a new home, it will want to explore it. Vizslas are usually curious, so surely your pet will want to visit every corner of your house. However, be aware that there can be many risks in a home for a puppy. 

Acquire or create barriers to keep your little Vizsla safe within a safe space. In this way, you will prevent your puppy from having access to the most vulnerable areas of your home when you are not supervising them. 

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