Vizsla Feeding Guidelines

Vizslas are incredible dogs known for their astonishing personality and physical level. They are characterized by being loyal, friendly, and loving towards the members of their human family. 

vizsla feeding guidelines
Vizsla Feeding Guidelines

Most people acquire them for the reasons mentioned above in addition to their hunting skills and high physical level. Those characteristics make the Vizslas excellent companions for hunters. 

These dogs are active and need to do physical exercises on a daily basis. That is one of the reasons why their bodies are usually muscular. 

As we have said previously, many people acquire this type of dog to use in activities related to hunting. It should be noted that many other people adopt them as pets since they are very loving, obedient, and loyal. In addition, they are an excellent company for children. 

You must bear in mind that taking care of any pet, especially a Vizsla, is a great responsibility. It requires certain attention, among which food stands out. Food is an essential element for the health of our dog. 

Why is it Important to Feed Our Vizsla Well? 

Just like humans, dogs also need a balanced diet to stay healthy. That means we must provide our Vizsla with a nutrient-based, low-fat diet. In this way, our canine will have a long and happy life. 

It is essential to know how to choose which types of food are most suitable for our Vizslas. Many times, dog owners decide to buy ready-made food because it is the most comfortable option and the one that requires less work. However, at the same time, this type of food is usually the least healthy. Therefore, it is necessary, as owners of our Vizslas, to prepare homemade meals. 

Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Food 

We must take into account certain important aspects of what type of food we should give our dog. 


Obesity is one of the biggest and most common problems that dogs present. The Vizslas are no exception. Choosing the right food will allow your dog to have proper development of its physical condition and will help it to be healthier. 

Its food should be based on a balanced diet combined with a daily exercise routine according to its age and physical condition. In this way, you will manage to control its weight and guarantee its muscular development. 


This breed of dog tends to suffer from allergies. It should be noted that all Vizslas are not the same since each one has a different organism, so it is normal that not all suffer from allergies. 

However, we should not ignore this aspect. Vizslas generally have sensitive stomachs, so you need to be careful about what kind of food you give them. There are certain well-known allergenic foods that can cause allergies to our dogs such as dairy, eggs, soy, chicken, wheat, oats, etc. 

If you have fed your dog any of these foods, and you notice any allergy symptoms, take it to the vet to verify what may be happening. The specialist will inevitably change the diet of your Vizsla. 

Proteins, Fats and Artificial Preservatives 

There are certain things you should keep in mind when choosing the right food for your dog. Proteins are essential. All the foods you give your Vizsla must have a large amount of protein and nutrients as they are necessary for its organism. Similarly, it is needed for your dog’s food to be low in fat to maintain a balanced diet. 

Artificial preservatives are substances that work as food additives and are included in many commercial foods. Feeding your dog food that contains artificial preservatives can negatively affect its health. 

Some Foods You Should Avoid Giving Your Vizsla 


It is one of the most harmful foods for dogs in general. Chocolate is delicious food that humans can eat without problems, but when it comes to our Vizsla, the situation changes. 

Chocolate can poison your Vizsla because it contains theobromine which is toxic to dogs. Kidney failure is one of the conditions that our dog can get from eating chocolate

Dairy Products 

Like humans, most dogs can also be lactose intolerant. That is because this type of animal does not have the enzyme called lactase, which is in charge of carrying out the lactose digestion process. 


It is a sweetener found in many sugar-free sweets as well as chewing gum or some baking mixes. This sweetener is very dangerous for our Vizslas as it can poison them and even kill them. 

You should try to avoid giving them food that has these types of components at all costs. It should be noted that humans can consume them, but the Vizsla body absorbs xylitol quickly, which considerably increases insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. 

Some Healthy Foods You Should Add to Your Pet’s Diet 


Fruits are one of the healthiest natural foods that our Vizsla should consume. The apple is a recommended fruit for this type of animal thanks to all the benefits it contains. 

Be sure to add this fruit to your homemade recipes. In addition, you can give your dog an apple as a reward. It should be noted that you should not exaggerate the amount due to the sugar content of this fruit. 

Before feeding your dog an apple, remove the seeds as they can be harmful to your pet’s health. 

Other important fruits are carrots since they provide the necessary nutrients to prevent diseases. Strawberries are also an excellent option because it has vitamin C and fiber, which is vital to boost the immunity of our Vizsla’s body. 

Feeding Vizsla dog a meat and kibble
Feeding Vizsla dog a slice of meat and kibble


It is another of the essential foods for a balanced diet. Our Vizslas can eat beef, pork, lamb, rabbit, poultry, or fish. It should be noted that lean meat is ideal for canines. 

Make sure not to fry and place salt on the meat as it can be harmful to our Vizsla. Failing that, you could prepare grilled or baked meat. Another option is to serve raw meat, but you must bear in mind that it must be of good quality. 

Also, remove the chipped bones or fish bones before feeding your pet some type of meat. 

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