Vizsla Size Chart

Have you been mesmerized by the beautiful, rusty shimmer of a Vizsla coat you saw on the street? Have you ever wanted to know more about that excellent specimen playing fetch at the park?

vizsla size chart
Vizsla Size Chart

Vizslas are a Hungarian breed that was bred for high-speed life alongside the marauding Magyar people as far back as the 800s. Today, these all-purpose dogs rival the German Shepherd in terms of what they can do and are seeing increasing popularity year after year.

Keep reading to learn more about how big Vizslas get, why their size matters, and how to properly take measurements for your Vizsla or any other dog.

Size Categories


Similar Dogs


21-24 inches

Weimaraner, Labrador Retriever


44-60 pounds

Afghan, Chow Chow, Poodle

Neck Size

15-22 inches

American Eskimo, Belgian Malinois

Chest Girth

28-32 inches

German Shorthaired Pointer, Boxer

Collar Size

Medium to Large

Shar Pei, Siberian Husky, Wheaten Terrier



Border Collie, Pit Bull

Boot Size

Size 4

Australian Shepherd, Bulldog

Size Category

Medium to Large

Australian Cattle Dog, Basset Hound

Vizsla Size Chart and Comparisons

About Vizsla’s Size

Depending on who you ask, Vizslas could be categorized as medium or large dogs. This discrepancy comes from how people categorize dog breeds. The most common ways to determine a dog’s size are to simply look at a dog and make a vague guess about what they fall under, or to use a dog’s weight to estimate the rest of a dog’s proportions and, therefore, its size.

Based on sight, some people may think that the Vizsla is a medium-sized dog while any Vizslas weighing 50 pounds or more may be considered large dogs by others.

No matter how you decide to measure and categorize dogs, there’s no arguing that full-blooded Vizslas will always be a consistent size with just three inches of variation between the largest males and the smallest of females.

This is important information because it lets us know that there are no other size classifications of Vizslas (at least not standardized versions) such as miniature or toy Vizslas like the Poodle and other breeds.

Being medium to large-sized dogs, Vizslas are not usually difficult to transport and house but they will need sufficient space in vehicles and living arrangements so they can explore a little and be comfortable as they turn around or lay down.

Something you may also need to consider is the restrictions that some apartment complexes and landlords enforce on pets like Vizslas. Instead of having breed-specific rules, many places choose to have a catchall limit to how much a pet can weigh. This cutoff can easily be 50 pounds, so you may need to look carefully at where you plan to live, especially if you own a male Vizsla or have one that is a little overweight.

How to Measure Dog Sizes

Learning how to properly measure dogs, including Vizslas, is key to making sure that your dog is comfortable in anything they wear and that you maintain as much control as possible of your dog when out and about. Proper measurements may also be needed for good medical records, dog shows, and proof of breed.


While there are several ways to measure a dog’s height, the standard way for many medical institutions and kennel clubs is to measure up to the shoulder. To do so, you should stand your dog next to a wall and find the withers of your dog (the highest point of the shoulder blade bones). Place a carpenter’s level or something similar across the shoulders and then use a measuring tape to measure from the floor to the bottom of the level.


Weighing your dog is a pretty simple process, especially if they are a smaller breed. Simply place the dog and make it stay still for a few seconds so the scale can accurately measure the dog’s weight.

If you have a larger dog, you can measure yourself and then pick up your dog to weigh both of you. After subtracting your weight from the combined weight, you should have a decent estimate of your dog’s weight.

If that sounds dangerous or your dog doesn’t like being picked up, you can purchase large dog scales online or visit something like a vet clinic where they often let you weigh for free.

Neck Size

When measuring the neck, you should use a soft tape measure or a length of string that you can easily mark to measure later. Wrap the measure around the neck snugly but not so tight that you can’t fit a finger or two between your dog’s neck and the measure. This should be down about halfway between the ears and the base of the neck connecting to the shoulders.

Chest Girth

Chest girth is an important measurement when it comes to harnesses. A soft tape measure typically goes around the widest or deepest part of the chest. For most dogs, like Vizslas, this is just behind the elbows of the front legs.

Boot Size

To figure out what size of boot fits your Vizsla, you will want to take a soft tape measure and get the measurement of the circumference of the foot at the widest point. Usually, you will take the length and add one inch, and that is the boot size for most companies. 

You may also want to measure all their feet, as size differences are fairly common. 

Furry Facts About the Vizsla Breed

  • There is another breed called a Wirehaired Vizsla. They aren’t considered a different variety, but an entirely different breed.
  • Their name means searcher or tracker in Hungarian.
  • This breed was found in an art piece that dated back to the 10th century
  • These dogs were first featured in writing in 1357 in the Illustrated Vienna Chronicle

Vizsla Size Chart FAQS

Vizsla Vs Weimaraner Size

Weimaraners and Vizslas can be pretty similar in size, but a Weimaraner can be a little bigger. Where most Vizsla top out at 24 inches tall, a Weimaraner can be up to 27 inches on average. Vizslas tend to get around 60 pounds at most for a healthy weight, but Weimaraners can easily reach 0 pounds without being considered overweight. 

What Is a Vizsla’s Average Lifespan?

Vizslas tend to have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. This is pretty average compared to other dogs around their size. 

What Dogs Are Similar to Vizslas?

Weimaraners, Labradors, Irish Setters, and Golden Retrievers are all dogs considered similar to the Vizsla due to personality or looks. Out of these, a Weimaraner is the closest as they both are hunting dogs with shiny, slick coats. 

The main difference is their personality. Vizslas are very emotionally needy dogs and don’t do well being left alone or feeling abandoned. Weimaraners are similar but not quite as needy, though they are still well above many dog breeds in their emotional dependence. 

vizsla dog size chart
Vizsla Dog Size Chart


Vizslas are pretty standardized dogs, having been around for a long time. They tend to be somewhere right on the border of medium and large and don’t stray that much compared to other breeds and mixes that haven’t been around that long. 

That means it can be fairly easy to find clothes, collars, and leashes that reliably fit them, though it is always a good idea to confirm by checking their size yourself before making a final decision.

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