Vizsla Puppy Behavior

Vizslas are wonderful pets that many families long to have in their lives. These animals are brilliant and love to be trained. They are characterized by being very active and energetic dogs that present a high level of physical activity and therefore require daily exercise. 

vizsla puppy behavior
Vizsla Puppy Behavior

Generally, both adult Vizslas and puppy Vizslas tend to have friendly personalities. They are very affectionate towards people in general but show greater affection towards their loved ones (owners or members of their human family). Most of these loyal canines tend to suffer from anxiety when feeling lonely due to their sensitive personalities. 

It should be noted that an adult Vizsla’s behavior depends largely on the personality and lifestyle that it had when it was a puppy. For that reason, we will talk in detail about the behavior of a Vizsla puppy. 

Vizsla Puppy Behavior 

Most adult dogs are a reflection of when they were puppies. Most of them, regardless of breed, are usually quite energetic and playful. This characteristic is more established in Vizsla puppies. 

These canines are known mostly for the behavior they demonstrate and usually have quite prominent characteristics that allow them to be easily identified by anyone. 

They are Affectionate 

Vizslas, especially puppies, are quite cuddly and loving animals not only with their owners and members of their human family but also with strangers and other animals. They feel comfortable when they are accompanied as they love being around people. 

It should be noted that these puppies will often follow their owners to all the rooms in the house (living room, kitchen, bathroom, etc.) precisely because they are very attached to their loved ones. However, they will never be a hassle. 

We must bear in mind that these animals, although they like to be accompanied by anyone, can be shy when they see a stranger for the first time. However, because they are very social, they are able to get used to the presence of these people quickly. 

They are Playful 

We have commented that this breed of dog is very active and energetic, so they need to be in constant movement. They love to exercise daily and any other type of physical activity. 

They enjoy playing any type of game (physical and mental) together with their owners or members of their human family. In fact, they are considered excellent companions for children since they are the ones that will provide them with the most hours of fun. 

It is important to bear in mind that as owners, we can take advantage of our Vizsla puppy’s playful characteristics to reinforce its hunting instinct and ability. 

They Have a Hunting Instinct 

As we already know, Vizslas are known for having excellent hunting skills, regardless of how old they are. Obviously, when they are puppies, those abilities are not fully developed. For that reason, the physical activities of the pet acquire more importance. 

When they are puppies, they begin to be trained to adapt to any type of terrain, no matter what challenges may present. In addition to this, these canines show intelligence and versatility traits from the moment they are born, which allows them to take advantage of their abilities and develop them even faster. 

They Can’t Stand Loneliness 

Vizslas are known for their sensitive personalities. They cannot stand alone as they can become anxious, causing health problems in the near future. It is for that reason that a Vizsla, especially a puppy, cannot be left home alone while its owner goes to work or study. 

Vizsla puppies tend to get bored easily as they need a lot of physical and mental stimulation to stay active, which is what they like. There may be certain exceptions in which the dog can be trained from puppyhood to endure loneliness for at least a few hours. 

Undoubtedly, these canines cannot stay away from their loved ones for long as they can develop anxiety and stress that can make them destructive. 

They are Obedient and Teachable 

These animals are easy to educate and are characterized by being docile. They love to learn and please their owners. It is for that reason that no person should have problems training them. 

As an owner, you should treat it appropriately and with a lot of affection since a Vizsla puppy’s personality is sensitive, and you could hurt its feelings. Do not use any form of aggression against these cute animals as you will affect their emotional state. 

Any member of the family could train these puppies. However, if they do not feel ready for it, then they could hire a dog trainer so that the puppy has faster learning. 

They Can Become Destructive 

It is not recommended to leave a Vizsla puppy alone at home as they are not yet old enough to handle it. In fact, many adult Vizslas tend to get depressed when they are alone. You must accompany your puppy all the time so that it feels loved. 

Many people prefer to train their dogs from a young age so that they get used to being alone for a few hours. That way, they could go to work or study without worrying about the pet’s emotional state. 

In the case of which the puppy is not used to it, it is most likely that it will acquire a destructive behavior when it is left alone at home. That’s mainly because Vizslas instinctively need to exercise and move regularly. If they are confined, then they will want to release all the energy that they have accumulated. 

Vizsla puppy
Vizsla puppy

They Don’t Show Aggressive Behaviors 

These animals love their family more than anything. When they feel that a member of their human family is in danger, they will try to protect him. However, we must bear in mind that these dogs will never show an aggressive character since it is not in their nature. 

Obviously, like any other living being, they can develop different behaviors according to their lifestyle throughout their lives. However, it is complicated for this to happen in the case of Vizsla puppies. 

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