Is Jogging Or Running Safe for Vizsla Dogs?

Many canine owners wonder if they should take their furry companions out every day. This uncertainty arises due to the concern that their pets may suffer an accident. 

is jogging or running safe for vizsla dogs
Is Jogging or Running Safe for Vizsla Dogs?

There are four important things to consider before taking many walks with your pet: 

  • Breed. 
  • Age. 
  • Weather. 
  • Health. 


There are several types of dogs that were specifically bred for long hours of work that involve strenuous activity. Huskies can run long distances in sled races. In the case of the Vizslas, they were born and trained for hunting. 

Some breeds have been trained for speed, while others have been trained to travel greater distances. 

If you want to do a longer jog, the Weimaraners, German Shorthaired Pointers, Vizslas, Labradors, Dalmatians, etc. are suitable for it. 

In general, larger long-legged breeds like Vizslas find it easier to keep moving by jogging or running during the day. 


Dogs that are too small or too old should not run for long due to the damage it can cause to their bodies. 

Fortunately, Vizslas are big, energetic dogs who love to run and play at all times. However, puppies should not run for long periods before they are eight months of age, since that would be a great effort for them. The best way to determine if your Vizsla is old enough to start running is to ask your vet. 

Older dogs can also have difficulty running as they do not have the same stamina as younger canines. On many occasions, old Vizslas can develop conditions that make physical activity difficult and painful. 

Your dog can suffer from arthritis if it is not able to run for a long time. It may start to feel pain in its joints, and running will make the damage worse. There may also be underlying conditions, such as heart or respiratory disease that make running dangerous. 


No matter how old your Vizsla is, you should consult your vet before making changes to its training routine. Any dog ​​could develop physical health problems or diseases that would make running dangerous. Heart, breathing, muscle, bone, and joint problems can leave your pet exposed to further injury. 

Some breeds are genetically prone to developing these conditions. Vizslas often suffer from hip dysplasia which affects their physical condition. 

Don’t take your dog for training after a large meal, no matter how healthy it is. That can lead to gastric dilatation and volvulus syndrome, which presents as bloating. The bloating can be life-threatening for your Vizsla if not treated quickly with surgery. 

Vizsla dog running
Vizsla dog running


You should always consider the weather before taking your dog for a run outside. Certain breeds, such as Vizslas dogs, do not have a lot of fur on their body, so they can be exposed to the cold leading to health problems. 

Cold weather risks include: 

  • Hypothermia. 
  • Freezing. 
  • Antifreeze poisoning. 

The Vizsla is a canine that does not have a thick coat, so it will need to wear a dog jacket in winter times to have a little extra warmth. 

The risks of hot weather include: 

  • Sunstroke. 
  • Dehydration. 
  • Burned paws due to high pavement temperature. 

Always keep a bottle of water with you to hydrate your Vizsla in hot weather while on walks. Hydration is very important for your pet. 

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