Are Vizslas Good Family Dogs? (What You Should Know)

Getting a lot of qualities when looking out for a pet dog can be quite difficult, especially with a lot of available breeds. However, if you’re particularly searching for a medium-sized, handsome, and friendly dog you can surely consider the famous Hungarian Vizsla with its distinctive features.

are vizslas good family dogs
Are Vizslas Good Family Dogs?

Are Vizslas Good Family Dogs?

The Vizsla breed is intelligent, loyal, and friendly which makes them a great option for family dogs. As long as they are trained and receive enough attention to keep them busy, Vizsla will be loveable and gentle with any members of the family.

The dog breed is among the most eye-catchy ones with its unique red coat, drooping long ears, and friendly expressions. This is one member of the pointer grouping dog and has a typical fit and lean pointer build, quick training sense, and a superior sense of smell. For a lot of years, the breed isn’t typically noticed outside of Hungary’s home country, but nowadays for a lot of good reasons, the Vizsla is truly renowned worldwide. 

About Vizslas

The Vizslas are quite adaptable, versatile, loving, and loyal dogs fitting in homes of different types with higher working intelligence and they can easily perform a lot of activities.

Compared to their height they are quite lightweight but also are a little bit intimidating with their muscular and lean appearance, they have defined muscles with a body shape resembling that of the Weimaraner breed.

Often these can be mistaken for different breeds and other breed crossing such as Rhodesian ridgeback and Weimaraner, but of course, are separate breeds in their right. 

Temperament of Vizslas

This particular breed is known to be quite a happy-go-lucky dog eager to please owners. Thus, it would be vital to note right away that while the temperament of a dog varies from animal to animal as is not much more predictable than physical inheritance. 

Also, the temperament of the dog can be molded with consistent training as being easygoing is among the endearing characteristics of a Vizsla. 

Vizslas typically get well with people and with anything, such as strangers and various other animals. However, this is possible only if they properly socialize with animals, people, and new early life experiences. 

Or, they might become excited and get easily get startled in different situations. This comes along with destructive behavior and hyperactivity. 

If you’re taming a Vizsla and have kids, your dog might see your kid as a rival if he doesn’t get the attention that he used to, so it’s better to ensure that your Vizsla never gets neglected and left out. 

Vizsla family dog sleeping together with pet owner
Vizsla family dog sleeping together with the pet owner

Are they Family Friendly?

Yes, the Vizslas are some of the best family dogs provided that they’re getting proper training, lots of attention, and also lots of daily vigorous physical training. The well-established breed is mostly known for being loyal gentle and affectionate. 

A lot of people think about unconventional traits of Vizslas such as changing energy levels, snuggle times, grooming change, friendliness, etc. All these reasons are more than sufficient to make one part of your family. 

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