Vizsla while at Work

One of the most interesting dog breeds that exist is the Vizsla. They are canines that many families want to have and care for.

vizsla while at work
Vizsla while at Work

Its hunting skills characterize this type of dog. Many hunters have them as companions during these types of activities since they help them in many ways. Vizslas are active and energetic dogs that need to be in constant physical movement throughout the day. They were not born to be confined to a house or small places.

These canines need to do outdoor activities every day not only to improve their fitness and abilities but also to feel happy. Generally, adult Vizslas require at least 1 hour of exercise per day. However, that time will depend on the dog’s age and development. They love to play, go for a walk, and learn new skills every day.

As for this dog’s personality and temperament, they are loving and friendly pets with anyone, especially with their owners or members of their human family. It should be noted that a Vizsla can coexist peacefully with other animals and even with strangers. An important point to keep in mind is that they are excellent companions for children making them an ideal dog for a family.

As we have said, the Vizslas are very affectionate with their owners and need to receive that same love to feel good. This breed needs to be together with its owner much of the time. If a Vizsla is alone for a long time, then it could become anxious, which can negatively affect its health. That is why it is essential that as owners of a Vizsla, we spend a lot of time with our pet or, failing that, find the most suitable solutions to avoid making it feel alone and sad.

Vizsla while at Work

Whether your Vizsla is a puppy or an adult, its personality and temperament will remain the same. One of the biggest concerns arising from this situation is leaving our canine alone at home while we go to work.

This concern has to do with two factors. First, the fact that the health of our canine is affected. When we leave this type of dog alone, they can become very anxious, affecting their emotions and, consequently, their health.

Second, the concern we may have about our home. Leaving our Vizsla confined to our house is highly likely to become destructive as they attempt to release all the energy that they have accumulated. That is because, as we said at the beginning, they are dogs that need to exercise and do other types of outdoor activities, so they must always be in constant movement so as not to get bored.

The problem is not leaving your Vizsla alone at home while you go to work. The problem is doing it for long periods. When such a dog is alone for a long time, it is reasonable to start feeling sad and abandoned.

Tips for Leaving Your Vizsla Alone

Many people make certain mistakes when leaving Vizsla alone. They do not take the necessary precautions so that your pet feels comfortable and happy during the whole time that you are working.

Train Your Dog to Be Independent

It is vital that we train our Vizslas so that they can be left alone while we are working. That can be not easy to achieve since, as we know, they are very affectionate canines with their owners. However, teaching them to be more independent will allow them to be alone at home for a few hours.

While you are at home with your dog, try to give it its space and avoid petting or hugging it all the time. That way, you will help it become more independent, and it will not need much attention.

Do Physical Activities with It

Vizslas are very energetic dogs and always need to do activities. As we said earlier, if you leave them alone at home when you go to work, they can destroy everything in their path due to boredom. Therefore, the most recommended is to carry out certain activities, such as taking it for a walk, exercising, or playing. That way, it will spend all its energy, and it will get tired, so when staying alone at home, it will only be dedicated to rest.

Toys and Food

Before we go to work, we can leave our dog some toys and food to entertain it. Together with the physical activity carried out previously, the feed will make our Vizsla want to sleep. It is like a human being since, after a job and a good meal, the next step is a nap.

Toys are also a great help in keeping our Vizsla entertained while we are working. It is rare for this type of animal to sleep for several hours. So, most likely, after it rests, it starts looking for something to entertain itself with. Toys are a great option to keep it entertaining and prevent it from destroying everything inside the home.

Any type of toy that does not damage the teeth of our Vizsla will be a great option. Balls, stuffed animals, ropes, or any object designed to bite are ideal examples of toys for our pets.

Try Not to Scold It

It is normal to scold your Vizsla after returning from work and seeing the mess it has made. Screaming or scolding can hurt the feelings of these affectionate animals. In those moments, it is when you must remain calm and patient since you must bear in mind that they do not understand what you are saying. Try to take the most appropriate measures to make your dog more obedient.

A Vizsla dog sitting in front of the door while waiting for his owner to come home from work
A Vizsla dog sitting in front of the door while waiting for his owner to come home from work

Hire a Dog Sitter

It is an excellent option if you want to prevent your dog from feeling lonely and sad. Hiring a person to take care of your dog will not only help your Vizsla not feel alone, but it will also be able to carry out any type of activity with him or her. Going for a walk, playing, or exercising are some things a dog sitter can offer your Vizsla.

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