How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Cost?

Vizsla dogs for thousands of years have been considered faithful, intelligent, and affectionate pets with people. They have a sharp sense of hunting and a good nose to sniff around them. 

how much do vizsla puppies cost
How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Cost

These puppies are known for their indisputable intelligence, their love, and for how athletic they are. They top the top 30 of the most popular dog breeds worldwide. 

They are loving pets with the people around them, and above all, they are very protective of their human family. That is why they are highly recognized in the world, highlighting the value they have for people. 

Vizslas Puppies Prices 

Vizslas prices vary depending on the countries where you consider buying your puppy

Vizslas puppies are priced at approximately $ 1,500 and $ 2,200. It all depends on the conditions and the care that is taken on the puppy. 

Vizslas Puppy Breeders 

It is important to know good Vizslas puppy breeders since the pet’s quality and price depend on this. When the caretakers of these dogs raise the puppy correctly, these will be expensive, since it covers the dog’s good health, physical build, and personality. 

Usually, these puppies’ caretakers tend to be paid a sum of $ 250 or even $ 1,000, remembering that Vizslas are expensive dogs. Therefore, their care has a higher price. 

The same happens if you want to buy a Vizsla puppy from another city or country. You must take into account that the purchase will be more expensive due to shipping. When it comes to living animals, it is recommended that you travel with a babysitter to take care of them. Keep in mind that this will generate a great additional cost. 

Other Needs 

Another of the necessary expenses for Vizslas puppies is vaccines, supplies, vitamins, and medicines for their health care. Since they are still puppies, people have to be more careful with their health. That’s because they are weak compared to adult Vizslas. 

You should buy toys made of soft materials as the teeth of Vizslas puppies are sensitive. You can purchase rubber balls, rubber bones, and even ropes to practice their strength and agility. 

Food and other snacks can be expensive, depending on the brand you are going to buy. Transport cages, beds, dog collars, and clothing (optional) also generate many expenses. 

If you want cheaper options to purchase a puppy Vizsla, you should consider adopting or rescuing needy dogs. 

A cute Vizsla puppy in a basket
A cute Vizsla puppy in a basket

Difference between Buying a Vizsla Puppy and an Adult Vizsla

As already mentioned before, the Vizslas puppies average $ 1,500 and $ 2,200. In other countries, prices range from $ 1,050 to $ 1,800. 

On the other hand, adult Vizslas are more expensive for their size and special needs. The average cost of these dogs is around $ 2,500 – $ 3,000. 

Transporting puppies from one country to another is expensive, but not as valuable as transporting adult Vizslas. The latter encompasses size and more attention. 

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