Can Vizslas Handle Cold Weather?

Many people love Vizslas because they are hunting dogs with high energy. Since these animals have fine fur, people are curious if they need coats in the winter seasons. 

can vizslas handle cold weather
Can Vizslas Handle Cold Weather?

Does My Vizsla Dog Handle Cold Climates? 

Vizsla dogs have a skinny coat of fur, making it difficult for them to tolerate the cold. Excessive exposure to cold can cause some health problems for your pet. However, with proper exercise, a diet plan, a coat, and a few other tips and tricks, your partner can handle the cold. 

Since excessive exposure to cold for your pet can cause some potential problems for the body, being aware of its tolerance to cold is crucial for a responsible owner. 

Will My Vizsla Dog Feel Cold if It Does Not Have Coats During the Winter? 

Since Vizslas have a thin coat, they can feel the cold more than other long-haired dogs. Now, if they have a lot of activities to participate in, be it hunting, playing, or exercising, they will be fine as they will produce enough heat to keep their body warm. 

Like humans, Vizslas have the ability to tolerate cold to some degree. However, the point is that each dog has different resistances to handle the cold. 

Therefore, you should be a little vigilant when your canine is outside during the winter. No matter which way you look at it, if it’s freezing outside, keep your Vizsla inside and put a warm and cozy coat on it. Otherwise, you will see that your pet will start to shiver as the temperature drops. 

We advise you to buy some dog boots for the winter, as they will also help your Vizsla to handle the cold. 

Can My Vizsla Dog Feel Cold Inside the House? 

Yes, your Vizsla can feel cold even at home. Therefore, we recommend that you provide some coats for your pet when they are indoors during the winter. 

Also, it is essential to worry about where your canine sleeps. If it rests on the floor, it can lead to unhealthy situations because the ground freezes during winter. 

Do Vizslas Like Cold Weather, and If So, Can They Handle the Winter Season without Coats? 

Usually, most Vizslas don’t even think about the cold, as they are dogs that possess too much energy and love to play and exercise, even during winter. 

However, the freezing temperature can be a bit risky for these short-haired dogs. Even though this breed of canine is incredibly energetic, you have several things to worry about. 

If you want to do some outdoor activities with your Vizsla during the winter, put a coat and dog booties on it. 

It is well known that this breed was developed to hunt small animals in many environments and seasons, such as rain, mud, and colder temperatures. 

These situations can seriously affect the health of your Vizsla. Therefore, you should put a cozy waterproof vest and protective snow boots on it. 

However, these energetic dogs cannot stay indoors for long without doing any activity. That is because Vizslas are high-energy dogs and require proper daily exercise

What Exercises Can My Vizsla Dog Do in the Winter Season? 

Vizslas have infinite energy, so keeping them indoors during winter is not an option. It should be noted that if these animals perform outdoor activities during the winter, they can easily burn a lot more energy than a typical day. 

Of course, before exposing your pet to the cold air of the environment, it is necessary that you put on a coat and boots for the winter. It is essential to mention that if your Vizsla is very cold, it would be a good idea to put padded ear muffs on it. 

When you go for a walk or do something else during the winter with your Vizsla, watch for signs on its body, whether it is freezing or cold. Remember, it is very important to detail any abnormalities or behaviors because these stubborn dogs will generally not stop playing in the cold air until they get tired. 

If your pet is protected with coats and booties, you can do regular walks, off-leash runs, long walks, etc., with it during the winter. But we suggest you consult a veterinarian (preferably if it is your pet’s doctor). That is mostly to rule out and make sure your Vizsla is healthy and safe before exposing it to cold weather. 

What Can I Do to Keep My Vizsla Warm in Winter? 

First of all, it is important and necessary to put a coat on it, either inside or outside the house. This way, your Vizsla will always be warm and comfortable. On the other hand, check its sleeping area and make sure it is padded enough when your canine goes to sleep. 

Installing heating pads in its sleeping area is a wonderful idea. Therefore, both you and it will be able to sleep comfortably and without having to worry about the cold. 

Keep a thick blanket on its bed. You can provide a blanket for your pet in its sleeping area. Make sure to wash these items regularly. Otherwise, there could be a chance of getting potential health problems for your Vizsla. 

The food your pet eats and its diet is also vital. You must take into account when it comes to choosing the right diet for your Vizsla, especially if they are in cold weather seasons. 

You can consult with your canine’s veterinarian to offer you a healthy and balanced diet for these winter seasons. However, you can also go to a pet nutritionist and ask for instructions. 

A Vizsla dog walking in the snow
A Vizsla dog walking in the snow


  • Consult a licensed veterinarian in your area to verify its health during cold seasons.
  • Never let your Vizsla sleep on the ground in winter, not even in a coat. 
  • Do not allow your pet to be exposed to freezing temperatures for long periods. 
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