Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under the Covers?

Dogs are incredible creatures that have certain behaviors and ways of acting similar to that of human beings. This animal is considered man’s best friend mainly because we can spend beautiful moments with it. 

why do vizslas sleep under the covers
Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under the Covers?

If you have a Vizsla, you have surely experienced that feeling. These dogs are characterized by being very friendly, affectionate, and loyal towards their owners or members of their human family.

They are considered excellent pets, especially because they can get along well with children. Vizslas always try to satisfy their owners and love to be with them all the time. For that reason, they are known as Velcro dogs. 

However, it is essential to note that these canines can suffer from separation anxiety. That is because they feel sad and anxious when left alone for a long time. For that reason, a Vizsla will always want to be by your side, whether in a room in the house or sleeping next to you on the sofa or bed

It is very common to see these dogs sleeping with their owners in bed. The most curious of all is that they love to sleep under the sheets. This situation raises many doubts and concerns in the owners of Vizslas

Why Do Vizslas Sleep Under the Covers? 

There are several theories that can explain the reasons why Vizslas sleep under the covers. We already know that dogs, regardless of breed, have certain behaviors similar to human beings. 

One of the most logical reasons why a Vizsla likes to sleep under covers is because it seeks the company of its owners. As we know, this breed of dog is very sensitive since it tends to experience sadness and anxiety easily if it is left alone for a long time. Therefore, these canines always want to be with their loved ones and feel loved. 

Not all people like to sleep next to their dogs in a bed, but there are others who love it. That is mainly due to the fact that this breed of canines is large, so it can be a problem on many occasions. If you are one of those people who love to sleep together with their pets, it is essential that you know the various theories or reasons why this type of dog likes to sleep under the sheets. 

The Vizsla Seeks Human Warmth 

We have recently brought up the fact that these dogs love spending time with their loved ones either by following them around every room in the house or sleeping with them. The Vizsla is a very affectionate animal that will try to be with you at all times no matter that it has to sleep in your own bed. 

Dogs of this type do that because they need to feel our love. If a Vizsla sleeps with you, it will never feel lonely, so its mental health will be optimal. However, it is vital that your canine is vaccinated and has good hygiene since, in the end, both are sharing the same bed and sheets. 

The Natural Instinct to Protect Itself 

The instinctive behavior of dogs comes from their ancestors who hundreds of years ago used burrows in nature to protect themselves from any danger and feel safe. Remember that these types of animals were always searching for resources to survive, such as food, water, or shelter. 

In this case, the instinct of a Vizsla comes out, so getting under the sheets is a way to feel protected, just like they are in a burrow. 

Feeling of Comfort 

Another reason a Vizsla loves to sleep under the covers is to feel comfortable. The intention of this canine is not only to protect itself and feel the affection of its loved ones but also to be in a warm place, especially during cold weather

The sheets provide these dogs with a comfortable and warm place where they can rest peacefully after an active day. 

Can My Vizsla Sleep Under the Covers Due to Its Size? 

That is another of the great doubts that arise around a Vizsla. This breed of dog has a medium-large size. This canine, both female and male, can present a general size that varies between 51 cm and 66 cm and a weight between 18 kg and 27 kg. 

The size of a Vizsla will only be a problem depending on two fundamental aspects. The first is related to the members of its human family. If the owners are the type of person who loves to be with their pets, cuddle them, and sleep with them all the time, then there will be no problem.

However, we have already said that not all people accept that their canines (especially of that size) sleep with them on the bed and less under the covers. 

In the second aspect, the owners of the canine agree that it sleeps with them, but the real problem is the size of the bed. A small bed where only two people can sleep with little comfort will prevent them from allowing their Vizsla to sleep with them. 

If you have a small bed and are really willing to do whatever it takes to make your Vizsla sleep with you, all you have to do is buy another bed as long as you have the financial resources for it. That is only in the event that you absolutely feel the need to allow your Vizsla to sleep with you. 

Vizsla puppy covered with light blue blanket
Vizsla puppy covered with a light blue blanket

Can My Vizsla Suffocate when Sleeping Under the Covers? 

Many people are concerned when noticing that their Vizsla is sleeping under the covers. Many experts prove that the possibility of your dog suffocating is very low. However, it is important that you leave an opening through which your canine can breathe between the sheets in case it lacks oxygen. 

In fact, many breeds of dogs, depending on their personality, sleep under covers leaving part of their muzzle outside. That way, they can rest peacefully without risking suffocation. 

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