10 Things Every Vizsla Owner Should Have to Get through the Winter

When the winter season arrives, one of the activities that people enjoy the most is going for a walk with their cute pets. 

things every vizsla owner should have to get through the winter
10 Things Every Vizsla Owner Should Have to Get Through the Winter

Winter presents a different set of challenges for dog owners around the world, especially those who live in areas with extreme seasonal climate changes. 

Some dogs require more grooming than others during the winter depending on their breed. As a Vizsla dog owner, you have to make sure to keep your pet warm and at a comfortable temperature on cold days. 

It is necessary that you think about the comforts of your pet so that the walks during the winter are comfortable and positive for it. When you go out for a walk in the snow, consider packing a “snow kit” with you, which contains water, treats, coats, paw pads, and a towel. 

Some aspects to consider: 

Protect Your Pet’s Paws 

Snow and ice can be uncomfortable and dangerous for dogs’ paws, but the worst thing is the salt that snowplows and shovels spread on the streets and sidewalks to melt the ice. That salt combined with ice creates a reaction that burns the dogs’ paws. 

There are two great options to prevent your Vizsla from facing this: 

  • Booties for dogs. 
  • Dog paws wax. 

For that reason, rubber ankle boots are the best option. They will generally fit well on the animal’s paws as long as you get the right size for your Vizsla. This piece of footwear is waterproof and disposable, so your canine can wear them again for quite some time. 

Paw wax is for dogs that absolutely refuse to wear anything on their paws such as socks or boots. For those fussy canines, there is a wax-like cream that you can rub onto their paw pads and between their toes. 

It should be noted that you will have to clean the paw wax at the end of the walk since leaving the product on the legs of your Vizsla can leave wax marks throughout the house. However, this product prevents paws from feeling the burn caused by ice and salt. 

Get a Dog Jacket or Coat 

Dogs have a natural defense against the cold with their own fur, but for dogs with short, fine hair such as Vizslas, or pets that live in icy areas, a coat is essential. 

The best option for your Vizsla is to buy it a jacket or coat that suits its size and physical shape. It must have a harness to hold the walking leash, and it must be waterproof to prevent snow and water from passing through the garment. 

It’s important to carefully follow the sizing instructions when measuring your dog to find the right jacket. Remember that Vizslas canines are large and stretchy, so you have to get a coat that fits your companion perfectly. Keep in mind that a very tight jacket will be uncomfortable, and one that is too loose will not protect your pet from the cold. 

Buy Resistant and Comfortable Gloves for Yourself 

When holding your Vizsla leash in freezing temperatures, you will need gloves that can prevent your hands from freezing and allow you to keep them tightly and firmly. 

You may think that it is not necessary to wear gloves against the cold, but during the walk with your pet, you will need to use your hands to remove snow from its fur or clean debris from its paws. Even when your dog urinates or defecates, you will have to pick up its waste and throw it in the trash. 

That means that you are going to have to move your fingers in various circumstances, so it is much easier and more practical as long as you stay warm with gloves on. 

Wear Waterproof Boots 

When you go for a walk with your Vizsla dog in the snow, it is essential that you wear waterproof boots. That is important because most of the time, people who take walks with their pets tend to come home with their socks wet from the accumulated snow on their shoes. 

Waterproof boots are the best option to go for a walk with your pet since they prevent snow from entering your feet and keep you warm. 

Get a Dog Towel 

When drying your Vizsla after a walk, be sure to do it right. However, no matter how much time you spend getting the snow clumps out of your canine’s fur, these little snowflakes will continue to cause problems.  

On many occasions, the clumps are scattered around your entire house, spreading a lot of moisture. It can make things quite slippery around the home. 

It’s a good idea to have a towel right next to your front door to clean your canine’s paws and a doormat to shake off excess snow. That is very useful, but once your dog shakes itself off, the snow will fall everywhere. 

There are some products that look a bit like dog bathrobes. They’re actually a great idea as they help absorb some of the moisture that your Vizsla gives off. They would also be useful throughout the year for rainy days, trips to the lake, or after bath time. 

Keep a Pair of Hand Warmers with You 

Even with the best gloves and boots, your limbs are the first parts of your body to cool down when you go outside during cold weather. If you do not keep them warm, you run the risk of freezing during the walk with your pet. 

Since you will use your hands and feet a lot when walking, it is very important that you take care of them. Hand warmers are soft packets that cause a reaction that generates heat when shaken. 

It’s a great idea to have a set of these hand warmers in your pocket. You can shake them and place them inside your gloves and boots to keep you warm at all times. 

Keeping your hands and feet warm will help you grip your Vizsla’s leash more precisely, you will be able to maintain your balance while walking, and you will react quickly to any situation. 

Do Not Take Long Walks during Cold Temperatures 

It is up to you, and not your dog, to decide when it is time to go home. Do not extend the walk period, since if your dog is kept outside for a long time, the cold could affect its health. 

The symptoms of a cold in dogs are similar to those in humans: 

  • Sneezing. 
  • Cough. 
  • Eye discharge. 
  • Loss of appetite. 
  • Breathing difficulties. 

If your Vizsla dog is feeling cold, try walking it in the late morning or early afternoon when temperatures are a bit warmer. Also, avoid walks first thing in the morning or the afternoon. 

Avoid Giving Your Dog Cold Fluids during the Winter 

In the winter seasons, dogs need to drink more water than normal, but you should offer warm water instead of cold. We recommend keeping your dog’s drinking water at room temperature. You should not give it cold things such as ice cream or simply ice for any reason. 

When you go to give it water, remember to use a plastic container since metal ones freeze in the cold and represent a danger to the tongue of your Vizsla. 

Keep Your Pet’s Ears Dry 

You do not have to get earmuffs, but if you walk your dog and it plays in the snow, be sure to dry its ears when it comes indoors to prevent painful ear infections. Also, canines look adorable with this accessory, so we recommend it. 

The best dog earmuffs for the cold are padded and soft and are made in different sizes for each pet. This type of accessory will not only keep your Vizsla dog warm and comfortable, but it will also help prevent some physical and health problems such as numbness, muscle injuries, and even hypothermia. 

If your pet doesn’t want to wear earmuffs, you can bribe it with lots of treats until it accepts the idea of ​​wearing this accessory.  

Do not worry about giving it a lot of treats as your Vizsla will use more calories to keep warm when it walks, especially if it plays outside. 

Vizsla dog wearing a winter jacket while walking in the snow
Vizsla dog wearing a winter jacket while walking in the snow

Allow It to Sleep Inside the House 

Applying common sense helps prevent your pet’s colds. Do not allow your Vizsla to sleep or spend long hours outside without any protection during the cold fall and winter months. 

There are owners who prefer that their pet sleeps outside the house, but in this case, the specialists warn that it is essential that your dog rests and spends the freezing season inside the house. 

Vizslas are sparsely furred canines that need constant warmth during winter. If you ignore these recommendations, your pet will catch a cold and become ill. 

You can accommodate its bed somewhere in the house with cozy sheets and custom pillows so that it can sleep peacefully on winter days. 

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