Where Should a Vizsla Sleep?

Vizslas are beautiful animals that are characterized by their skills during hunting. They are canines with a high level of physical activity that need to exercise daily to stay healthy and fit.

where should a vizsla sleep
Where Should a Vizsla Sleep?

They love to train and meet their owners. These dogs are also known for their beautiful personalities as they tend to be very loving and friendly with members of their human family. 

Having such a pet is a huge responsibility and can be a bit difficult for some families. There are many things to consider when caring for a Vizsla. Food, exercise, care, and medical attention are some of the most important things that we must provide to these animals. However, we will talk a bit about its sleeping habits. 

Before buying a Vizsla dog, many people do not know exactly where it should sleep. There really is no right or wrong answer as it will depend solely on its owner. Obviously, there are certain places in the house where we can guarantee better well-being for our canine. 

Where Should a Vizsla Sleep? 

As we have said before, there is no specific answer to this question. Many people do not like their dogs, regardless of breed, sleeping with them on the bed while others have no problem with it. In the end, it is somewhat subjective, depending on the personality and quality of life of the family members. 

There are many factors that we must consider in this topic. If you have acquired a Vizsla puppy, you most likely want it to sleep with you on the bed. It is very difficult not to spoil an adorable little puppy. However, as these animals get older, the situation can get more uncomfortable for some people. 

We have to bear in mind that there are certain drawbacks when it comes to letting your Vizsla sleep on the bed: 

  • Dirt:  Although Vizslas are usually clean and smell good most of the time, we have to keep in mind that they are very active canines that can sweat and have sand on them when they play outside. Depending on where you live, they can roll in a puddle, grass, etc., causing them to get dirty. 
  • The hair on the bed: This situation is rare in Vizslas as they have a short coat and usually do not shed. However, all dogs’ hair, including a Vizsla, can fall at any time no matter how short it may be, which can be somewhat uncomfortable for its owner. 
  • Parasites: This situation will depend 100% on the care and hygiene you are giving your pet. Most dogs attract many parasites, including ticks, fleas, and even mites. That can be partially solved by buying your canine, an antiparasitic collar
  • Movement and excessive noise: If you are a person who likes a quiet lifestyle, then a Vizsla is not for you. Any breed of dog can generate various sounds, whether they are barking or growling. They can also perform uncomfortable actions for their owners, such as licking, moving, etc. 

Any owner who loves to hang out with his or her Vizsla most of the time will have no problem making it sleep with him or her on the bed. However, many people would not tolerate this situation, so they must seek other options. 

Places Where Your Vizsla Should Sleep 

Surveys of Vizslas owners have held that the best place for their pets to sleep is on the bed. Obviously, we have to understand that the Vizsla is a very special dog and the families that adopt it tend to create strong bonds with it. It is for that reason that most people allow them to sleep with them on the bed. 

As we have said before, there are other families who cannot deal with this situation. That is why we will talk about other excellent options for your dog to sleep comfortably: 

1. Dog Bed 

Buying a bed is an excellent option for your pet. We have to make sure that it has a padded surface insulated from the floor so that the Vizsla does not lose its body heat while it is resting.

That way, we also prevent their bones from being affected. You can add a blanket to their bed so that the canine stays warm during cold weather since we remember that Vizslas have a short coat of one layer. 

One important point is the size of its bed. You may have acquired a puppy, and you think you should buy a bed that adapts to its size. But the most advisable thing is to buy a bigger bed since your dog will grow quickly. That way, you won’t have to buy another one, and your dog will always be comfortable when sleeping. 

Now, it is important to choose the place for our pet’s bed. Therefore, it is important to highlight certain important aspects: 

  • Comfortable temperature: We have to make sure to place our Vizsla bed in a place in our house that has an intermediate temperature. In fact, we have to consider the climate of our area since if it is cold, we will have to place the bed in a warm place in the house and the opposite in the case of a hot climate. 
  • A quiet place: The place you choose for your Vizsla bed should be away from people and any noise. Remember that this breed of dog has excellent hearing, and any sound could wake it up. The idea is that our pets sleep relaxed. 

There are certain occasions when a dog of this type refuses to sleep in its own bed. That may be because you did not comply with any of the aspects mentioned above or simply because it wants to be closer to you.

In that case, you can try moving its bed at night next to yours so that it does not feel sad. Remember that these dogs suffer from separation anxiety, so it is important to stay close to them most of the time. 

2. Kennel 

Another option would be to purchase a Kennel for your Vizsla to rest inside it. However, you have to know that this can be complicated and will require training your pet. This option is especially recommended if your dog is a puppy. 

Generally, an active canine like the Vizsla will want to access any part of the house, nibble on furniture, etc. For that reason, training to keep it in a kennel during its hours of rest would be very useful. 

The first thing you have to do is get your Vizsla familiar with the kennel. It is best to place it where family members usually spend time inside the house. That will make it feel more confident and can enter the kennel safely. 

Once you do that, start placing your canine’s food inside the kennel. This situation will make your Vizsla think that its kennel is a nice place. When it starts eating, slowly close the door and reopen it when it has finished eating. Your canine will gradually get used to feeling comfortable inside its kennel regardless of whether the door is open or closed. 

A kennel is very useful for Vizsla dogs. We know that this breed is very active and can develop destructive behavior if left at home for a long time. A kennel will help you keep it calm in its space while you are not at home. It will also be able to sleep peacefully, knowing that it is in a quiet place. 

3. Floor 

You could get your Vizsla dog used to sleeping on the floor anywhere in the house. It is important to keep certain things in mind. If you live in a cold climate, it is likely that the floor has a very low temperature for your canine. The same is true for hot climates. 

A good option for your Vizsla to sleep peacefully on the floor is to buy a mat for dogs. This item will not only help your canine feel comfortable sleeping on the floor but will also keep it at a comfortable temperature for its body. 

One of the benefits of getting your Vizsla used to sleep on a dog mat is its portability. If you are traveling with your pet, it may be very uncomfortable to carry their dog bed in the vehicle. A dog mat is a practical and versatile object that you can easily take anywhere. 

Your canine will be able to sleep quickly and comfortably regardless of where you travel because it is already used to its mat. 

Vizsla dog sleeping
Vizsla dog sleeping

Never Let Your Vizsla Sleep Outside the House 

This situation can apply to any breed of dog. A canine is part of the family with whom we can create strong bonds. A Vizsla dog is not cut out for sleeping outdoors for several reasons. The most important is the weather. Dogs of this type have a single short coat, which causes them to suffer from cold. 

We also have to consider the fact that these animals need to spend a lot of time with their owners so letting them sleep outside the house is not a great option. 

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