Do Vizslas Need a Lot of Exercise?

Vizsla dogs are one of the most active and energetic breeds out there. Over the years, they were bred to hunt and track. These animals are characterized by having a high level of physical activity. 

do vizslas need a lot of exercise
Do Vizslas Need a Lot of Exercise?

It is essential that you know everything about these canines’ physical condition and that it is their most remarkable attribute. These dogs need to keep fit and exercise continuously. 

We have to take into account that this breed cannot bear to be in a house for long periods without playing or moving freely.

In fact, if we do not allow them to go outside the house, they can become destructive due to all the energy they have accumulated. That is normal since they are dogs that were born to carry out some type of activity, play, and more. 

Amount of Exercise Depending on the Age of the Vizsla 

We could just talk and indicate how much exercise an adult Vizsla dog should do. However, many people acquire a canine of this breed within a few months of its birth. Regardless of the age of a Vizsla, it must carry out physical activities taking into account that the younger it is, the less resistance it has and, therefore, less exercise. 

In general, when your dog is less than a year old, it is recommended that it exercise twice a day to increase its resistance little by little. If your Vizsla is between 3 and 6 months old, it is recommended that it be between 15 and 30 minutes of exercise. A Vizsla over 6 months old can start exercising for two sessions a day. 

Keep in mind that when our Vizsla grows more, its training minutes should also be increasing since it will have the physical condition to resist it. 

Routines for a Vizsla 

The time of physical activity that a canine of this breed performs can be divided into different activities. This will allow them to stimulate their physical condition, increase their endurance, and prevent them from getting bored with the same exercise every day. 

Any type of dog must take daily walks. If you care about your Vizsla health, you should add the walks to your dog’s routine calendar. Constantly walking helps your dog burn fat and always moves its joints and muscles. That way, your pet will be less likely to become overweight in the future. 

Games are one of the activities that Vizslas love the most. They are very playful with their masters. That is why you must help it to exercise through different games that involve an interesting physical effort.

You can take this opportunity to support it further develop its sense of smell through scent games. It will benefit a lot when it goes hunting. 

Throwing objects like a ball or a Frisbee is also significant for the training of your pet. This popular activity will help increase the resistance of your Vizsla and allow you to create a stronger connection with it. 

vizsla dog running exercise
Vizsla dog running exercise


A Vizsla who is over a year old should exercise for at least one hour. Depending on the physical conditions of your dog, the amount of time it can spend in physical activities may be higher or, in the worst case, less. 

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