A Complete Guide To The Weimaraner Mastiff Mix

Most families around the world have a pet regardless of the species and breed. These animals become important in the lives of these people since they are considered companions. On many occasions, people tend to love their pets more than a person. 

weimaraner mastiff mix
Weimaraner Mastiff Mix: Complete Guide

The dog is one of the most popular animal species as a pet. These animals are known as man’s best friends because of the loyalty and affection they offer. Not all canines are the same. There are many breeds that have different abilities and physical characteristics. Two of them are the Weimaraner and the Mastiff. 

On the one hand, the Weimaraner is a dog that has a distinctive feature that allows it to differentiate itself from others, and that is its silver-gray coat. It is for that reason that many people call it the “Gray Ghost.” This canine has excellent hunting skills that allow it to be a good companion for hunters.

In the same way, we can say that this dog is very energetic, so it will need to live with families with an active quality of life. The Weimaraner has a beautiful personality that allows it to get along with its owners, members of its human family, strangers, and other animals. 

On the other hand, the Mastiff is a breed of dog characterized mainly by its size and robust and muscular body. It is a canine that stands out for its strength and resistance, which allows it to be an excellent watchdog.

However, despite presenting these characteristics, it tends to have a docile and calm temperament, allowing it to be affectionate and obedient to its loved ones. The Mastiff is not the most intelligent dog, so it is essential that it is trained from puppyhood. 

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix 

This breed of dog has been created through the mix between a Weimaraner and a Mastiff. The result of the combination of the two is a giant-sized canine with a robust and powerful body as well as a loving, docile, and gentle personality towards people. It is important to note that it is a rare mixture, so it is not common to find it. 

Although a Mastiff is not a very intelligent canine, the mix between the two will generate a dog with excellent learning and understanding skills thanks to the Weimaraner’s inherited characteristics. But as always, the qualities and personality of this mixed breed will depend a lot on its parents’ dominant features. 

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix: Physical Characteristics 

As we have said before, the Weimaraner Mastiff Mix falls into the category of giant canine. That is mainly due to the height and weight of both dogs, especially the Mastiff. A Weimaraner can reach a size between 56 cm and 69 cm and a weight between 23 kg and 32 kg.

In the case of a Mastiff, its height can be between 70 cm and 100 cm, while its weight will vary between 100 kg and 120 kg. As we can see, the second breed of dog is enormous. 

For that reason, the Weimaraner Mastiff Mix will have an average size between the two. It is likely to be larger than the Weimaraner and smaller or the same size as the Mastiff. Everything will depend on inherited genetic characteristics. 

The body that this dog will present is robust, strong, muscular, and powerful. The head of this canine is wide and large, its snout is short, its jaws are strong, and its limbs are long. It also has large, floppy ears. The color of its eyes will depend on the dominant characteristics of your parents. They can be blue, amber, brown, or hazelnut. 

The Weimaraner Mastiff Mix has a short coat that is hard to the touch, just like the two breeds used for this mix. The colors can vary depending on the inherited characteristics and can be brown, silver-gray, bluish, or tan. Also, an important point to keep in mind is that it can inherit the black color in its muzzle, nose, and ears, just like the Mastiff. 

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix: Personality and Behavior 

Despite how powerful and strong the Mastiff can be, it has a docile and calm character. The combination of the personalities of both canines will result in an affectionate, playful, friendly, and courageous animal that will get along with people, especially the members of its human family. 

If they are trained from puppies, they can get along well with strangers, animals, and even children despite their large size. That is why they can be considered excellent family dogs. That’s not the only reason to think that this mixed breed is great for families.

It also has a protective instinct that arises when it feels like its family is being threatened. For that reason, many people acquire it for being an excellent watchdog. It should be noted that although it may distrust strangers, it will not exhibit aggressive behavior towards them. 

The Weimaraner Mastiff Mix is ​​also an energetic and active canine that requires a lot of daily exercise. They can get bored easily, so it is necessary to provide daily exercise routines as otherwise, they could develop destructive behaviors.

A Weimaraner can suffer from separation anxiety, so if this canine inherits this characteristic, then it is likely that you cannot leave it alone for a long time as it will feel sad and anxious.  

weimaraner mastiff mix
Weimaraner Mastiff mix

Weimaraner Mastiff Mix: Care 

Mainly, the Weimaraner Mastiff Mix does not need its coat to be frequently brushed as it is short and hard. Generally, it will only be enough to do it once a week. It is also advisable to bathe it once every month and a half, that is, only when necessary. It is vital to keep their ears and muzzle clean for hygiene and health reasons. 

We have already said that these canines need to do a lot of daily exercise since they have a high energy level. However, it is important to consider the following cases: 

  • If this canine inherits more physical characteristics from a Weimaraner, then it will be able to do even more than an hour of physical activity a day. 
  • Suppose it inherits more physical characteristics from a Mastiff. In that case, it is not recommended that it do excessive exercise since this breed tends to develop bone problems, especially during the growing season. 
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