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Goldmaraner: Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix A Complete Guide

There is a great variety of dog breeds in the world. Each one presents different and similar characteristics that allow them to be compared with each other. It is for this reason that these animals are not only acquired as pets but also each one can perform different activities according to their characteristics. 

weimaraner golden retriever mix
Goldmaraner: Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix

Now, it is essential to note that throughout history, many groups of breeders have experimented with different breeds of dogs to create canines with specific characteristics and abilities.

It is possible to mix almost any breed of dog in the world. For that reason, we will talk next about the cross between a Weimaraner and a Golden Retriever. The result of this mix is ​​a very active, energetic, friendly, and playful dog. 

If we talk about Weimaraner dogs, we have to highlight their silver-gray fur, which turns out to be their most distinctive physical attribute. That is the reason why this canine is called the “Gray Ghost.”

These dogs have hunting skills and a high level of physical activity that allows them to exercise, run, jump, walk, etc., for long periods of the day. Like other dogs, the Weimaraner can suffer from loneliness, so it is essential that it is always accompanied. That is mainly due to their sweet and loving personality, especially with their owners. 

Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular breeds globally and are characterized by their incredible versatility and intelligence. These canines stand out for their beautiful golden fur and other physical characteristics.

These dogs present a beautiful personality being very affectionate, playful, and affectionate with their human family members, including children. That is why they are considered excellent pets. However, that is not their only goal in life as they can also be assistance, therapy, police, fire, and rescue dogs. 

Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix 

This breed of dog has been created through the mix between a Weimaraner and a Golden Retriever. This canine is called “Goldmaraner.” The result of this mix creates a dog with high energy demands. That means that it will be very active and energetic and will require long exercise sessions. 

The personality and other attributes of these canines will depend on the dominant characteristics of their parents. Goldmaraners can be very sociable and loyal to the people around them. For that reason, the families that have acquired them consider them excellent pets. They tend to get bored frequently, so it is essential that they receive a lot of physical and mental stimulation every day. 

Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix: Physical Characteristics 

Both the Weimaraner and the Golden Retriever have their differences and similarities in terms of their physical appearance. We have to clarify that the size in terms of weight and height of both breeds is similar.

A Weimaraner can reach an average height ranging between 56 cm and 69 cm and a weight between 23 kg and 32 kg. In the case of a Golden Retriever, the difference is not so noticeable since it usually reaches a size between 51 cm and 61 cm and a weight between 25 kg and 36 kg. 

Therefore, a Goldmaraner is a medium-large sized dog. The most common is that it reaches an approximate height between 48 cm and 68 cm, while its weight can vary between 24 kg and 34 kg. However, the canine’s total growth and development will depend on its diet and quality of life in general. 

This mixed breed features a straight, elongated, and muscular body with a broad head, elongated muzzle, and broad chest. It has long, wide, floppy ears, and its eyes can come in different colors depending on its parents’ dominant characteristics. Some of them are: 

  • Blue. 
  • Hazelnut. 
  • Brown. 
  • Amber. 
  • Gray. 
  • Bluish gray. 

Possibly the most important difference can be found in its fur. A Weimaraner has a short coat while that of a Golden Retriever is slightly longer. The colors will also depend on the physical attributes inherited from its parents. The coat can be bluish, silver-gray, or gold. 

Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix: Personality and Behavior 

Both the Weimaraner and the Golden Retriever are considered to be excellent family dogs. That is mainly due to its friendly personality towards members of its human family, especially children.

Therefore, it is completely normal that the Goldmaraner also inherits this personality. It should be noted that this canine can also get along well with strangers and other animals, but it is recommended that it be trained from a puppy to do so. 

Like Weimaraners or Vizslas, Goldmaraners are very attached to their loved ones. They can suffer from separation anxiety, so they should not be left alone for a long time as they will feel sad and anxious, which can be negative for their health in the future. 

We also have to emphasize that they are very active and energetic canines with a high level of energy and a wide need to exercise every day. They can get bored easily, so it is not a good idea to leave them at home for long periods as they can develop destructive behaviors. 

weimaraner golden retriever mix
Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix

Weimaraner Golden Retriever Mix: Care 

The maintenance of a Goldmaraner’s coat will depend on the characteristics inherited from its parents. As we have said, the Weimaraner has a short coat and does not usually shed. However, the Golden Retriever can shed more often due to its slightly longer fur. 

If the Goldmaraner inherits a Weimaraner’s coat, then it will only be necessary to brush it once a week, but if it is the opposite case, then 2 or 3 times will be enough. As for its cleaning, this dog should only be bathed when it is really dirty or, failing that, once a month. There are certain areas of the Goldmaraner’s body that should be checked frequently to rule out any infection or skin disease. 

This mixed breed needs a lot of exercise together with its loved ones. Although they love to do any type of physical activity, they prefer to do it with another person and not alone. Fortunately, Goldmaraners are easy to train. This canine loves long walks, interactive games, running, jumping, agility training, etc. 

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