Weimaraner Jaw Strength: Facts and Myth

The Weimaraner dog breed is a majestic animal originally bred and trained to hunt small and large animals. The Weimaraner, or “Gray Ghost,” was a highly sought-after breed of canine in its native Germany. 

weimaraner jaw strength
Weimaraner Jaw Strength: Facts and Myth

The face of this canine is straight, and the nostrils are delicate. Its nose is gray on the top and flesh-colored on the rest. The beautiful coat of this canine is also gray, as we have already said. It has medium-sized, round eyes, wide enough to give an open and friendly look to anyone who sees it. 

We can say that this dog presents a sharp and intelligent gaze, but at the same time friendly. The Weimaraner’s ears are long and slightly bent. 

In addition, this animal has a powerful jaw. The Weimaraner dog’s jaw is strong, so much so that it applies perfect “scissor” bites. 

How Do I Calm My Weimaraner Dog’s Urge to Bite? 

You can do this through toys. When a strong-jawed Weimaraner wants to chew on everything in its path, it is necessary to buy some toys that allow it to entertain itself.

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The toys most used by Weimaraner owners for their dogs are: 

Rubber Teething Toy 

This toy is made of a material commonly called thermoplastic rubber that combines plastic and rubber properties, which makes it resistant and harmless to the teeth of your beloved pet. 

It is an excellent toy for pets, as it allows them to entertain themselves and at the same time strengthens and improves the health of their teeth and gums. 

Deer Antlers 

This artifact is one of the most popular today. Antlers are a natural and eco-friendly chew that works very well with strong-biting dogs. 

They are individual pieces of fallen antlers that clean your pet’s teeth and provide them with calcium. 

This toy wears out as time goes by, but it is an option that deserves to be taken into account for its resistance since it passes the test of the most demanding jaws. 

weimaraner jaw strength
Weimaraner Jaw Strength

Solid Balls Made of Rubber 

This type of ball is made of natural rubber, floats in water, and will resist the power of your dog. It has everything a play ball for a large, hard-biting canine can give. 

It is one of the most requested toys since, on the one hand, you can train your pet with it, and on the other, you prevent it from chewing on other objects. 


It is a toy shaped like a cross. Its secret is that it has the aroma of beef, attracting the canine and allowing it to bite the artifact without worrying about it breaking since, surprisingly, this object resists strong jaws for a long time. 

Among its main characteristics, it is considered a toy with a hardness similar to that of a bone, made of very good quality hard plastic. 

Concerning the stretch marks and roughness that the toy has in its physical composition, it performs a function similar to that of a toothbrush, allowing your dog to keep its gums healthy and strong. 

Keep in mind that this item is quite heavy, almost 250 grams, which is really suitable for steel jaws. 

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