Weimaraner Agility Training Guide

Adopting or buying a pet has been a regular thing throughout history. A pet becomes part of the family, offering all the love it needs. In fact, these animals help to strengthen family bonds and provide an active lifestyle. There are many types of pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, snakes, rodents, etc. However, the most common are canines. 

weimaraner agility training guide
Weimaraner Agility Training Guide

Dogs are extraordinary pets that offer us companionship, love, and loyalty at all times. When a person acquires an animal of this type, his physical and mental condition generally improves considerably. That is because having a four-legged friend, we can do physical activities with it for most of the day, and therefore our emotional state will improve. 

We know that there are many dog ​​breeds around the world, and each one presents different characteristics, be it size, physical appearance, ability, habit, etc. One of the most interesting that we can find in various countries is the Weimaraner. 

These canines are characterized by having a high level of physical activity and excellent hunting skills. They are perfect companions for hunters, especially if they are their owners. They love to train and learn new things every day to satisfy their loved ones. Weimaraners need a lot of daily exercise to stay fit and to be able to carry out their hunting activities effectively. 

Weimaraners have a sensitive personality and are usually kind and affectionate towards the people around them, especially their owners.

They can also get along with strangers and other animals if they receive socialization training from puppies. It should be noted that this breed of dog tends to suffer from separation anxiety, so it is not advisable to leave it alone for a long time. 

Due to the high level of physical energy that these dogs present, many people use them for agility competitions and tests. Agility is one of the most common sports for dogs. Providing agility training for your Weimaraner will help it develop its skills much more, but it is necessary to take into account certain aspects before that. 

Weimaraner Agility Training 

Agility is one of the most exciting activities for dogs and spectators. Before we talk a bit about training, we have to know what agility is. 

As we have said, agility is one of the best-known dog sports in various countries in which a dog has to demonstrate its versatility and agile nature through the signals given by its handler or trainer. These activities or tests are carried out through timed obstacle courses. 

Weimaraners are canines that love to exercise and keep themselves entertained all day. They tend to get bored easily, so agility activities will give them many fun and exercise hours. 

Unlike any other training, we do not have to worry about the time it will take to teach our canine since agility is considered a fun and entertaining activity for these dogs. The only exception would be if you have entered your Weimaraner in a competition and you need it to master certain skills by a specific date. 

Is My Weimaraner Good at Agility? 

While all dogs benefit from this type of dual exercise, Weimaraner canines, in particular, thrive when given plenty of physical activity and the opportunity to stimulate themselves mentally. 

Weimaraner dogs are extremely good at agility, thanks to their experience as hunting animals. Their high endurance, trainability, and graceful movements make these pets perfectly suited for these activities. 

Tips for Training Agility with Your Dog 

All training requires a certain process, and the most efficient way to achieve success is by following some tips that may be important when teaching your Weimaraner. 

Attract the Attention of Your Weimaraner 

Agility is an activity that requires the participation of the canine as well as the help of a handler. We can say that it is a team sport. 

That means that our Weimaraner has to have the ability to focus on us and pay attention to us to avoid any distractions around it. Voice commands are very useful in these cases. You could teach your dog the “Watch Me” command so that it will make eye contact with you when you order it. 

Help Your Weimaraner to Develop Its Skills Even More 

One of the best ways for your dog to become more skilled and versatile is by teaching it tricks. In addition, this will help you improve various training techniques as well as increase confidence and synchronization with your pet. 

One of the most interesting tricks that you can show your Weimaraner that it can use in the contact zones at the end of an agility obstacle is teaching it to touch your hand or an object with its nose. We can also take into account the “Back Up” trick that consists of teaching the dog to walk backward by improving its basic body awareness. 

Teaching our Weimaraner tricks will also help it increase its flexibility which is very useful during skill training. Using the “Spin” trick will give your dog the agility to turn left or right by stretching its sides.  

The back of our pet can be stretched using the “Bow” trick. 

Stimulate Your Canine’s Body Awareness 

A dog’s body awareness is not the best. However, agility is capable of improving and increasing that aspect. The idea of ​​this is that our Weimaraner is able to know where to place each of its legs when stepping on and unconsciously dodging obstacles. 

Climbing objects and perching on a box are some of the exercises that will allow your Weimaraner to each part of its body and increase its body awareness. 

Help Your Weimaraner Overcome Fear of the Dark 

Many dogs fear different things according to the personality they have developed throughout their lives. The dark can be one of them. 

That is especially important when your dog is going through the tunnel for the first time, which is often used in agility tests. A Weimaraner needs to feel comfortable and confident going through that little dark space. 

If you don’t have a tunnel like the one that is usually used in these activities, you can prepare a homemade one with several chairs and blankets. Make sure that at the beginning, the length of the tunnel is short, and as your dog adapts, you can extend it. 

Agility Levels in Competitions 

Normally, there are three different levels of agility competition: 

Agility Level: Novice 

As the name implies, this level is intended for novice dogs that are just starting in these agility activities. 

During this stage, the dogs face different obstacles (between 14 and 16), which must be overcome with minimal handling technique. 

Agility Level: Open 

This level can be performed by those canines that have passed the novice level. The number of obstacles increases between 16 and 18. Normally, during this course, the tests will be more difficult and require more handling skills on the part of the animal. 

Agility Level: Excellent 

Only dogs that have passed the previous courses (novice and open) can participate in this last level. Canines must demonstrate superior skills and teamwork with their handler. The number of obstacles will also increase between 18 and 20. 

Obstacles You Can Use to Train Your Weimaraner 

There are many obstacles used in skill testing and competition. Therefore, if you want to train your canine at home and you do not have any of the required obstacles, you can choose to prepare them yourself. That way, your Weimaraner will be able to practice some necessary agility activities. 

Some of the obstacles are: 

Weave Poles Obstacles

You can use between 10 and 15 PVC pipes on the floor, leaving some space between each of them so that your Weimaraner can move safely. 

Standard Jumps Obstacles

If you want your Weimaraner to practice its jumps at a customizable height, you can use blocks stacked one on top of the other and place a plank of wood on top. 

Tunnel Obstacles

In this case, you can buy a collapsible plastic tunnel for children. However, you have the option of placing several chairs in a row and a blanket to simulate the tunnel. 

Tire Jump Obstacles

You can use a rope and a car tire big enough for your Weimaraner to jump through. Hang the tire on a tree branch and encourage your canine to jump. 

weimaraner agility training
Weimaraner Agility Training

Keys to Properly Training Your Weimaraner Dog’s Agility  

Keeping training sessions lively, short, and fun is an excellent way to help your Weimaraner learn more easily. It is also essential to reward its effort with croquettes. 

Do not forget to apply the basic commands and body language, as these aspects are essential to reinforce your Weimaraner’s agility training. 

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