Are Vizslas Destructive?

Buying or adopting a pet is something that many individuals or families do. The intention of this act is to have someone with us with whom we can have fun and create strong bonds. The most common and desired pets in this regard are dogs. 

are vizslas destructive
Are Vizslas Destructive?

There are many breeds of dogs, and each one presents different physical and emotional characteristics that make them unique. However, regardless of the species, having a canine is a great responsibility since as owners, we must be aware of their food, care, attention, medicine, training, etc. 

One of the most interesting dogs is Vizsla. They are canines with many hunting skills, so they are considered excellent hunter companions. It is important to note that they are very active dogs with a high level of physical activity. That means they will require daily exercise, be it walking, running, playing, etc. 

In addition, it should be noted that it has certain peculiarities in terms of its behavior. Vizslas have certain advantages in terms of their character as they are usually very affectionate and friendly with members of their human family but can also get along well with family friends, strangers, and other animals.

However, they also have a sensitive personality as they can feel very sad and anxious if left alone for a long time. 

Therefore, it is essential that you know that these dogs can develop destructive behavior, and that is due to any of the aspects mentioned above. Next, we will talk a little about this situation and the factors that can trigger such behavior. 

Are Vizslas Destructive? 

As we have said before, this breed of dog can develop destructive behavior caused by a situation that makes it feel bored or sad. It is one of the most common behavioral problems in many breeds of canines, including Vizslas. 

Just like people have their ways of relaxing and relieving tension, Vizslas have theirs too. When a canine of this type is in this situation, it tends to bite, chew, lick, roll in the garden, etc.

Different factors can cause these behaviors, but for this, it is important to know the Vizsla very well since each breed of dog can become destructive depending on their particular personality. 

Causes of Destructive Behavior in Vizslas 

Most of the causes of destructive behavior are mainly due to Vizslas’s personality. However, there are other factors that can also play a role: 

1. Vizsla Boredom 

Vizsla dogs are known for their high level of physical activity and their need to exercise every day. These canines cannot bear to spend a long time doing nothing because they get bored easily. 

One of the causes of this situation is when they are left home alone while their owners go to work or study. When a canine of this type remains for a long time inside a house without doing anything, it can get bored easily and therefore, become destructive to try to release all the energy it has accumulated.

That is why a Vizsla chews on furniture or makes any other mess while you are not at home, that’s why getting some chew toys isn’t a bad idea. 

Another cause is the exercise routine that we provide. Although Vizslas love to exercise every day, they hate the practice of repetitive physical activities. For that reason, it is recommended that the exercises that you provide are varied every day.

One day you can walk with your canine, another day play, do mental and physical stimulation training, etc. The idea is to vary the activities every day since otherwise, it will gradually develop destructive behavior. 

2. Vizsla Separation Anxiety 

It is another major cause of destructive behavior in Vizslas. As we have said above, this canine has a sensitive personality because it hates loneliness. They are dogs that need to be surrounded by people, especially their owners and members of their human family, to feel their love. 

They are not made to be left alone for long periods as they will not only develop destructive behavior but will also feel very sad and anxious, which can be harmful to their health. 

Vizslas are very attached to their owners. In fact, if you own one, you will notice that it follows you to every room in the house. This personality can be pleasant for certain families and annoying for others. In any case, this breed of dog must be treated appropriately by providing it with all the love and companionship it needs to prevent it from engaging in unwanted behaviors. 

Other factors that can also trigger this disorder are: 

  • The death of a member of its family. 
  • Moving to a new house. 
  • Changes in the work hours of its owners. 

3. Vizsla Fears 

Fears can also be a trigger for destructive behavior in a Vizsla. We have to bear in mind that not all dogs are very fearful. Those canines that are very afraid may be due to situations from the past that live in their memories and that are a reason to feel fear. 

Loud noises are a common cause of fear in Vizslas. In these situations, the pet may run or jump desperately to try to escape the loud noise that causes anxiety. In addition, they can also react to biting or tearing windows or doors to try to escape. Electrical storms and thunder can also be very scary for Vizslas. 

Obviously, the destructive behavior these canines develop from loud noises is not intentional. It is an instinctual reaction that they cannot avoid. 

We have to be very careful in case our Vizsla is fearful since it could hurt itself in its attempt to go through the doors or windows to escape. 

4. Vizsla Need for Attention 

Vizslas are canines that need to spend a lot of time with their owners or members of their human family. Unfortunately, many owners do not pay enough attention to their pets which can cause them to feel sad. 

This situation can cause the canine to learn how to attract the attention of its owner. We are talking about destructive actions. When a dog of this type notices that its owner does not pay the attention that it would like, then it begins to develop destructive behaviors. 

Vizslas are pets that need to receive treats or any other reward for good training. These canines can also become destructive when their owners use verbal scolding instead of positive reinforcement. 

It should be noted that this type of behavior tends to occur in the presence of their owners or members of their human family. The goal of this is to make them see that it is angry because it is not getting the attention it deserves. 

5. Vizsla Feeding Problems 

All breeds of dogs love to eat. The Vizsla is no exception. 

These canines need a balanced diet based on nutrients and vitamins that can give them the energy they need to carry out their daily physical activities. For that reason, all Vizslas owners need to know the most appropriate and quality foods that can provide an excellent quality of life and health. 

The problem arises when this canine is not fed properly. If a Vizsla receives fewer portions of food than it needs, it could begin to destroy everything in its path in the house with the intention of finding more food. 

Let’s remember that this breed is very active and energetic, and spends a lot of energy every day doing exercise, whether running, jumping, playing, training, etc. This lost energy must be compensated with a good diet. For that reason, it is normal for a Vizsla to react negatively to a lack of enough food in its body. 

6. Vizsla Hunter Instinct 

Finally, we have to highlight the possible destructive behavior of these canines due to their hunting instinct. We know that this breed of dog is characterized by having excellent hunting skills.

Therefore, if you have another smaller pet in your house, it is possible that your Vizsla will begin to chase it, destroying everything in its path. These cases can be avoided by providing your canine with socialization training. 

Another case that can trigger this behavior is the existence of a rodent inside the house. Your Vizsla’s hunting instinct will come to light, and it will begin to chase the little animal. 

A Vizsla dog digging in soil
A Vizsla dog digging in the soil


As we have seen, the destructive behavior of a Vizsla can be due to different factors. If we notice this type of behavior in our pet, it is essential to know its origin in order to treat it quickly and correctly.

In these cases, it is best to take the canine to the vet so that he or she can give you instructions through a well-developed plan to treat your pet’s behavior problem. 

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