Vizsla Whistle Training Guide

Vizslas are quite active and energetic dogs that require exercise every day. They are obedient, loyal, and always want to satisfy their loved ones. This breed of dog is characterized especially by its hunting skills. 

vizsla whistle training guide
Vizsla Whistle Training Guide

The above allows us to conclude that Vizslas are versatile dogs capable of doing any work or physical activity. However, these types of canines require training to achieve this. 

Many people do not take into account the training a Vizsla should receive. For that reason, many dogs of this type do not carry out activities or fieldwork together with their owners. Basic skills are a fundamental thing that a Vizsla canine must learn. 

Vizslas must receive different types of training to carry out different actions or jobs. One of the most important is whistle training. Through this training, we can teach our canine to come back the first time thanks to the dog whistle’s sound. 

Vizsla Whistle Training 

It is important that we teach our Vizsla dog certain essential commands. One of them is to come back when we call it. For this, we have to help it identify the sound of our whistle as well as the action that it must take when it sounds. 

Why use a whistle? A whistle is a very effective tool since we can communicate with our canine at a distance in a clear way. We cannot talk to our dog, but we can communicate with it through the sound generated by the whistle. All we have to do is adapt our Vizsla’s ear and relate it to a specific action. 

Generally, we can relate several commands to the sound of a whistle, which your Vizsla can easily learn since they are intelligent dogs. However, whistle training is not as simple as it sounds. 

Although a Vizsla can quickly learn commands, identifying a whistle’s sounds and associating them with an action is a bit more complex. In addition, external noises can be another factor that complicates the learning process since they usually tend to confuse the canine. 

Whistle training offers many benefits that can help your Vizsla easily obey you through the whistle’s sound instead of commands. Best of all, this training works for both new and experienced Vizsla owners. 

Greater Reach 

One of the biggest advantages of using a whistle is that it allows us to communicate with our Vizsla over long distances. That is very important, especially if we have a dog of this type. Whistle training will help make hunting sessions with your Vizsla much easier. In the same way, considering that this breed is very energetic, you can get it to come quickly in case it gets ahead of you during a walk in the park. 

The human voice is not capable of reaching long distances. In fact, if we wanted our Vizsla to hear us from afar, we would have to shout, which would not be anything practical or efficient. Therefore, the best way is to use a whistle as it will allow your canine to hear the sound from more than 200 meters away. 

Same Sound All the Time 

Human voice commands can be quite effective but up to a point. Why? Orders don’t work just by saying them. Our voice’s frequency is also an important factor for our dog to really identify the action we want it to do. If you used a certain voice set and frequency when you were teaching the command to your Vizsla, you should try to imitate them in the future.  

If you say the command but change your voice’s frequency a bit, then your canine may not listen to you. 

For that reason, whistles are a powerful tool as they allow you to maintain consistency by always making the same sound. They will always produce the same frequency. Using a whistle will prevent your Vizsla from getting confused. 

Your Vizsla May Obey another Member of the Family 

Another great advantage that the whistle offers is that any member of the family can take care of the canine. Remember that dogs need to hear commands at the same frequency all the time, so if another member of the family gives an order, it is likely that the canine will not comply with it since it is used to the voice of its owner. 

The whistles help solve this problem since regardless of who is using them, they will always sound the same. 

Vizsla on training with other dogs
Vizsla on training with other dogs

Teach your Vizsla to associate the sound of the whistle with a command 

The best way for your Vizsla to learn quickly is to associate the sound of the whistle with an exciting and fun moment that is happening. Vizslas love to eat, walk, play, etc., so you can use those moments to use the whistle. That way, the canine will easily remember that particular sound. 

A good way to get your dog to adapt to the whistle is to blow it inside the house and apply positive reinforcement when your dog does the action you want. Once your Vizsla has gotten used to it, you can start training it outside of the house.

Let it explore for a moment and when it is unnoticed, blow the whistle several times. That is a good way to signal it to come to you even if you are running the other way. 

It is time to increase the difficulty a little. Take your Vizsla to a place in public. You can start in a closed area. The goal of this place is to make your dog come back to you when it is far away. Remember to always use positive reinforcement since that way, your canine will know that it is doing well and will learn faster. Practice this for several days. 

If you want to increase the difficulty, take it to a place where there are people and noise. The intent of this is for your dog to simply obey you by hearing the whistle regardless of all the noise that may be present. 

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