Safety Tips for Walking Your Vizsla Dog at Night

The walk is essential for your Vizsla dog because it provides it with the physical and mental stimulation it needs. These types of dogs like to go for a walk outdoors, sniff, and interact with their surroundings, exercise, and perhaps socialize with people and dogs outside the home. 

safety tips for walking your vizsla dog at night
Safety Tips for Walking Your Vizsla Dog at Night

The night is usually a quiet time, so it may be the right time to help the dog relax before sleep. 

Almost all dogs enjoy going out for walks at night with their owners, and it is essential to take certain safety measures so that both you and your pet are okay, especially in the winter months when it gets dark earlier. 

Tips for Safely Walking Your Dog at Night 

Always Keep Your Vizsla Dog on a Leash at Night 

You and your pet may be very trusting of each other, but that doesn’t mean your dog can run away during the walk. When you take your Vizsla for a walk at night, it is very important that it has its leash on. 

You should do this because danger abounds at night, especially if your Vizsla is a very hyperactive dog and loves to jump from one side to the other. You have to be very careful with cars and other animals. 

There are other essential things to keep in mind. At night because of the darkness, you cannot see certain things that can be dangerous for your pet (vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, small animals, abandoned food, garbage, etc.). So if you allow your Vizsla to roam free like other dogs, it may want to run after animals or eat food on the ground. 

Be Visible to Your Vizsla Dog 

There are many ways to accomplish this. One of them is to wear all your black clothes (or at least dark colors) with light reflective strips. You can also turn on your phone’s flashlight or bring a conventional flashlight in case you go into darker places. Besides, that will help you see where your dog pooped. 

Using a flashlight is a good idea to illuminate the path in case you don’t see well. 

Make Sure Your Dog is Visible 

Your Vizsla dog should be visible to you and also to others. There are vests with light-reflecting tapes that you can put on your pet for walks at night. With this, you will ensure that your dog can be distinguished in the dark. 

It is advisable to use brightly colored vests such as orange and red. 

Another excellent option is to purchase an LED light collar for your Vizsla dog. This device fits around your canine’s neck (just like a standard dog collar) and turns on, revealing a powerful colored LED light. Currently, thanks to this technology, it is possible to locate pets from afar easily. 

Travel through the Safest Places 

Always walk with your pet on the sidewalk and cross at traffic lights. As basic and overprotective as it sounds, it is the best way to prevent accidents for you and your Vizsla. 

Always Stay Alert 

Be alert and look around you for a suspicious person who follows you or has been looking at you for a long time. In those cases, find a place with light and people and take shelter there immediately. If you don’t feel safe in that place, trust your instincts, and go home. 

Change your walking route. That is good for misleading strangers and your Vizsla dog to explore new places every day. 

The best way for you and your Vizsla to be safe is always to be alert to any situation that may arise at night. 

Choose Paths with Good Lighting 

Even if you know the area you usually travel to with your pet, we advise you to avoid walking in dimly lit places at night. 

For safety, try always to take your Vizsla where there are more people walking. It can be in well-lit parks and in places that you know fully. 

Use an Identification Plate on Your Vizsla 

It’s always good if your Vizsla has a dog tag in case it gets separated from you. The incidents of lost dogs at night are greater than during the day, so always remember to have an identification plate. Even better, put a small lamp next to the plate, so it’s easy to identify at night. That way, someone can find it and quickly read the information on the tag to contact you. 

Protect It from the Cold and Rain with a Reflective Coat 

The cold at night and the rain can make your Vizsla sick, protect it and dress it in warm clothes. It is best to cover your pet with a dog raincoat that has light-reflective tapes. That will allow you to protect it from that climate and find it quickly in case it gets separated from you. 

Make It Wear Reflective Gear 

In addition to light reflective collars and leashes, consider attaching reflective strips to your pet’s legs. 

You can also buy a coat with light-reflective patches for your Vizsla. 

Take a Whistle with You 

It is a great idea to carry a whistle with you, both to attract your Vizsla’s attention, in case it escapes, and to make noise if you are in a dangerous situation. 

Pet owner walking with Vizsla dog in dusk
Pet owner walking with Vizsla dog in dusk

Things to Keep in Mind When Walking Your Vizsla Dog at Night 

Other Dogs 

Meeting other dogs is a big problem in the dark because if your pet is nervous, it will probably want to escape or, in the worst case, want to attack the animal. Vizslas have always been friendly dogs, but they have insecurities and are shy when they meet other canines. 

In this case, always keep your pet’s leash in hand and never let it go. 

Strange People 

Seeing other people walking at night is something that catches your pet’s attention. Consider runners and bicyclists on the roads. Dogs often love to run and chase bikes or people walking at night. 

Potholes and Other Objects 

Be very careful around broken glass and other sharp objects that can damage your Vizsla dog’s legs. 

Animated dogs such as the Vizsla always try to jump over potholes, fences, or walls and may not be able to see the fall on the opposite side. They may encounter other hazards, such as barbed wire. 

Automobiles and Other Vehicles 

The night is the most common time when traffic accidents occur, which can be dangerous if you walk with your dog in that place and time. 

Vehicles cannot distinguish their surroundings much at night due to low light. Therefore, do not allow your Vizsla to run away to chase other people on the road as it may cause traffic accidents. 

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