Are Vizslas Aggressive?

Also called Hungarian Shorthaired Pointer, it is a dog that has been characterized throughout the years for its high physical level and its hunting skills. These canines are very friendly and loyal to their family and acquaintances. In addition, they are very active, so you will rarely see them lying on the ground. 

are vizslas aggressive
Are Vizslas Aggressive?

Many people buy them because they are excellent companions during hunts. They are dogs that always keep in fit, so they stand out a lot in activities related to hunting. Furthermore, they are used as companion dogs. In the same way, some consider them as guard dogs since they have a certain protective instinct when the members of their group are in danger. 

Vizsla Dog Behavior

The personality of this breed of dogs is its most outstanding feature. They are quite affectionate pets with the people who have taken them in. They are very loyal to them and will always be obedient. Their curiosity and intelligence allow them to stand out among other types of dogs. In general, they are quite active animals. 

As we mentioned earlier, it is a robust hunting dog, so it needs daily exercise to maintain its physical state. It means that it is not a good idea to keep them locked up in the house for a long time because they become hyperactive and can destroy everything in their path. 

With all that we have noted, we must determine that Vizsla dogs are not aggressive. On the contrary, most of the time, they are happy and full of energy ready to play with their owners and even strangers.  

However, even if they are not aggressive, they always have a protective instinct when they feel that a member of their group is in danger. As we have said before, they will not attack anyone. 

Previously, we have highlighted its kindness with strangers, but we must bear in mind that this only happens when they have known them well. On many occasions, they may even be afraid of things or people that they have never seen. Therefore, they need a period of adaptation to them so that their confidence towards them grows. 

Vizsla dogs enjoy the presence of children, and perhaps that is because they can continuously play with them. Besides, its relationship with other animals, especially other dogs, is also good. That is because it likes to interact with others and does not claim to be above a person or other animal. However, we should try to keep an eye on their company with children and other animals until the process of trust and understanding between them has been consolidated. 

An aggressive Vizsla dog running in the field
An aggressive Vizsla dog running in the field


A Vizsla is undoubtedly not an aggressive animal. It is characterized by its friendliness and adaptability towards a social group. These canines never look for trouble as they have no interest in dominating other dogs or people. 

Its antics at home are not any symptoms of aggressiveness. The only time it can get just a little bit hostile is when it feels that a member of its family is in danger. However, it is unlikely to attack. Failing that, it will only bark loudly. 

If you have a family and want a loyal dog that will always accompany you, then the Vizsla is the best option. You will love it very much, and it will love you too. 

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